Written by Harapan Ong

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48 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harapan Ong Preface: What is Wabi-Sabi? 7
Harapan Ong Daley Revision streamlined handling 8
Unknown Double Deal Turnover 10
Harapan Ong All Hail the Great Leader Four red cards and four black cards keep remaining separate despite being mixed (follow the leader), when placed together they mix, when placed back with their leaders they separate againRelated to 14
Brother John Hamman 2-for-4 Count 17
Edward Marlo Outjogged Oil and Water 19
Harapan Ong, Takanobu Ishida The Famous Eight-Card Mystery Self-working trick, card is cut to and remembered, packet is shuffled and dealt, ends with finding card and also the four Eights 22
Harapan Ong MixUnMix Three red cards and three black cards visually mix and then unmix with a wave 26
Alex Hansford Gödel Hand holds two cards face up, one of those cards change with a wave 28
Harapan Ong Alternative Facts Wrong card taken out of spread is changed into spectator's selection as a surprise 30
Harapan Ong SpreadShot Transposition Flashy two card transposition, in which card is spun into the air from a spread, transforming and transposing with the other card 35
Harapan Ong SpreadShot Spinning a card from a spread into the air, causing it to flip over in the process and land on the spread 36
Harapan Ong You'll Float Too Visual Oil and Water routine, cards separate during a dribble 38
Ben Harris Superflip Related to 40
Harapan Ong Stock Lines Stock Lines: Ad lib game for magicians, made into structured routine that dictates the card trickAlso published here 41