Written by Steve Draun
Work of Steve Draun
43 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
40 entries
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Steve Draun Introduction
Edward Marlo Foreward
Steve Draun Midnight Ambitious Card very few multiple lifts, to pocket climax
Also published here 1
Russell T. Barnhart, Steve Draun Ascending Little Finger Second
Steve Draun Draun's Double Lift
August Roterberg Insertion Change Push-In Change
Steve Draun The Midnight Shift
Also published here 3
Edward Marlo Double Buckle
Gordon Bruce, Norman Houghton Pocket Palm trouser pocket, no credits
One Hand Bottom Palm
Steve Draun The Ole Thumb Pass
Inspired byAlso published here 6
Steve Draun The Starfish Change using rear palm
Also published here 7
Steve Draun The Rubberband Card card jumps back on deck and then into pocket
Related to 9
Steve Draun Snap-Back Sleight
Also published here 9
Steve Draun Turnover Change Vernon Tenkai Change with pack, clean afterwards
Also published here 11
Steve Draun The Nouveau Travellers old structure, new sleights
Also published here 13
Derek Dingle Veser's Bluff Shift
Edward Marlo The Bottom Palm
Edward Marlo, Steve Draun Longitudinal Top Palm
Steve Draun Topsy Turvey Aces Version VII
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Steve Draun The Perfect Multiple Shift push-through, up the ladder
Also published here 16
John Benzais Benzais Cut
Steve Draun The Revolve Flourish card production, card is revolved face up
Related to 18
Carmen D'Amico The D'Amico Discovery
Steve Draun The Web Shuffle special crimped card, the real work otherwise
Also published here 20
Steve Draun Quintuple Duke bluff with deck switch
Also published here 23
Steve Draun The Practical Deck Switch pocket
Also published here 23
Steve Draun The Perfect Blind Shuffle with triple cut
Also published here 24
Steve Draun The One Way Deal One-Way Deck
Related toAlso published here 26
Edward Marlo The No Touch Theory strike second deal
Steve Draun The Ten Hand Poker Stack one shuffle, false Dealing included
Also published here 29
Edward Marlo, Steve Draun Easy Unit Control Finessed Unit Control
Also published here 29
Steve Draun The Twenty-One Card Trick Routine three phases
Related toAlso published here 31
Steve Draun Out of this World Revisited two piles
Also published here 33
Steve Draun Overhand Shuffle Crimp
Steve Draun Peek Glimpse
Also published here 35
Steve Draun Inflated Spellbound silver Dollar to Dime, several times, jumbo coin climax
Steve Draun Cups and Balls routine with no extra ball
Also published here 39
John Ramsay The Ramsay Ball Vanish
Steve Draun Shell Load
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