Written by Gary Ouellet

Work of Gary Ouellet

41 pages (Stapled), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(18 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Guy Camirand A Message from the Editor 3
Peter Reveen Introduction 4
Gary Ouellet Foreword 5
Gary Ouellet The Incredible Vanishing Deck seatedRelated to 6
Gary Ouellet The Capricorn Card all cards but one vanish, see also p. 41 12
Gary Ouellet Card Switches lapping 15
Gary Ouellet The Ouellet Switch Variations 16
Gary Ouellet Uses for the Ouellet Switch - as a force
- as a packet switch
- as a knockout poker demonstration
Gary Ouellet Brainstorm using the Ouellet Switch 21
Eddie Joseph Impromptu Index 22
Gary Ouellet The Solar Oven index in case, using the Ouellet Switch 22
Gary Ouellet The Curry Open Prediction using the Ouellet Switch 23
Gary Ouellet The Switch Syndrome 25
Gary Ouellet Threshold signed torn and restored card with matching corner, the Threshold principle 28
Unknown Method for the One Hand folding of a Card into sixth 34
Gary Ouellet The Drop Switch switching torn pieces with folded card 35
Gary Ouellet The Anxiety Factor 39
Gary Ouellet The Last Word 41