Written by Bob King
Work of Bob King
21 pages (Spiralbound), published by Bob King Magic
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Language: English
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Bob King Introduction
Bob King Color Changing Silk with three different colors and sleeving
Bob King I'll Guess Your Weight performer cuts off same amount as spectator, then to selection
Inspired byRelated toVariations 5
Bob King Outstanding face up pile in deck turn over except one card
Inspired by 6
Bob King Backfire transformation kicker
Inspired by 6
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a crimp
Also published here 8
Bob King A Cut Above Aces are cut into deck with spectator
Inspired byAlso published here 9
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition
Arturo de Ascanio, Bob King Modified Ascanio Spread
Bob King All's Well... up to fifth, Kings placed on top and poker hand dealt, then Kings to other player and Aces for performer
Inspired by 10
Bob King Chinaman's Chance three silver coins travel to china coin in other hand, transformation kicker, Peter Kane's Sleeper Coin principle
Variations 10
Bob King Fake Turnover display sequence with multiple coins
Bob King Hidden Intruders three phases, last phase odd-backed
Daryl Two as Four Count
"Senator" Clarke Crandall Mexican Turnover Handling turning over a packet with single card
Edward Marlo Olram Subtelty
Bob King Direct Thought spectator thinks of any number card in cut-off pile and removes as many cards, without faro
Related toVariations 16
Bob King Face Up Double Revelation two cards on face-up halves change into selection
Inspired by 18
Bob King Psychic Location card chosen, spectator cuts it into deck, with two questions the position is announced and the card cut to, suit rotation stack
Inspired byVariations 19
Bob King The Breather Crimp also in front of an audience apparently removing a bent
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