Written by Eugene Burger
Work of Eugene Burger
228 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Company
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
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Eugene Burger Looking Back
Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-up Entertainer
Philip Reed Willmarth Introduction
Also published here 18
Part One: Secrets
Eugene Burger Drawing the Line on one's performing repertoire
Also published here 20
Eugene Burger Names on using the names of the spectators
Also published here 23
Eugene Burger Contact
Also published here 25
Eugene Burger Not Hearing
Also published here 26
Eugene Burger Energy
Also published here 27
Eugene Burger Silence
Also published here 28
Eugene Burger Discipline
Also published here 28
Eugene Burger It's Done With Mirrors
Also published here 30
Eugene Burger Hecklers
Also published here 31
Eugene Burger Sponges ending with eighteen sponges in spectators hand
Also published here 36
Part Two: Mysteries
Eugene Burger The Burned Card burned-in pentagram appears in selected card
Also published here 39
Eugene Burger Glass Production producing a filled shot glass from spectators coat
Also published here 41
Eugene Burger Finger Tip Holder
Also published here 43
Eugene Burger Signed Card In Wallet presentational strategy, Mullica wallet
Also published here 44
Philip Reed Willmarth, Eugene Burger Signed Bill In Matchbox seated at table
Also published here 47
Eugene Burger Torn Card corner is torn of and then restored featuring a corner switch
Also published here 51
Eugene Burger Traveling Card Card to Fire Purse or Matchbox
Also published here 55
Eugene Burger Séance "glorpy" and "out to lunch"
Also published here 56
Eugene Burger Interlude One new comments on the previous items
Audience Involvement: A Lecture
Eugene Burger Presentation
Also published here 68
Eugene Burger, Alex Berecz Top Change theatrical dressing around a top change transformation
Also published here 69
Eugene Burger Brain-Waved both sides of the deck can be displayed
Also published here 72
Tape Locator Card transparent tape
Also published here 74
Eugene Burger Brain-Waved Again another version, one suit can be named
Also published here 75
Eugene Burger Water Suspension water is suspended in spectators bill
Also published here 77
Eugene Burger Interlude Two new comments on the previous items
The Secrets of Restaurant Magic
Eugene Burger Point of Departure
Also published here 84
Eugene Burger Table Hopping
Also published here 84
Eugene Burger Hospitality
Also published here 85
Eugene Burger The Real Secrets
Also published here 85
Eugene Burger The Opening Effect Is You
Also published here 86
Eugene Burger Restaurants
Also published here 88
Eugene Burger Attitude
Also published here 90
Eugene Burger Random Thoughts
Also published here 92
Eugene Burger The Secrets Revisited
Also published here 94
Eugene Burger Interlude Three new comments on the previous items
On Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries
Philip Reed Willmarth Foreword
Also published here 100
Eugene Burger The Trick and the Effects
Also published here 102
Eugene Burger A Memory on Matt Schulien
Also published here 104
Eugene Burger The Card in the Matchbook
Inspired byAlso published here 106
Folding in Sixth one-handed in palm
Eugene Burger The Corner in the Glass
Also published here 109
Eugene Burger The Card Under the Tablecloth
Inspired byAlso published here 111
Eugene Burger On Imitation
Also published here 114
Eugene Burger Interlude Four new comments on the previous items
Intimate Power
Philip Reed Willmarth Foreword
Also published here 120
Eugene Burger Chapter One: What's In A Name?
Also published here 121
Eugene Burger Chapter Two: Creating Interest
Also published here 125
Eugene Burger The Card Cheat two cards put in center are produced with two-card throw
Also published here 130
Two-Card Throw
Eugene Burger An Old Carnival Game heads or tails presentation for glass through table
Also published here 132
Eugene Burger A Voodoo Ritual presentation for ashes in the hand
VariationsAlso published here 137
Eugene Burger The Spectator is the Star
Also published here 140
Eugene Burger Second-Hand Smoke cigarette up the nose
Also published here 142
Eugene Burger Chapter Three: A Game of Wits
Also published here 145
Eugene Burger Spelling Stunner spectator cuts and spells his first name to selected card
Also published here 146
Will De Sieve Master Card Control Gimmick coin impression
Maurice Fogel, Eugene Burger Fogel's Triple Prediction including "the necessary degree of error"
Also published here 148
Eugene Burger Out of This World discussing the weak points, Grant's impromptu version
Also published here 150
Eugene Burger Easy Money Presentation restaurant presentation
Also published here 152
Eugene Burger Chapter Four: Precision
Also published here 153
Dale Anthony, Eugene Burger Dracula and the Sorority Girls Queen becomes faded, a card appears under a thumb tack on the case
Inspired by
  • "Under Attack" (Dale Anthony)
Also published here
Eugene Burger Chapter Five: Confidence and Power
Also published here 161
Eugene Burger Interlude Five new comments on the previous items
The Craft of Magic and other Writings
Philip Reed Willmarth Foreword
Eugene Burger Introductory Note
Eugene Burger The Craft of Magic
Eugene Burger Interest
Eugene Burger Developing Our Practice
Eugene Burger Learning to Rehearse
Eugene Burger The Tools of Our Craft
Eugene Burger Critical Awareness and Honesty
Eugene Burger The Future of Restaurant Magic
Eugene Burger Presentational Style
Eugene Burger Easy Spelling two demonstration cards are spelled to by performer, then spectator spells his own selection
Al Baker, Eugene Burger, Clayton Rawson The Impossible Force spectator cuts, bottom pile secretly turned over
Related to 185
Milbourne Christopher, Eugene Burger The Flying Match
Eugene Burger Slow Motion Bill Change
Related to 193
Eugene Burger A Conversation in Hell Between a Professional Magician, an Amateur, and a Prostitute
Eugene Burger Interlude Six new comments on the previous items
Eugene Burger, David Parr The Twenty-First Century Bill Transposition version for the new U.S. currency
Rediscoveries: New Ways of Framing Old Favorites
Eugene Burger Introduction
Also published here 210
Maurice Fogel, Eugene Burger Psychic Sense "A New Analysis Of The Three Card Prediction"
Also published here 211
Eugene Burger The Visibly Turning Cards Rosini's Double Reverse with glorpy
Inspired byAlso published here 219
Eugene Burger Ashes on the Palm for Non-Smokers
Also published here 221
Eugene Burger Final Words
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