Written by Alex Elmsley
Work of Alex Elmsley
52 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Alex Elmsley Introduction
  • Requirements (Floppy Disk, Cards, Computer)
  • Installation
  • Security
  • General
Alex Elmsley Chapter 1 - Sleight of Mouse moving the mouse to a certain area on the screen
Alex Elmsley The Eye of the Mouse an object is freely chosen, picture appears on computer screen
Alex Elmsley The Card in the Screen chosen card appears on computer screen
Alex Elmsley The Counter total of loose change is seen on computer screen, counter stops at exact amount
Alex Elmsley Chapter 2 - Permutations and Combinations
Related to
  • Scalbert's "Mystery of the Seventh Card"
Alex Elmsley The Other Card six cards are removed from a deck and five are inserted into the computer, computer program names remaining card
Alex Elmsley The Fortune Teller spectator selects objects from lists on computer, eventually computer program shows a horoscope with the exact birthdate of spectator
Alex Elmsley Thought Projection card is selected on computer screen, performer divines it after answering two questions posed by the computer program
Alex Elmsley Chapter 3 - Improvisation
Alex Elmsley Inexplicable with computer program, programmed version of Vernon's "Trick that cannot be explained"
Inspired by 33
Alex Elmsley Chapter 4 - Tuning the Tricks coding for altering the programs
Alex Elmsley Tailpiece revealing a number typed into the calculator of a windows computer
Data entered by Lorenz Schär.