Written by Albert Goshman, Patrick Page

Work of Albert Goshman

149 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Butler.
Language: English

(43 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Milt Larsen Look Under the Shaker 3
Dai Vernon My Friend Albert 4
Patrick Page Presenting Albert Goshman 5
Albert Goshman Before I Magish for You 7
Albert Goshman In The Beginning biography of Albert Goshman 11
Albert Goshman Words of Wisdom performance advice 25
Unknown Act overview of Albert Goshman's Act 31
Albert Goshman Set Up description of Albert Goshman's set up for his act. 35
Albert Goshman Salt & Pepper Shaker Coins vanish and appear under salt and pepper shakers.Related toVariations 39
Albert Goshman Hand load during pointing action 42
Albert Goshman, Dai Vernon Copper/Silver credit information, half dollar held by spectator changes places with copper coin, then vanishes and reappears under salt shaker. 47
Albert Goshman A.G. Sponge Balls credit information, three different sized/colored sponge balls vanish and reappear in spectator's hand and under salt shaker. 53
Albert Goshman Two as one two spongeballs shown as one 56
Albert Goshman, Al Baker Coins Thru Table credit information, four coins penetrate a table.Also published here 59
Unknown Retaining Coin in Classic Palm throwing coins from one hand to another 60
Albert Goshman Lap transfer 61
Dai Vernon One of Four without creditRelated to 61
Unknown Heel Lap from closed fist 63
Albert Goshman Chink-a-Chink credit information, four bottlecaps vanish and reappear under the hands and under a salt shaker. Jumbo bottle cap is produced. 65
Albert Goshman Spiked Coin coin sticks to forehead, shown to have spike in it. 73
Albert Goshman Winged Silver credit information, three coins move hand to hand to join foreign coin, coin appears under salt shaker, jumbo coin appears under salt shaker.Inspired by 77
Albert Goshman Coin Under Glass coin appears under glass, jumbo coin appears under glass then under salt shaker, mini salt shaker appears, small coin appears. 83
Albert Goshman Nudist Deck deck with no faces or backs have faces and backs appear and disappear. 91
Albert Goshman, Robert Albo Rising Cards three selected cards rise from the deck, DevanoAlso published here 97
Patrick Page Other Items 103
Albert Goshman Cards Thru Newspaper credit information, cards pass through newspaper.Inspired byAlso published here 105
Unknown Switch under Cover as newspaper is transferred from hand to hand 108
Albert Goshman Card in Purse credit information, signed card vanishes and reappears in coin purse.Inspired byAlso published here 111
Albert Goshman Purse Switch seated 114
Albert Goshman Glass Thru Table coin and a glass penetrate a tableInspired by 117
Albert Goshman Coin on Edge coin on edge in tabled glass 120
Unknown Glass Lap covered glass transferred from table 121
Albert Goshman A.G. Bowl Routine sponge balls vanish and appear under bowl, bagel appears under bowl, coin appears under bagel. 123
Unknown Empty Hand hand palming spongeball appears empty 126
Unknown Bagel Load bagel load to bowl 126
Albert Goshman Vanish of 10 Coins credit information, ten coins vanished one at a time in one hand. 129
Albert Goshman Sleights 137
Albert Goshman Clink Pass 138
Albert Goshman Get Ready Palm 141
Albert Goshman Loading A Coin 142
Albert Goshman, Tenkai Ishida Tankai Vanish Tenkai misspelled in titleRelated to 143
Albert Goshman Toss Vanish 144
Albert Goshman Final Words 149