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371 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson, David Bendix, Barry Price.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo The Knoxville Knockout one at a time, method starts on page 3Related to 1
Edward Marlo The Four Aces using sixteen double facers and envelopes 1
Edward Marlo The Four Aces (Again) diagonal divided gaffs 2
Edward Marlo The Marlo Layout two Aces and two indifferent cards are displayed as four Aces and layed out for assembly 3
Edward Marlo Almost Bluff Acembly interesting change in procedure 9
David Solomon The One At A Time Reverse Assembly using gaff with two Aces on one card (named Castillion gaff)Related to 16
Edward Marlo Reversed Assembly using stranger Ace 17
Edward Marlo Small Packet Lap lapping from a small packet 20
Jon Racherbaumer The Olram Aces three double facers, with credit information on the Ace Assembly plotVariationsAlso published here 24
Edward Marlo FuFu Switch 28
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety 33
Edward Marlo Double Flip Down onto tabled packet 35
Edward Marlo Unlimited Count 36
Edward Marlo In Fingertip Control using an injog, also as force and multiple control 39
Edward Marlo Less Out Convincing Control card is not outjogged 45
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Reverse instantly reversing card while it is apparently outjoggedRelated to 46
Edward Marlo Named Position Reverse selection appears reversed at named position 48
David Solomon Solomon's Approach outjogged card is pushed flush and instantly shown reversed 49
Edward Marlo Marlo's Suggestion outjogged card is pushed flush and instantly shown reversed 49
Edward Marlo Out of Control Control "How It Appears" one handed peek, instantly given out for shuffling, using one handed center crimp 50
Edward Marlo A Flexible Crimping Technique bottom card(s) 52
Edward Marlo The Razor's Edge concealing large block under fanned quartet 56
Edward Marlo Inner Corner Take taking method for right hand 60
Edward Marlo Center Side Take position for right hand take 61
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Count (First Finger Take) 61
Edward Marlo Marlo's Natural Second Deal Related to 64
Edward Marlo The Two Card Deal four methodsRelated to 69
Edward Marlo Marlo's Pinch Spread doing the same as D'Amico Spread 73
Edward Marlo New Grip For V.C. (Veeser Concept) 75
Edward Marlo The Flexible Count here as an overcount, also for interlaced vanish 77
Edward Marlo Marlo's OPEC Count Out of Position Elmsley Count, second card from top is hidden, see also page 371 82
Edward Marlo, Baltazar Fuentes Flexible Visual Change sandwiched card changes visibly, back changes also, sliding method, two methods 84
Edward Marlo Multiple Visual Change four cards held in spread change one by one visibly to aces, using the "sliding alignment" technique 90
Edward Marlo 1st Effect sandwiched card visibly changes, then changes back 96
Edward Marlo 2nd Effect blank card between jokers changes one at a time into three selections 98
Edward Marlo Sandwich Change sandwiched card visibly changes, using D'Amico Change 99
Edward Marlo Devilish Miracle Switchouts 101
Edward Marlo The Fake Putdown card disappears among five cards and reappears reversed in deck 111
Edward Marlo Marlo's Covered Deck Switch Variations 113
Edward Marlo The Covered Thought thought of card has differend back color 115
Edward Marlo Covered Packet Switch 116
Edward Marlo Another Marlo Deck Switch 118
Edward Marlo Marlo's Visual Retention Deck Switch 120
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Undercut Deck Switch 122
David Solomon 8 Card Oil and Water 4&4 125
Edward Marlo Pure Oil and Water 4&4 127
Edward Marlo Down-Jog Displacement oil and water context, secret antifaro for very small packetRelated to 130
Edward Marlo Technicolor Oil and Water 4&4 132
Edward Marlo Lapping Technique as packet is turned over in hand, some cards a lapped 140
David Solomon 10 Card Oil Water Telecolor 4&4 143
Edward Marlo Second Technicolor Oil and Water 4&4 146
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping brief 151
Edward Marlo The Re-Opened Prediction - 2nd Method
- 3rd Method
- 4th Method: The Spectator's Open Prediction (based on Curry's in reference)
- The Final Method
Inspired by 153
Edward Marlo Hole Card Type Switch using wax 156
Edward Marlo Vanish and Poker Combination four signed selections vanish and reappear in a poker hand 170
Unknown Ash Vanish cigar/cigarette ashes on back of card for impromptu rough and smooth work 170
Edward Marlo New Approach to a Revisit freely thought of card is placed on table and other card is located, using two rough and smooth decks 172
Edward Marlo Un-Gaffed Approach three methods for "New Approach to a Revisit" from page 172 175
Bert Fenn The Stapled Cards inspired by Bill Simon and John Scarne, one of two stapled cards changes place with selectionInspired by 179
Edward Marlo Marlo on the Stapled Cards one of two stapled cards transposes with selection, five methodsInspired by 181
Edward Marlo, David Solomon The Pinned Cards whole deck is punched, same effect as The Stapled Cards, one of two cards pinned together transposes with selection
- 1st Method (Marlo)
- 2nd Method (Solomon)
- 3rd Method: Gaffed Pip Method (S.)
- Double-Bubble Method: Taylor Peek Deck Card (S.)
- Clipper Method (S.)
- 2nd Clipper Method (M.)
- The Double Double Bubble (2 Selections) (S.)
- Marlo's D.D. Bubble Method
- Direct Pinned Cards (M.)
Inspired by 190
Edward Marlo Cull Control 195
Edward Marlo Block Slip Cover Up Cut 205
Edward Marlo The Interlaced Vanish five methods 212
Edward Marlo The Fake Pushoff adding a simulated push off to a strike double lift, two methods beginning on page 227 225
Edward Marlo Block Pushoff Technique 225
Edward Marlo The Pushoff Technique squared push off 229
Edward Marlo Adding The Fake Pushoff 233
Edward Marlo Overcoming Problems The Flare-Out, Tackiness, Only One Card, Flexibility of Choice 234
Edward Marlo The Pre-Set Pushoff 236
Edward Marlo Addition To Pushoff Technique if accidentally more cards are pushed off 237
Edward Marlo Another Double Turnover card is first displayed via Allerton Switch (?) 239
Edward Marlo 2nd Technique (For Another Double Turnover) 240
Edward Marlo 3rd Technique (Stud Type Turnover) 243
Edward Marlo The Turn Over Tip to eradicate the flare-out in double lifts and D'Amico Spread 244
Edward Marlo Marlo Spread Lift using natural tackiness of cards or the ash principle 247
Edward Marlo The Face Up Push Off using slight crimping at first turnover 249
Steve Draun Packet Pushoff Lifts Related to 250
Edward Marlo Marlo's Easy Flexible Technique similar concept as in Hamman's method 251
Edward Marlo More Card Switches two methods, also with paper clip on card 254
Edward Marlo Multiple Switch Techniques 259
Edward Marlo The Marlo Actions kind of reverse of Slydini's "Imp Pass" 261
Edward Marlo A Black-Jack Switch 262
Edward Marlo Simulated Visual Retention Switches 263
Edward Marlo Covered Kick or Push Switch using table edge 265
Edward Marlo Marlo Kick Switch for one or multiple cards, lappingRelated to 268
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Switch one or multiple cards, lapping, see also page 371 271
Edward Marlo Monte Switchout to switch out the money card for an x-card, lapping 275
Edward Marlo Cased Switches - 1st Approach: To switch one deck for another while in card case, lapping 278
Edward Marlo Cased Switches - 2nd Approach: The Color Changing Card Case 281
Edward Marlo Cased Switches - 3rd Approach: The Diminishing Or Enlarging Card Case see also page 10 of 21st Century Card Magic 283
Edward Marlo Cased Switches - 4th Approach: Delayed Card Switch 283
Edward Marlo Additions to Switch Out using deck, two methodsInspired by
  • Tops, Nov. 1976
Related to
Neal Elias, Bert Fenn Simplified Sandwich Switch Variations 288
Edward Marlo Simplified Sandwich Switch Variations Inspired by 289
Edward Marlo The Isolated Sandwiches 291
Edward Marlo Lengthwise Handling without deck, using cop 296
Edward Marlo Variation of Original original "Switchout" was in TOPS magazine 299
Edward Marlo Full Circle 301
Edward Marlo Direct Statements vs. Interrogation Related to 304
Edward Marlo Direct Statement Mental Disclosure one of six 305
Edward Marlo Signed Card to Matchbox one box, one handed loading 309
Edward Marlo The 312 Second Stack Related toAlso published here 314
Edward Marlo The 412 Second Stack Milk BuildRelated toAlso published here 315
Edward Marlo The Overhand Routine two stacking phases 316
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Dunbury Delusions four methodsAlso published here 317
David Solomon, Ernando Veneri Veneri Turn Variant bluff method for "card at any number" 318
Edward Marlo Poker Prediction spectator shuffles, aces are added, bottom deal stacking, spectator deals 320
Edward Marlo Adding The Aces two methods to add packet to deck, one more on page 320 from inner pocket 321
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts Aces three methodsRelated to 323
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts U Count variation of "Spectator Cuts And Counts To The Aces", no set upVariations 326
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts And Counts To The ---- set up 329
David Solomon Solomon's Four Card Prediction variation of "Spectator Cuts And Counts To The Aces" 331
Edward Marlo Date Prediction variation of "Spectator Cuts And Counts To The Aces", date on coin is prediction 331
Edward Marlo Splitting The Arrow variation of Garcia/Cyprian effect, card reappear under magazine 334
Edward Marlo Vanishing Sandwich card appears between Aces two times, then Aces change to Jacks and ace sandwich reappears in deck 340
Edward Marlo Marlo Throw Cut similar to Reinhard Müllers Three Card Throw, here used for the same purpose 342
Edward Marlo Direct Transposition cards on top of two halves transpose, Tenkai palm, simulated placement and tabled palmVariations 347
Edward Marlo One Hand Ace Cutting one handed cutting at four angle jogs, three methods 350
Edward Marlo The Ace of Spades Trick two methods 356
Howard Albright Simple Second Deal downjogged top card 356
Edward Marlo Faro Fantastiques 49 card deck, several spectatators shuffle packets and remember card, selections appear in one poker hand, three presentations 359
Edward Marlo The 49 Control five cards 363
Edward Marlo Effect two cards, using double automatic placement 364
Edward Marlo Double Info Control automatic placement procedure 366
Edward Marlo The Travelling Hours to performer unknown number of cards travel to pocket 367
Edward Marlo Flexible Force using automatic placement procedure, Penelope Principle 369
Edward Marlo Additional Tips - Visual Retention Switch on Visual Retention Switch, see page 271 371
Edward Marlo Additional Tips - Opec Count on the OPEC Count, see page 82 371