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28 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
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Bob King Introduction 1
Bob King Second Guessing Your Weight performer cuts off same amount as spectator, then to selectionInspired byRelated to 2
Bob King Faro Strip-Out FSO, basically normal slough-off faro 2
Bob King One Too Many performer tries to cut off as many cards as spectator but it's one too many - the selection 3
James Steranko Flourish Count Related to 4
Bob King 10 Hand Poker Stack with free cut principle 5
Bob King Psychic Location (II) spectator thinks of any number card in cut-off pile and removes as many cards, faroInspired byRelated to 7
Dai Vernon Faro Slough-Off with cascade 8
Bob King, Bob Hummer Hum-Dinger three cards and a Queen removed, spectator thinks of one of the three cards which are returned to deck, Queen whispers performer the selection 10
Bob King Count-Down card thought-of according to though-of hour, clock dial layout, selection travels in card caseRelated to 11
Bob King Over-Kill? spectator cuts off pile and remembers card at this position, selection transposes with card in another deckRelated to 13
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a crimpAlso published here 14
Bob King Breathing Life into the 26 Card Key three piles, faroing crimp next to selectionRelated to 16
Bob King Zen Poker Plus Zens stackInspired by 17
Bob King A Stack of Stacks four riffle shuffle stacking systems, assisted by a Breather CrimpInspired by 19
Bob King Seeing is Believing performer blindfolded for full routine
Phase I: a card pocketed and another selected
Phase II: selection found at named small number
Phase III: two more cards divined, using 52-on-One and 3-1/2 gag cards
Phase IV: four Aces dealt in poker round
Phase V: pocketed card named
Bob King Stack Addition with Jumbo Card cards clipped to back of a Jumbo gag card 26
Unknown Overhand Stacking 27
Bob King Putting in the Work also in front of an audience apparently removing a bentAlso published here 28