Written by Reed McClintock

Work of Reed McClintock

20 pages (Stapled), published by Reed McClintock Productions
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Reed McClintock Three with CSB three different coins travel under tabled cross of two cards, then transpose in hand and travel back to under cards and purseInspired by 1
Reed McClintock Ninth Dynasty four coins produced, they travel to right hand one by one, last one appears on table, then five more cards appear on table under fingertips 13
Reed McClintock Coin Steal four coins straightened out in left hand, one stolen into right hand edge grip, shell 13
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale three coins under three fingertips on table, fourth one appearsRelated to 16
Reed McClintock Tabled Coin Star coins appear under fingertips on table while spectator was looking up 16
Reed McClintock Seven The Hard Way in-the-hands production of seven coins 17