Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
144 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
116 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction "I would like to dedicate this book to my long-time editor, James T. Spero."
Karl Fulves Impromptu Card Tricks chapter intro
Karl Fulves, Mike Rogers Silver Trap No. 1, friction toss with coin on top and bottom to end up with selection between coin
Related to 1
Karl Fulves Future Vision No. 2, face-up/face-down cards instead of red/black
Related to 3
Three-Way Match No. 3, two spectators think of a card and the performer, predictions written on slips, one-ahead, without cards
Roy Walton Lucky Seven No. 4, reversed Seven spot used to locate selection
Also published here 6
Nick Trost, Mike Rogers Heavyweight No. 5, performer cuts off same number of cards as spectator
Inspired by 7
Karl Fulves, Walter Rollins Double Find No. 6
A Card Moves Up No. 7, deck shuffled and taken behind back, performer claims that a card he names is twentieth from the top and makes it come to top
Behind Back Glimpse as deck is put behind back
Karl Fulves Prepared Magic chapter intro
Odd or Even? No. 8, three packets, one chosen, predicted ("You will pick the seven group", letter s can be covered/cut off)
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Lies, All Lies No. 9, dollar bill in deck as crimp replacement, weird lie presentation to find location
Mental Math No. 10, three spectator concoct three-didget numbers from cards, they are added and sum predicted as four cards in case
Karl Fulves Two by Two No. 11, packet shown in pairs, no matches, when shown again they match
Related to 18
Karl Fulves, Al Leech The Card Castle No. 12, two Jokers sandwich a King and Queen couple, four cards taped at ends made into box/castle
Related to 18
The Card Detective No. 13, detective card ends up next to selection which is made up of suit and value of two other cards
William Alstrand, Karl Fulves Fooling the Experts No. 14, procedure with cuts and deals in which spectator forces a card on himself
Cloned Thoughts No. 15, spectator and performer chose same card after each other, free selection from small packet, weird procedure
Karl Fulves Test for ESP chapter intro
Karl Fulves Brainchild No. 16, two sets from Ace to Six are cut by spectator and one replaced by a signed Four, when cards are dealt in two rows, the Fours are the only ones that match
Related to 26
Karl Fulves, Norman Houghton Do You Have ESP? No. 17, spectator selects only odd-backed card from packet
Multiple Olram Count with more cards, to show all of them red-backed
Karl Fulves Paradox No. 18, sandwiched card turns out to be later selection
Inspired byRelated to 29
Thoughts in Color No. 19, spectator choses card from packet, another spectator finds it, only odd-colored
Prediction Supreme No. 20, some cards chosen and their values added, fifteen, card at that position predicted
Roy Walton Double Think No. 21, more or less classic with about twenty cards
Karl Fulves, Nick Trost Psychic Aura No. 22, three cards chosen from tabled layout, mates reverse in deck
Inspired by
  • "Psychic Coincidence" (Nick Trost, Three Pet Secrets, 1964)
Related to
Sam Schwartz Number, Please No. 23, prediction counted to, remaining cards form spectator's phone number
Karl Fulves Royal Round-Up chapter intro
Karl Fulves, Frank Garcia King Quartet No. 24, card found by spelling "King" multiple times, kings show up as finale
Inspired byVariations 39
Karl Fulves Royal Rescue No. 25, card found from packet of five cards, other cards turn out to be the Kings
Inspired by 40
Addition from Pocket in between two tricks
Karl Fulves Witch Hunt No. 26, twelve-card packet dealt into piles three times, Queens come together
Karl Fulves Jack Finds Your Card No. 27, deck cut into two piles, spectator shuffles two together and remembers top card which is put in other pile, performer looks through shuffled pile, two key cards
Bluebeard No. 28, King of Clubs becomes odd-colored back
Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves Kings can Count No. 29, two suits for two spectators each, cards of those suits counted in packets, difference predicted
Karl Fulves Die-ceptions with Cards chapter intro
Karl Fulves Fate in Numbers No. 30, numbers rolled by dice spelled out, corresponding values are revealed
Karl Fulves Making the Point No. 31, two cards counted to by throwing two dice, both cards predicted
Related to 47
Karl Fulves The Phantom Die No. 32, card value and suit chosen by rolling invisible die and counting in six-card row, card predicted in case
Howard A. Adams Futurism No. 33, three cards chosen with two dice, predicted
Also published here 49
Karl Fulves Four on a Die No. 34, two dice used to find four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 50
Karl Fulves Mental Dice No. 35, card selected by dealing packets according to throw of invisible die
Inspired by 51
Karl Fulves, Tony Bartolotta Triple Enigma No. 36, pair of invisible dice used to select card, card found and card with dice sum turns up, Ace to Nine set-up
Inspired by 52
Karl Fulves Reversed Card Glimpse riffling through deck with a reversed card, one-handed
Karl Fulves, Stewart James Die Version No. 37, two numbers chosen with die, their values lie at their opposite positions, selection at sum
Related to 54
Behind-the-Back Addition as card is placed in deck behind back
Karl Fulves More Impromptu Card Tricks chapter intro
John Scarne, Herb Runge The Psychic Number No. 38, number of pocketed card divined and card at position predicted
Related to 56
Karl Fulves, Walter B. Gibson Bet a Million No. 39, "as many cards as your number, plus enough...", bet presentation
The Piano Card Trick No. 40
Walter B. Gibson Player Piano No. 41, repeat version
Zodiac Spell No. 42, card found by spelling "zodiac", placement with distant key card
Karl Fulves, Howard Wurst, Bill Pawson Breath Test No. 43, card found by another card
Related to 63
Klondike Shuffle Control
Encore Breath Test No. 44, method for repeat
Related to 64
Dialing the Future No. 45, four cards chosen by dealing to first four digits of phone number, they are predicted or the Aces
The Name's the Same No. 46, deck shuffled and card in one half chosen by spelling "Eve", this card predicted
Karl Fulves Tomorrow's Card No. 47, eight cards shuffled face-up/face-down, number of reversed cards and their identity predicted
Inspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
Blackstone's Card No. 48, spectator finds his own card in ten-card packet
Also published here 70
Herb Runge Impulse No. 49, spectator finds mates of two cards, dealing
John Murray Ultra Match-Up No. 50, impromptu four-of-a-kind production
Also published here 72
Karl Fulves Minds in Duplicate chapter intro
Karl Fulves A Friendly Ghost No. 51, two cards chosen from two decks match, card also predicted, non-shuffle Gilbreath principle (taking cards from top or bottom)
Karl Fulves Tea-Time Mystery No. 52, two cards from two decks are divined and then transpose
Coffee Shiner on surface of cup of tea or coffee
Two-Card Monte Switch
Jerry K. Hartman Dupe-licates No. 53
Also published here 79
Karl Fulves Trapped in Time No. 54, odd-backed card in wallet finds selection, then face changes to signed selection
Karl Fulves Cue Cards No. 55, spectator and performer remember card and its position in five-card packets, found by each other
Tony Bartolotta, Martin Gardner Synchronism No. 56
Related to 83
Karl Fulves Tricks with Aces chapter intro
Bill Simon, Karl Fulves Unbalanced Aces No. 57, two packets dealt into two heaps each
Inspired by 86
Attraction Aces No. 58, Aces cling to performer's palm
Karl Fulves Carbon Copy No. 59, two sets of Aces from two decks, shuffled with down/under and klondike, same order in the end
Related to 88
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis One Chance in Four No. 60, four Aces with numbers on back from different deck, packets dealt in front of each according to chosen number, at this position a match occurs
Inspired byRelated to 90
Cut and Match No. 61, two halves are cut under table, the Aces are located
Karl Fulves, Larry Becker Knockout Poker No. 62, spectator choses five cards from himself from face-up deck and for performer from face-down deck with dealing procedure, magicians gets Aces
Four-Card Monte No. 63, four piles on table, both hands move around and exchange top card(s) of the piles, all Aces on top
Related to 94
Karl Fulves Rouge et Noir chapter intro
Your Card Is Red No. 64, red cards removed and a card chosen and then spelled to
Karl Fulves Transposed Thoughts No. 65, packet sorted in blacks and reds by spectator, two spectators remember bottom card of their pile, all assembled, performer transposes the two cards at their positions behind his back
Color by Touch No. 66, small packet shuffled face-up/face-down, performer names number of reds and blacks and sorts them
Karl Fulves Guess Again No. 67, eight cards pushed in deck by spectator and left out-jogged, all cards are paired with odd-colored card when cards are dealt off in pairs
Also published here 101
Karl Fulves, Tony Bartolotta She Read Your Mind No. 68, spectator finds card which is divined by performer
Karl Fulves, Bob Hummer Psychic Map No. 69, fifteen cards in matrix layout on table, some are turned over, covered with newspaper, performer reaches underneath and adjusts, when newspaper is removed all face-up cards are red and vice versa
Karl Fulves Games of Chance chapter intro
Frank Garcia, Eddie Joseph Thought-Card Poker No. 70, one card of three poker hands thought of
Beginner's Luck No. 71, one of eight cards chosen, later some packets dealt to find Aces
Mel Bennett A Perfect Strike No. 72, ten-card layout folded and some values added to force a number
Also published here 111
Poker by Perception No. 73, eight cards, performer gets Aces
Related to 112
Underground Poker No. 74, Joker placed in poker hand, spectator locates it under table
Mel Bennett, Stewart James The Blackjack Player No. 75, four years added and piles dealt according to sum, two blackjack hands on top
Related to 114
Pick 'Em Poker No. 76, fifteen cards, performer gets three pairs
Karl Fulves, Hen Fetsch Poker Logic No. 77, with two Royal Flushes
Inspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic"
Karl Fulves Thought Control chapter intro
Sam Schwartz Secret Spell No. 78, spectator spells to any name and remembers card at this position
Topper No. 79, spectator forces card on himself without touching by performer
Tony Bartolotta Without a Clue No. 80, some cards hidden, card cut to and lost, found by performer
Tony Bartolotta Number Affinity No. 81, two cards at their positions change
The Great Escape No. 82, substitution trunk with cards presentation with Bess and Houdini, two court cards and five spot cards
Cards Can Think No. 83, no-touch, two cards chosen via dealing into two piles, top cards's suit and value compose prediction
Related to 123
Warren Wiersbe Fate Deals the Cards No. 84, cards cut off top and bottom to show no key cards are in use
Also published here 125
Gambler vs. Psychic No. 85, spectator thinks of highest card in cut-off packet, other Aces found in pocket
Mind Probe No. 86
Karl Fulves Magic by the Book No. 87, this book is a force-book with one of three words as every seventh word at the start of each chapter
Related to 130
Martin Gardner, Howard A. Adams Make the Cards Match No. 88, five cards matched with other five cards
Related toVariations 130
Karl Fulves Moving Marker chapter intro
Karl Fulves Mental Case No. 89, case moved around on five-card row, final card's mate is in case
Mel Stover Stover's Game No. 90, eight cards in circle, glass moved around and cards are eliminated, final card predicted
Related to 135
Stewart James Strange Voyage No. 91, seven cards in a row, one is an Ace, spectator moves it to instructions and eliminates cards, Ace remains
Martin Gardner, Robert Brethen Mind Matrix No. 92, square layout of nine cards, instruction game with prediction of final card
Related to 138
Karl Fulves, Jack Avis Four-Card Magic No. 93, four face-down cards, an Ace moved on top of them according to instructions, ends up on matching card
Karl Fulves Magic Maze No. 94, nine card layout, instruction game to find card
Inspired by
  • trick on David Copperfield special
Karl Fulves Revelation by Design No. 95, instruction game with sixteen card layout
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