Written by Jerry K. Hartman

Work of Jerry K. Hartman

92 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry K. Hartman Introduction book inspired by Tomas Blomberg idea 1
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN CAAN Any Card At Any Number with two selections, one my magician, one by spectator, they find their own cards by naming a numberVariations 5
Jerry K. Hartman Bluff Force Variation 7
Jerry K. Hartman U-Cut Force first published in Card Dupery, p. 5 9
Jerry K. Hartman Slipwitch Secret Slip Cut 13
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN Con ACAAN with one selection, magician tries and finds mate, spectator tries and finds the cardRelated to 17
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN Game Any Card At Any Number with one selection, card selected random by suit and numberRelated to 27
Jerry K. Hartman CAANARD ACAAN, impromptuRelated to 39
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN Tu Spectator names two numbers, one finds the magician's card, one finds their own named card, impromptu 43
Martin A. Nash Knock-out Double Lift 46
Jerry K. Hartman J-CAAN ACAAN, impromptu, Joker does the magic apparently 51
Jerry K. Hartman Cullocation Slip cut type of action with the cull 52
Edward Marlo, Jerry K. Hartman Face-Up Startler Variation 53
Jerry K. Hartman Out & Over Switch Switching an outjogged card as it is stripped out with another card on top of the deck 55
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN Kicker Impromptu ACAAN routine with an instruction cardRelated to 61
Jerry K. Hartman CAAN Kin Card At Any Number, impromptu - the spectator names a card, found at number previously determined by performerRelated to 71
Jerry K. Hartman Cut 'N' Run False running cut, cut from hands to table 79
Jerry K. Hartman Controlled Charlier Shuffle Charlier shuffle but completely false 83