Written by Lin Searles

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8 pages (Stapled), published by Owen Bros.
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Lin Searles Slow-Motion Poker Deals 1
Lin Searles The Cross Shuffle Slow-Motion Deal thirds of deck shuffled according to spectator's wishes, yet predicted Full House received in seven-handed game, faroRelated to 1
Lin Searles Table Faro as Slow-Motion Riffle Shuffle presentational ploy for shuffling very slow 2
Lin Searles The Slow-Motion Crooked Straight fake false dealing from all parts of deck, pseudo mate pairs 3
Lin Searles The Slow-Motion Idiot's Shuffle deck shuffled face-up/face-down in slop style from tabled packets, humorous presentation, then "eightses" are dealt to performer 5
Lin Searles Some Slow-Motion Remarks 8