Written by Jan Torell

Work of Jan Torell

61 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Jan Torell.
Language: German

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jan Torell Das andere Kunststück card is selected, deck turns into cigarette box, and cigarette turns out to be rolled up selection 7
Jan Torell Card Force slit in card 9
Jan Torell Meine Standard-Forcier-Methode 12
Jan Torell Mein Überhand-Falschmischen position of a card is not changed, rest is shuffled, sort of a Ireland ShuffleRelated to 12
Jan Torell Karten Vorhersage one card prediction, eleventh card, spectator cuts off packet and counts it 12
Unknown Divided Deck False Shuffle Ireland/Jordan 13
Jan Torell Full Deck False Shuffle shuffling off single card runs in batches, through whole deck, or set-up so after shuffle the stack is createdRelated to
  • "Stack Attack" (Lew R. Brooks)
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Meine Lieblingsvolte Hermann pass, called Hofzinser pass 14
Jan Torell "Mein Doppelglisieren" idea for the glide 15
Jan Torell Pik 7, 8, 9 three cards 16
Jan Torell Mein Computer-Deck edgemarked deck 17
Jan Torell Das Knotenseil knot in rope visibly vanishes, metal hook 21
Jan Torell Ein Mental-Experiment mit Karten 23
Jan Torell Deck Switch 23
Jan Torell Das klassische Seilzerschneiden mit Variante 26
Jan Torell Billard-Ball-Klammer 27
Jan Torell Stummer Diener table servante, design for holder 28
Jan Torell Münzen Miser's Dream with a wallet, coins hidden in wallet 29
Jan Torell Coin Transfer 30
Jan Torell Reducing Sound of Coins tape 30
Jan Torell Glas durch den Tisch glass through table, coin vanishes too 31
Jan Torell Kartenstativ display for card stand 32
Jan Torell Aufrollen eines Tuches handkerchief fold, brief, small bundle to make it appear 33
Jan Torell Geräusche on sound and visibility of vanishing objects when they make a noise 33
Jan Torell Meine Gedanken zum Programm on building an act 34
Jan Torell Qualitätsstufen different levels of deception 35
Jan Torell Transport-Probleme on transporting material 35
Jan Torell Zeit-Probleme on preparing a show at the venue, light, setting etc. 36
Jan Torell Die Ghost-Tube und der besondere Dreh handkerchief production with ghost tube, way to apparently show both sides, with flash light 38
Jan Torell Ein Tip für die Multiplying Candles Also published here 42
Jan Torell Schwebende Gläser glass sticks to tray, to silk and floats slowly on a table 44
Jan Torell Der Fadenzug to make a large silk vanish, with examplesAlso published here 46
Jan Torell Der Super-Fadenzug improvised pull, able to move arms freely 49
Jan Torell Das Tuchverschwinden aus der durchsichtigen Plexi-Röhre transparent tube is filled with three silks, middle one vanishes 50
Jan Torell Tuchfärbung in der Papierröhre color changing handkerchief in paper tubeAlso published here 54
Jan Torell Tuchproduktion multiple handkerchief production, threadAlso published here 58