Written by Gary Ouellet

Work of Gary Ouellet

350 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Gary Ouellet Introduction v
Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword vii
Gary Ouellet The Close Up Theater - Body Memory
- The Spectator
- Conviction
- The Script
- Drama
- Choreography
- Suspense
- The Sound of Magic
- The Stage
- Building Tips
- The Close Up Stance
Gary Ouellet Close-Up Hint on the opener 14
Gary Ouellet The Greatest Effect in Magic explanation of false transfer with a small ball
- Practice Drill Number One: The Finger Palm
- Practice Drill Number Two: The Closing of the Right Hand
- The Vanish
- Eye Movement
Gary Ouellet The Mystery of the Crystal Chamber small ball vanishes and appears in transparent plastic box 21
Gary Ouellet Flashy Wonders chapter intro 25
Gary Ouellet Flash Deck deck appears spread on table 25
Gary Ouellet Three Second Wonder crossing hands when turning over top cardsInspired byVariationsAlso published here 28
Gary Ouellet The Deck Vanish comments on lapping and The Incredible Vanishing DeckRelated to 33
Gary Ouellet, Guy Camirand Close-Up Hint recipe for hand lotion making hands sticky 34
Gary Ouellet Double Trouble chapter intro 35
Gary Ouellet The Break System - Part One 36
Gary Ouellet The Pages of Time Double Lift 38
Gary Ouellet Triple Delight 40
Gilles Couture, Gary Ouellet The Crook Concept double is pulled down with first finger 42
Gary Ouellet The Crook Double Lift 43
Gary Ouellet The Crook Snap Change 44
Gary Ouellet The Crook Palm multiple cards 45
Unknown The Break System - Part Two card pushed over 46
Gary Ouellet The Crook Second one-handed, stud 47
Gilles Couture Couture's Wrist Double 49
Gary Ouellet The Windmill Double double card swings down in right hand, giving sense of looseness 51
Gary Ouellet The Jimminy Cricket Double Lift 53
Gary Ouellet The Crook Color Change 54
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint lotion for better grip 56
Gary Ouellet The Secret of Three chapter intro 57
Gary Ouellet The Toss Transfer Vanish 58
Gary Ouellet Sponge Ball Miracles chapter intro 61
Gary Ouellet The Push-Pinch Sponge Ball Vanish 61
Gary Ouellet Some Reflections on Sponge Ball Routining 64
Gary Ouellet The Odd Man Out Routine uses lapping 65
Gary Ouellet The Flying Imp Pass with sponge balls 67
Gary Ouellet Close-Up Hint on Body Memory 70
Gary Ouellet The Magic Lecture article on different lecturing styles 71
Gary Ouellet Close-Up Hint on rough skin 76
Gary Ouellet The Classic Force handling details and tips 77
Gary Ouellet Quarterback selection has to be divided, performer reveals number with a card and a quarterRelated to 80
Gary Ouellet Eureka! on crediting 83
Gary Ouellet The Paradise Count - The Paradise Count
- The Starting Position
- The Top Pull-Up
- The Bottom Push-Down
- The Bottom Pull-Down
Gary Ouellet The Paradise Elmsley Count 94
Gary Ouellet The Paradise Jordan Count 97
Gary Ouellet The Paradise 2/4 Count 99
Gary Ouellet The Paradise Ascanio Spread 99
Gary Ouellet The Paradise Hammon Count Hamman count variation 101
Gary Ouellet Double Deposits 102
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on using a video recorder to improve 104
Gary Ouellet The Final Coin Flight gimmick for coin through table, sequence 105
Gary Ouellet The Infidel Change coin changes while dropped into other handInspired by 111
Gary Ouellet Coin Drops on the French Drop 115
Gary Ouellet The French Canadian Drop 117
Gary Ouellet The Revolver French Drop Variation 119
Al Schneider The Schneider Retention Drop French Drop Variation 121
Mike Gallo The Michael Gallo Drop French Drop Variation 121
Gary Ouellet The Ultimate French Drop French Drop Variation 123
Gary Ouellet The Silverdust Routine using a silverdust shaker, coin appears from silverdust, travels to other hand, changes into other coin and transforms back into silverdust 125
Gary Ouellet The Silverdust Load with silverdust shaker 127
Gary Ouellet Spellbound 130
Gary Ouellet The Toss Change Also published here 133
Gary Ouellet The Silverdust Vanish using the Crossover Lap 135
Gary Ouellet, Walter E. Cummings Close Up Hint On the Preparation of Playing Cards, using soapVariations 138
Gary Ouellet Pasteboard Pageant chapter intro 139
Gary Ouellet The Small Packet Principle several piles, card controlled under crimp 139
Gary Ouellet, Michael Powers Touch Three Cards two cards are selected and lost in the deck, a third card is turned over and the chosen cards found next to it 142
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move 143
Gary Ouellet Not on the Bottom, Not on Top showing top and bottom card, hiding selection on top 146
Gary Ouellet Three Triumphant Cuts deck is cut somewhere and reversed three times, selection ends up on top and all cards are face down again 147
Ron Scharf Migration 150
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift without credit, hindu shuffle 153
Gary Ouellet The Paradox Control card brought on top with Marlo's Longitudinal Palm / Penkai Palm 157
Gary Ouellet The Equivoque four card stars are formed 164
Gary Ouellet Convincingly Versatile Control 167
Gary Ouellet The Touch Force Variations 171
Steve Spillman The Spill Variation variation of the Touch ForceAlso published here 174
Ken Krenzel The Krenzel Color Approach using the Touch Force to hide the back of a different colored cards 175
Gary Ouellet The Olympic Challenge signature transposition, two decks 176
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint preparing a deck with sandpaper 182
Gary Ouellet The Ambitios Card general remarks and tips 183
Gary Ouellet On the Count of Three! 185
Gary Ouellet Ambitious Challenge after Tilt card sticking out a bit from the front 187
Gary Ouellet Juxtaposition second card from top is moved on top 192
Gary Ouellet The Silver Sequel chapter intro 195
Gary Ouellet The Grand Trunk Funk and Banana Railway Switch switching a coin box in context of a routine 196
Gary Ouellet The Jamary Coin Clip 198
Gary Ouellet The Gossamer Dissolve multiple coin vanish 199
Gary Ouellet The After Dinner Speech speech on magic 205
Gary Ouellet The Slider chapter intro 217
Gary Ouellet The Slider Top Change First Variation: The Inertia Change
Second Variation: The Wrist Snap Change
Gary Ouellet The Slider Switch while hand is turned over, with one or several cards 222
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on sucker effects 224
Gary Ouellet The Challenge Factor on being challenged, heckler 225
Gary Ouellet Finger on the Card Revisited chapter intro 229
Gilles Couture The Swivel Cut Control 230
Gary Ouellet Butt Cutt strraight cutInspired byAlso published here 234
Gary Ouellet Showcase chapter intro 239
Gary Ouellet, Jean-Pierre Garnier The Invisible Switch kings switched to Aces when dropped on tableInspired by 239
Gary Ouellet Showcase four selections are found reversed in the center, then Aces are produced which change into selections 244
Gary Ouellet The Uppercut transfer cut, from bottom to top 247
Gary Ouellet The Reverse Uppercut cut to reverse cards 249
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on the use of music 252
Gary Ouellet Rock and Roll Dice Stacking - The G Spot
- The Rocking Action
- The Rolling Action
- The Pick-Up
- The Lift-Off
- The Stack
- A Routine
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on the use of videocameras to practice 264
Gary Ouellet The Miracle Signed Card to Purse seated 265
Rick Johnsson IBGHT Switch Tenkai palm, card is apparently placed in center of the deck 267
Gary Ouellet Slydini Switch Variation switching purses 272
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint getting honest feedback of the show by hiding in the restroom 276
Gary Ouellet Some Words to a Beginner - Moves to learn
- Reading List
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint practice advice 280
Gary Ouellet Japanese Jewels chapter intro 281
Hideo Kato The Kato Kount some cards in pocket, card in deck is touched, values of cards in pocket are added and are position of card in the deck, binary values in pocket 281
Hideo Kato The Amazing Dream Glass glass clings to fist 285
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on the performing mindset 288
Gary Ouellet For Ascanio chapter intro, 4F and Ascanio 289
Gary Ouellet The Angle Spread Paradise Ascanio Spread Variation 290
Brother John Hamman, Arturo de Ascanio, Jean-Pierre Garnier, Gary Ouellet Maneater 294
Gary Ouellet Impeccadillo Inspired by 298
Gary Ouellet The Crook Spread Ascanio Spread variation 299
Gary Ouellet Hint Heaven tips and tricks for props and performing 303
Gary Ouellet Netherworld 307
Gary Ouellet The Anxiety Factor cigarette through coin 315
Gary Ouellet Northern Sleights chapter intro 321
Gary Ouellet The Amazing Coin Vanish coin is tossed up and caught with other hand 321
Gary Ouellet Lapping Plus Technique 324
Gary Ouellet The Impossible Thimble Vanish 325
Gary Ouellet The New Wave Thimble Vanish 328
Gary Ouellet Pirouette Center Double 329
Gary Ouellet Peregrination cards in spread on table 333
Gary Ouellet Stab Force with a knife 335
Gary Ouellet Sound Effect click pass using the lap 338
Mike Gallo The Gallo Slide 339
Gary Ouellet Modified Kosky Illusion a handling on the Kosky Switch 340
Gary Ouellet Close Up Hint on using animals for close up 346
Gary Ouellet Enigmas for Posterity 347
Gilles Couture The Angle Pivot Principle 349