Written by Rafael Benatar
Work of Rafael Benatar
135 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Rafael Benatar
Language: Spanish
31 entries
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Juan Tamariz Un magnifico Doble Lift
Rafael Benatar Introducción
Rafael Benatar Doble Volteo Resbalante additional method using Vernon's Double Push-Off
Also published here 15
Rafael Benatar Dejada Resbalante several variations
  • Haciendo escala
  • Con casual encuentro
  • Con encuentro casual del segundo tipo
  • Sobre una carta
  • Con la carta doble sobresaliente
Also published here 19
Rafael Benatar Tres Menos Una unloading one card from a triple, two methods
Inspired byAlso published here 27
Rafael Benatar Doble Lift Pivotante one-handed double lift, several applications
-Como Cuenta Falsa (as a false count)
  • Dejada Pivotante (Pivoting Laydown)
  • Con giro de 180° (with 180° turn)
Also published here 29
Rafael Benatar Transposicion por Calor two card transpo, in repeat one card vanishes and appears next to other
Inspired byAlso published here 37
Dai Vernon Push-Off Double Lift
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish
Martin A. Nash Knock-Out Double Lift
Rafael Benatar La Dejada Pendular double lay-down on table
Rafael Benatar ¡Fuego!
Inspired by 55
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition
John F. Mendoza Throwing the Switch brief
Rafael Benatar Karate Six is chopped into two Threes and an Eight into Fours
Also published here 71
Rafael Benatar Fotomaton
Inspired by 77
Rafael Benatar Salto Fotografico cover for classic pass
Vistazo del Tahur Gambler's / Bubble Peek
Rafael Benatar El Mago Discreto routine with several techniques which eliminate each other
Rafael Benatar La Carta Invisible longer Routine
Inspired byAlso published here 87
Henry Christ The Christ Twist
Rafael Benatar Inserción Resorte apparently random insertion of card from front into greek break
Also published here 89
Dr. Jacob Daley Instantaneous Double Lift
Rafael Benatar El Cambio de Clark Kent apparently free-handed, also secret switch
Related toAlso published here 107
Rafael Benatar El Soplido Magico
Also published here 109
Rafael Benatar Tampoco y Tambien only one card, effect variation
Also published here 110
Rafael Benatar 69 Color Change Presentation, including version with double change, Six changes into Nine
Rafael Benatar Mermelada Plus several changes
Inspired byAlso published here 119
Larry Jennings La Cuenta Ritmica rhythm count
Enfile al Tiempo Le Temps Change
Rafael Benatar Lista de Referencias
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