Written by Bob King
Work of Bob King
20 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
No illustrations
Language: English
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Bob King Introduction
Bob King Putting In The Work also in front of an audience apparently removing a bent
Also published here 3
Bob King Basic Routine controlling a card with breather crimp
Bob King Impossible Location spectator cuts deck into three piles, remembers top card of any pile and loses it
Also published here 4
Bob King I'll Guess Your Weight (Revised) performer cuts off same amount as spectator, then to selection
Inspired byVariations 5
Bob King Instant Revelation spectator thinks of any number card in cut-off pile and removes as many cards, faro
Related to 6
Dai Vernon Faro Slough-Off with cascade
Bob King A Cut Above (I) Aces are cut into deck with spectator
Also published here 8
Bob King As A Force packet cutting force while spectator says stop, face-up and face-down
Bob King Ultra Mental Gag fair force, using Ultra Mental handling with normal deck
Bob King A Cut Above (II) Aces are cut into deck with spectator
Inspired by 12
Bob King Pinnacle Aces Revisited
Also published here 13
Flip-Over Reverse cards flipped over, card transferred, packet removed
Bob King Far Out of Sight OOSOOM, with his own shuffling sequence
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Bob King Under Your Spell spectator cuts to any card and loses it, performer spells to it underneath handkerchief and it shows up at last letter
Also published here 19
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