Written by Bob King
Work of Bob King
17 pages (Stapled), published by Bob King Magic
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Language: English
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Bob King Introduction "This is the third, the shortest and probably the best of the Breather-Crimp series."
Bob King Another Late-Night Session performer cuts to fairly lost selection, twenty-six duplicates, incomplete faro
Inspired by 4
Bob King Challenge Cards to Pocket
Bob King Four Card Control cards inserted in fan with crimp (bluff spacing), then overhand shuffle sequence
Bob King Countdown spectator names number, that many cards are cut out of center with selection as last card
Related to 8
Bob King Dunbury Breather
Henry Christ Christ Drop Switch card flipped over in spread
Bob King My Opener
Inspired by 11
Bob King Follow Up single phase, SBS
Bob King Phantom Control card at though-of number remembered, performer claims that he will bring it back to this position, actually this is a ruse to control it in standard lazy-man's to pocket style
Bob King Cutting Edge three piles, faroing crimp next to selection, with no-faro handling
Related to 14
Bob King Magician v. Gambler four Queens produced and signed, then matching the cards with travelers finale
Related to 15
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