Written by Lu Brent
Work of Lu Brent
48 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
28 entries
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Lu Brent "A Word With You"
Lu Brent A Waste Paper Basket Advice on using an ornamental waste paper basket on stage for throwing away paper so as to remove suspicion, instead of throwing the paper off-stage
Lu Brent A Simple Coin Vanish Coin placed under fold in trousers, covered with hankerchief. Spectator can feel the coin under the handkerchief until last minute before it vanishes
Lu Brent Coin Through Cut and Restored Hanky Coin is wrapped in hankerchief, hole is cut in handkerchief and coin is removed from hole, hole is then restored
Lu Brent The Wisenheimer Magnetic Wand Wand clings to interlocked hands (is it really Lu Brent's?)
Lu Brent The Flighty Cigar Band Cigar band is torn off, later reappears back on cigar after it is lit up
Lu Brent Matches of Jinx Single match is lit up, multiplies into two, three or even four lit matches
Lu Brent A Match Box Melange Dollar bill vanishes, travels to matchbox that was previously full of matches (matches have vanished, leaving only the bill)
Lu Brent He Watches the Matches Three matchboxes, one full two empty. Matchbox monte routine, ending is all three boxes are empty (rattle box)
Lu Brent The Protean Pack o' Cigs Face of cigarette box keeps changing to different brands, three times
Lu Brent The Unlucky Strike Three packs of cigarettes placed into three paper bags, two Camels and one Lucky Strike. Cigarette brand monte routine, spectator always guesses Camels and loses
Lu Brent The Traveling Cigarettes and Matches Matchbox and cigarette pack covered with cardboard covers, repeatedly change places
Lu Brent The Silken Adventure Silk vanishes from paper bag, travels into glass filled with confetti
Lu Brent Here, Bango! - There? Glass with silk in it vanishes in paper bag, appears in another paper bag
Lu Brent The Drum-Head Glass Tissue paper covers mouth of glass, silk produced from it
Lu Brent Glass Through Hat (Oh! My Hat) Glass filled with confetti covered by newspaper and hat, glass passes through hat
Lu Brent Straw Hats Chinese Rice bowls but with two straw hats, produce confetti, then produce a large quantity of flowers
Lu Brent The Torn Magazine Cover
Lu Brent The Surprise Reverse Torn Card and Cigarette Trick card torn into pieces and placed into handkerchief. Later a piece is found in a cigarette, which matches the card which has magically restored in the handkerchief with a corner missing
Lu Brent Watch - Ho!! Pocket watch manipulation routine, production of pocket watches, uses black art stand, glove gimmick
Lu Brent Your Tips Thumb tip / glove tip
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Blindfolded magician able to tell which cigarette was selected apparently by its smoke
Related to 33
Lu Brent A Test for Cigarettes Method No. 2 Same effect, different type of coding system
Related to 35
Lu Brent Can You Imagine!! (An unusual card effect) Spectator apparently able to predict magician's selected card
Lu Brent A Fantasy in Smoke (A complete cigarette act with gloved hands)
Lu Brent Gagging the Sucker Make spectator think he/she can do the trick you just showed, but when they try they get a funny message written on a card
Lu Brent Just a Shadow Performer stands behind a lit screen to cast a shadow, the Devil comes on stage to peel off the shadow, performer then disappears, Devil shown to be the performer (no method given, only the presentation)
Lu Brent Jealousy of Time Performer gets into a big drum that is designed like a giant alarm clock. Person enters to destroy the clock to find performer has vanished, and the second person is shown to be the performer (no detailed method given, only the presentation)
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