Written by Karl Fulves, Don Tanner

Work of Various

200 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Various.
Language: English

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U. F. Grant Lilly - Levi knife in paper cup, knife is held and cup remains suspended
Related to
  • Stewart James in Tops, April, 1940.
351 231
U. F. Grant Terrific with fourteen of spades and card with torn corner jokes
351 232
U. F. Grant Rise a matchbox on table stand up by itself
Related to
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly 1954, Walter Price
351 233
U. F. Grant Zella Switch card under table is divined, x-ray vision presentation
351 233
U. F. Grant Card Table Switch under table deck switch
351 233
Don Tanner, Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Howard Thurston, Magi-Fest
351 234
U. F. Grant The Misdirection Pass The "Whoops!" Control
Related toAlso published here 351 234
Bruce Elliott Pennysworth of Magic coin on Zippo lighter
352 235
Bruce Elliott ZIP bill to lighter
352 236
Jack Avis Surprise card held by spectator turns into selection
Also published here 352 236
Howard A. Adams Gruesome name chosen from list is divined
Variations 352 237
John Murray 20-16=7 match puzzle
352 237
Don Tanner The Back Room on credits of the U.F Grant tricks in #351, Jay Marshall, Stewart James, Billy McComb, Don Lawton
352 238
James G. Thompson Jr. Five to One billets in hat, secret divination and reading
353 239
Eugene Gloye Ultra-Psyc two versions, prediction of thought of words, probability force ideas
353 240
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Card Rise Gimmik not impromptu
353 241
Lu Brent Jumping Match split match on business card, jumping from side to side
353 241
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Jay Marshall, Louis Lam, Steranko, Karrell Fox, Dai Vernon
353 242
Don Tanner Comedy Card thru Hank face of card on handerchief
Variations 354 243
Win Beaver Match-A-Magic spectator removes amount of matches, one match is burnt and number of removed matches appears on head of match
354 244
Fred G. Taylor Incomplete Deck Fooler card unseen is marked on the back, card is divined
354 244
Ernest Heldman Some Gruesome Comments simplification of Adams routine
Inspired by 354 245
Ronald B. Edwards The Ambitious Quarter ambitious coin
354 245
Don Tanner The Back Room on Billy McComb, Milbourne Christopher
354 246
Thomas Alan Waters Subliminal Imagery with Ishihara color plates, spectator sees a correct number where he cannot see one
Also published here 355 247
Ronald B. Edwards General Assembly coin assembly with magazines, last coin found in magazine, revised version
Inspired by 355 248
Gerald Kosky Three and Four Alike intro for Three Card Monte, all cards are the same then all different
355 248
John V. Hope Sugar Go sugar put in handkerchief penetrates table
355 249
Lu Brent Glove to Hank glove turns into handkerchief
355 249
Don Tanner The Back Room on Hen Fetsch, Al Munroe, Ronald Haines, Bob Pearce, Bob Olson, Steranko
355 250
Lu Brent Duo-Cig-Tear two cigarettes, one gaffed
356 251
Eugene Gloye, Billy McComb Surprise Prediction McCombical Prediction variation, with slate
356 253
Don Tanner The Back Room on T.A. Waters, gag by Jack Ketch, Jay Marshall, Fred Kelly, Wonder Mouse
356 254
Ralph Greenwood Balancing Glass on Book of Matches
356 254
Carlhorst Meier Card in Balloon
357 255
Fred G. Taylor Book Test with playing cards
357 255
Gene Kirk "Aller et Retour" feather found on shoulder, when blown away it ends up on shoulder again
357 256
Mark J. Grenier Face down Discovery deck dealt in four piles, card found in face down pile
357 256
Howard A. Adams Straight Curve Miraskill with ESP cards
357 257
Howard A. Adams Spirit Star selected ESP symbols appear on blank cards
Inspired by 357 257
Don Tanner The Back Room on U. F. Grant, Karrell Fox, Steranko, Bob Nelson, Louis Lam
357 258
Unknown Living and Dead Test marked paper clip
357 258
Ernest W. Brady Ten Silver Dollar bank night with one marked coin among several, coin in sock spectator has to select one by one
358 259
Ronald B. Edwards Money in Circulation dollar bill and half dollar in envelopes change places
358 259
James G. Thompson Jr. Low Bow to Don Tanner
Inspired by
  • Don Tanner's "Six Card Mental Test"
358 260
Art Lyle Merry Go Round card is twisted with a flourish, sticking out from the deck
358 261
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jack Ketch, Fred Taylor, Piff Paff Poof Convention, Omar's Prophecies, Dai Vernon, New Phoenix Awards
358 262
Ernest W. Brady Doily Dilly paper cutting
359 263
Bob Tilford Alphamentally selected letter is found threaded on rope
359 264
Ralph Greenwood Chips-R-Coins
359 265
Lu Brent Color Change Gloves to rubber gloves, with change bag
359 265
Art Lyle Dripping from an Old Fawcet on different card related topics
359 265
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Dai Vernon, U. F. Grant, mathematical puzzle
359 266
John Murray Pad Vanish coin put on a pad of paper, one sheet is torn of with the coin and coin vanishes
360 267
Paul Marcus More Natural Spectator tears out matches from matchbook, performer uses number of matches to select card from seven-card packet, which is correctly predicted
Inspired by 360 268
Jack Ketch On the Edge without shell, message written on side of coin
360 269
Ronald B. Edwards Piles deck is dealt in several piles one card from center of a pile is remembered and found
360 269
Thomas Alan Waters Addenda to "Mystery of the Blackboard information written on blackboard is divined blindfolded
Inspired by 360 269
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jay and Frances Marshall, Bruce Elliott, Nelmar, U.F. Grant
360 270
Louis Ackero Idea for Rice Bowls mixing glitter with rice
360 270
Unknown Idea for Pop-Up Tie Gimmick gag
360 270
Unknown Idea for Ring on Wand gag, light bulb appearance under handkerchief as climax
360 270
Ken Allen Paper Clip Marking System
360 270
Hubert Lambert Phoenix Phantastique card is torn and put in napkin which is lighted, card it is reproduced in a flash
361 271
Unknown Switch with pockets while getting a lighter, similar to crossing the gaze
361 271
Ernest W. Brady Penceforth or A Date with a Mint Mark picking out a coin of a certain date from a bag full of coins
361 272
Eugene Gloye Balled Bill bill into plastic golf ball
361 272
North Bigbee Ribbon Kno four different colored ribbons with safety pins, color is divined behind back and blindfolded
361 273
Art Lyle Drippins from an Old Faucet on loaning books and organizing gimmicks
361 273
Don Tanner The Back Room on Midwest Magic Jubilee, Jay and Frances Marshall, Billy McComb, Sorcar, Milbourne Christopher, John Scarne, Danny Johnson
361 274
Don Lawton Organizing Cards in Pocket to produce any card among four without hesitation
361 274
Don Tanner Annemann Issue
362 275
F. William Kuethe, Jr. Given Goblet Gaff!! five glasses, one is poisoned
362 275
Howard A. Adams Predictremens two predictions, with stack of coin envelopes and business cards
362 276
Jack Avis French Reverse
362 277
William P. Miesel Invincible Open Travelers, last card with deck
362 277
Don Tanner The Back Room on Karrell Fox, Orville Meyer, Don Lawton, Bob Nelson, Ed Turner, Bill Larsen
362 278
Paul Marcus Almost a Miracle Three of spades sandwiched between two other cards turns into a Three with black spotted hearts and different colored back
363 279
Andrew Kennedy, Ernest Heldman Boot Bill Fold see also p. 286 for additional ideas by Robert Myerson and Ernest Heldman
363 280
Paul Marcus A Variation on the Comedy Card thru Hank
Inspired by 363 281
Paul Marcus Two Tips for Premonition
363 281
Don Tanner The Back Room on Paul Marcus, Stuart Cramer, Rudolf Pinkerneil
363 282
Karl Germain, Stuart P. Cramer Karl Germain's Servante
364 283
Ernest W. Brady Remembering Things to Come several poems, thought of word is divined
364 284
Nick Trost Nick's Push-Thru Card Tunnel (tunnel change plot) without gaffs
Also published here 364 285
Don Tanner The Back Room on Ade Duval, Jay Marshall
364 286
Eugene Gloye Fan-Ta-Cups cups to make balls appear during the routine
Related to 365 287
Milton Kort, Howard Albright, U. F. Grant A Date with Kort coin cut repeated twice, then date of coin is produced with four cards
365 288
Colin Fox Two from Four two aces penetrate table and are found reversed in center of the deck
365 288
Don Tanner The Back Room on Don Lawton, John Murray, Anthony A. Vander Linden
365 290
John Murray Spirit Deck deck makes sounds, card is divined
365 290
John Murray Card Idea spectator cuts, top card is named, with bill
365 290
Don Tanner (reviewer) Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne 365 290
Don Tanner (reviewer) Still More Miracles in Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson 365 290
Don Tanner (reviewer) Victory Carton Illusions by U. F. Grant 365 290
Edward Marlo Jam It short cups and balls routine, small ball jammed into top of cup
366 291
Edward Marlo Cups and Coins coins travel from cup to cup with German Passe Passe Coins
366 292
Edward Marlo Chop Cup Idea using an additional magnet
366 292
Edward Marlo Marlo's Magic Knot
366 292
Don Tanner The Back Room on U.F. Grant, Magi-Fest, Ed Mellon
366 294
Edward Marlo Marlo's Svengali with idea for Curry's Touch
366 294
Howard A. Adams Tenvelopes three digit numbers are divined, with small envelopes
367 295
Eugene Gloye Further Routines with Fan-Ta-Cups
  • A Novel Routine with Fan-Ta-Cups
Related to 367 296
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Dell O'Dell, Gene Kirk, Okito, U.F. Grant
367 298
Martin Gardner Knotty Problems
  • The Impossible Knot
  • Knot Box
368 299
Dr. William E. Belanger Shoelace Swindle shoelace from shoe vanishes and is back on shoe
368 301
Dr. William E. Belanger Exit Gag for Performer or M.C. with a big watch
368 301
Dr. William E. Belanger You're a Good Egg fake fried egg gag
368 301
Nick Trost Band-It
368 301
Don Tanner The Back Room on Don Lawton, Bob Nelson, Jay Marshall, Judy Elliott, Edwin L. Baron, George Johnstone, U. F. Grant gag, Jack Ketch bar bet wth rope, The New Jinx, Frank Zella
368 302
Ernest Heldman A Hand-Y Bit three body stunts / gags
  • finger are same size
  • arm grows
  • arm shrinks
369 303
Gene Kirk Scotchman "Elevator" Gadget thread with weight in breast pocket, silk jumps back, floating silk etc.
369 304
Jack Avis The Two and Eight Coins transposition of a half dollar in closed hand and penny on back of the fist
369 305
Stuart P. Cramer Pent-A-Vision cards are named, shuffled deck under handkerchief
369 305
Don Tanner The Back Room on Micky Hades, Jimmy Lake, Jay Marshall, Bob Lund, U. F. Grant, Stuart Cramer
369 306
Don Tanner The Back Room on The New Phoenix, Magic Dealer Association, The Mentalist Magazine, Bob Lynn
370 307
Al Thatcher The Real Gone Cigarette for magicians
370 307
Al Thatcher The Impromptu Square Circle for magicians, gag
370 307
U. F. Grant Idea for Switching Bulldog Clip
370 308
Jack Ketch Private Reading No. 2 billet dropped in cigarette box with slit, secret reading
370 308
U. F. Grant Hard Shell Sorcery using the Egg Cup, egg changes with silk in two egg cups
370 308
U. F. Grant The Egg in the Card egg vanishes and yolk is poured from selection
370 309
Paul Marcus Think of a Card Koran deck with set of eleven, fishing over phone
371 311
North Bigbee Simpel Spell
371 312
Logan "Dr. Zuko" Pritchett, Walter Zaney Blaney Letter to Don Tanner
  • idea for A.A. plastic glass
  • idea for napkin alternative by Walter Zaney Blaney
371 312
Don Tanner The Back Room on IBM/SAM Convention, Eddie Clever, Magic Dealer Association
371 313
Jack Ketch Royal Anatomy kings in envelopes are divined, gag, kings have legs in different sizes
372 315
Jack Ketch Bagged cards in bag, selection is found, face drawn on bag, mouth is a slit where card is pushed out
372 316
Jack Ketch Magic from Oz paper tree with bills, gag
372 317
Jack Ketch Miniature Miracle torn and restored stamp
372 317
Don Tanner The Back Room on Howard Thurston, Benjamin Franklin, card throwing, Magic Dealer Association, gag by Dr. Belanger, J. E. Johannson suggests using flower pots for cups and balls, Magic Handbook, U. F. Grant
372 318
Al Thatcher Numismatrick! coins on table are turned over one is covered and heads/tails is divined
Variations 373 319
Stuart P. Cramer Letter to Don Tanner Cramer's card throwing routine, including Hummer's Whirling Card
373 320
Gaylord E. Hill Dunninger Rings
373 321
Don Tanner The Back Room on Clayton Rawson, Magic Dealer Association
373 322
Burling Hull Mephisto's HKF Production handkerchief appears in smoke from cigarette
374 323
Edward Marlo Marlo's False Cut on Table one-handed on table
Inspired by 374 324
Edward Marlo Marlo's Lengthwise Spread
374 324
North Bigbee, Al Baker Ball and Glass
Inspired by 374 325
U. F. Grant Nickle to English Penny with playing card
374 325
Don Tanner The Back Room on Don Lawton, tip for U. F. Grant's "Coin Stitched" by Roscoe L. Gaylord, Roger Sylvester
374 326
U. F. Grant Phantom Coins in spectator's breast pocket, see page 342 for idea by G. E. Hill
Also published here 375 327
North Bigbee Checker-Mate checkers with holes on ribbon, order changes
375 327
Edward Marlo The Open Travelers
Variations 375 329
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Howard A Adams idea for Grants Plus Roydon, U. F. Grant
375 330
Don Tanner O. Henry Monte - Two Card Monte Perfected with traveling kicker, see also p. 336 for ideas by Sid Lorraine
Variations 376 331
Don Tanner Fastest Pass in the World short card duplicate, to fool magicians
376 333
William P. Miesel Phanto Cards three phases
376 333
Art Lyle Reverse-Oh! while riffle shuffling the cards
376 333
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jack Ketch, Don Lawton, Jim Swoger, Phil Craig, Magic Dealer Association
376 334
Karrell Fox Foxy Climax one ball becomes four, then all vanish, with handkerchief four ball gaff, see p. 342 for ideas by Dan Tong
377 335
Dr. William E. Belanger Dr. Belanger's Ring off the Wand with duplicate, wand and handkerchief
377 337
Erwin Sloan Mated two decks, thought of number
377 337
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Micky Hades, Elmer Skippy Huber, U. F. Grant, Sid Lorraine, Walt Rollins, Dino Mazza
377 338
Paul Marcus The Tehunga's Secret comedy routine, question is answered, answer appears on unknown language on slate and performer translates
378 339
Gerald Kosky Double-Cut Poker Run-Up
378 339
L. K. Stevenson More on the Monte
Inspired by 378 340
Paul Marcus A Southern Exposure three selections are found with matches
378 341
Don Tanner The Back Room on Dino Mazza, Magic Jamborette, Tenkai and Okinu
378 342
Sid Lorraine A Backward Spell divination of a word on a small billet, folded and clipped, N.C.R Paper
379 343
U. F. Grant You Joker! gag, mirror on compass, spectator looks into it and sees himself, selection of a joker
379 345
Don Tanner Now is the Time selection is revealed by special watch, handles point on suits and values
379 345
Dan Tong Masterpiece Variations
Inspired by 379 345
Don Tanner The Back Room on Don Alan, Burling Hull idea for Spongeball climax (plastic mice), E. W. Brady, Russ Burgess
379 346
Don Tanner The Mahatma Meets the Leprechaun
380 347
Bob Ostin, Hubert Lambert Twisting Twins mate of selection is found face up in the deck
380 347
Hubert Lambert Cutting Deeper Force Variation
380 347
Peter Strange In the Pen message appears on pen
380 348
Jack Ketch Bottled! selection is found in smoke filled bottle, bottle in pocket, see also p. 362 for idea by Russ Walsh
380 349
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jay Marshall, David Price, Edi Bull, Ralph Hackman, Robert Lund, Gene Gordon, Walter Gibson, Bruce Elliott, U.F. Grant
380 350
Unknown A Mate from Wonderland Jaks In the Ring variation with cigar band
Inspired by 380 358
U. F. Grant Instant Penetration through handkerchief, see p. 362 for idea by Dimitri Demushkin
381 352
U. F. Grant Zella's Space Coin with chinatown quarter, transposition with playing card
Also published here 381 354
Don Tanner The Back Room on Dino Mazza, Okito, Lou Tannen, Piff Paff Poof
381 354
Dino Mazza Half-Fast Surprise half dollar from paper which is too small to contain it
382 355
North Bigbee Deckinesis mate in second deck turns over
382 357
Ernest W. Brady The Shiekh's Bequest mathematical problem, camels divided to sons, illustrated with cards
382 357
Don Tanner The Back Room on I.B.M. Convention in Knoxville, Mike Rogers, Robert Olson, Jay Marshall
382 358
Milbourne Christopher 'Silver Lining' half dollar from rolled bill
Also published here 383 359
Brian Glover Elimination - Revelation card revelation, from eight cards, flourish
383 361
Don Tanner The Back Room on Micky Hades, Jesse J. Langston, Eddie McGuire, gags by Goodlette Dodson
383 362
Dino Mazza The Silk on the Rope handkerchief appears knotted on rope
384 363
Dino Mazza Climatic Flight three selected cards are shown as three times the same card, then they travel to pocket and deck consists only of Jokers
384 364
Dino Mazza All Alike Display à la quick 3-way
384 364
Dino Mazza Color Change
384 365
Don Tanner The Back Room on Dino Mazza, U.F. Grant, Nick Trost, Lou Zgoda, Chet Roth
384 366
North Bigbee Decromancy routines for a new deck
  • cutting high card / to the Ace of Spades
  • finding selection (impromptu stripper)
385 367
North Bigbee Joker Pooker
385 368
U. F. Grant Clip - P.O. Clippo variation with piece of paper used for bundling mail
385 368
North Bigbee Perfect Pack effects with a stacked deck, New Deck Order with one faro, 14/15 total of two cards
385 369
Don Tanner The Back Room on Dino Mazza, Dai Vernon, Magi-Fest
385 370
Gerald Kosky Vernon's F.C.M.F. outs for the Five Card Mental Force
Inspired by 386 371
Thomas M. Jacobsen Crazy Sponge black sponge ball changes into a red one, then it splits into smaller balls and one ball changes into a coin
386 371
Dino Mazza Instant Silk ring with handkerchief knotted on it appears threaded on handkerchief
386 372
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Dino Mazza, David Hoy, Micky Hades, Jim Swoger, Elmer G. Eckman
386 374
Martin Gardner The Thirteenth Turn die is turned according to some rules, divination of amount of turns (extra turn or not)
Related to 387 375
Erwin Sloan The Rising Card from the Book
387 376
Tony Anverdi, Bohlen, Dino Mazza Penetration handkerchief penetrates ring, thread
387 376
Don Tanner The Back Room
387 376
Dino Mazza Dino's Silver Phantasy two coins produced from rolled bill
Related to 388 379
Don Tanner The Back Room on Dino Mazza's death
388 380
Don Tanner Don Tanner's Coin.O.Rama coins appear on hand which is covered by handkerchief
389 383
Don Tanner Airborne Card single card is grabbed from deck, cards balanced on table and fingertips
389 385
Don Tanner Flop Revelation deck is balanced on table and when it falls top card is selection
389 385
Don Tanner The Back Room on Karrell Fox, Goodlette Dodson, Jimmy King
389 386
Don Tanner (reviewer) Tan Choon Tee on Mentalism by Tan Choon Tee (written by Michael P. Hades) 389 386
Don Tanner (reviewer) Magic in your Pockets by Bill Severn 389 386
Don Tanner (reviewer) 75 Trick with a Svengali Deck by Al Stevenson 389 386
Fred G. Taylor Mr. Oog's Silk to Salt using salt shaker
390 387
Fred G. Taylor Mr Oog's Wowser touched card has different back color
390 388
John Robbins For Magicians Only double backer changes into selection, see p. 394 for idea by Martin Gardner and p. 398 for idea by Francis Haxton
390 388
Brian Glover Elevator Routine with extra card with buttons, thre cards
390 389
Don Tanner The Back Room on Walter Zaney Blaney, Anverdi, The Mentalist Magazine, Neal Elias
390 390
U. F. Grant The Bashful Queens Queen between two Jacks turns face down
Variations 391 391
Dino Mazza, Lu Brent Silks and Ropes Routine three handkerchiefs penetrate ropes, and ropes with different colors fuse together
391 392
Don Tanner The Back Room on Modern Coin Magic, Martin Gardner, Stewart Judah, Joshua Stewart, Alvin Plough, Lu Brent, Micky Hades
391 394
Lu Brent A Pack Gone Wild cards change into forcing deck and back into normal
392 395
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force
392 395
Unknown Deck Switch in pocket
392 395
North Bigbee Marked Center Cut cut & restored rope with marked position to cut
392 396
Jack Ketch Aquatic Discovery miniature on thing that reacts with water and starts to expand
392 396
Jack Ketch The Sniffer Card Trick comedy bit, spectator divines selection
392 397
Ernest W. Brady You Son of a Witch coin is pierced with pin and is unharmed again
392 397
Don Tanner The Back Room on Ralph Hall Greenwood, Charles Linn, U.F. Grant, Don Lawton, Al Snyder, Magi-Fest
392 398
Martin Gardner Variable Magnetic Lie Detector lie detector using the Variable Magnetic Executive Tranquilizer
393 399
Francis Haxton Fickle Queen see also p. 406
Inspired by 393 400
Dr. James Hoy O.O.T.W. Climax with two selections in opposite colored packets
393 400
Gerald Kosky Authors cards with famous authors on them, spelling, author is divined
393 401
Don Tanner The Back Room on U.F. Grant, Jay Marshall, Fake Magazine
393 402
Eugene Gloye Hydro Seal glass with water is sealed with rubber, inside glass on rubber are three coins, one is selected and penetrates rubber / dental dam
394 402
Don Tanner Routines: No. 1 routine with jumbo cards, only structure
394 404
Gerald Kosky Koin Kwickie coin appears
394 404
U. F. Grant Infallible Prediction ping pong ball is placed under one of three cups, different colors, prediction
Variations 394 405
Don Tanner The Back Room on Micky Hades, Karl Fulves, David Hoy, Lu Brent
394 406
Jack Ketch Torn and Restored Bill Ideas with scotch
394 406
Ralph Greenwood Three Card Monte Idea
394 406
Jack Ketch T. V. Pack with cigarette box and playtime card, miniature card of selection appears
395/396 407
Ace Gorham Routines: No. 2 idea for structure of several effects, milk pitcher and other
395/396 408
Karl Fulves Infallible Prediction Variation golf ball placed in one of three cups, prediction in form of a second ball in chosen cup
Inspired byRelated to 395/396 408
Walt Maddison Clip Change card clipped with two paper clips changes into selection
395/396 409
Walt Maddison Double Lifter extra pip glued on to make double lift easier
395/396 409
Walt Maddison The WM Double Lift
395/396 409
Don Tanner Special! Bob Olson Section
395/396 410
Robert E. Olson Ring in Knot handkerchief and ring
395/396 410
Robert E. Olson Folding Money coin is produced from a smaller container
395/396 410
Robert E. Olson Wand Through Hank
395/396 412
Robert E. Olson Ball in Hank ball vanishes from handkerchief
395/396 412
Victor Marsh Paper Clip Marking Idea
395/396 413
Robert E. Olson Wash Out card becomes blank and transparent
395/396 414
Don Tanner The Back Room
395/396 424
Unknown Linx ring on rope move, see p. 426 for comments and ideas
Related to 397 415
Don Nielsen Problem in Prophecy three different colored cups, and three different colored balls, matching, posed as problem, see p. 426 & 428 for comments and ideas
Inspired byRelated toVariations 397 416
Peter Alexis Aces selection transforms into an Ace
Variations 397 417
Karl Fulves Fourtold Retold four selections predicted, four different suits
Inspired by
  • Stewart James "Fourtold" in "Tops" 1937 and "Ibidem" #23
397 417
Karl Fulves The Back Room on Johnny Hart, Al Flosso
397 418
Karl Fulves Cryptic Calling two effects of a card divination / location wit Si Stebbins
Related to 398 419
Ben Christopher Money Monte with business card and bill, final phase one coin is wrapped in bill
Variations 398 420
Si Weigan ESP one ESP card is divined and one predicted in envelope
398 421
Karl Fulves The Back Room on Nemo, the Connecticut mystic
398 422
E. Leslie May Revelation cards on table are turned over, one is covered and card is divined
Inspired by 399 423
Karl Fulves Lock-It lock and cards are dropped in a bag, selection found on lock, see p. 428 for idea by Lu Brent
399 424
Si Weigan Half and Half dollar bill is rolled in a tube and half dollar is produced, half of bill is missing
399 425
North Bigbee Bookeroo using white carbon paper, see p. 430 for comments by Eddie Clever
399 425
Karl Fulves The Back Room on Harrison Bale, The New Jinx, Milbourne Christopher, Jay Weiler, Micky Hades
399 426
J. W. Sarles PRISM with two decks and two cards each, under table
400 427
Robert Parrish, Art Lyle, Lu Brent, Eddie Clever Letters
  • Parrish: on Alexis Aces and Nielsen problem
  • Lyle: on ironing trousers
  • Brent: on Lock-It
  • Clever: on the Nielsen problem
400 428
Art Lyle Extra Dark bottom to top, in the hands
400 429
Aaron Wainer Coined revelation of dates of coins in chosen pile
400 429
Karl Fulves The Back Room on Eddie Clever, Dallas Duffield
400 430