Written by Daryl Martinez

Work of Daryl Martinez

28 pages (Stapled), published by DARYL Productions
Illustrated with drawings by Ryk Burnes.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Daryl Martinez The Bell of the Ball steel ball and bell are fused together to create a hollow ball that rings 2
Daryl Martinez Twice Torn Bill torn and restored bill, repeatedRelated to 5
Daryl Martinez Camera Cards Jumbo cards which look like a camera, blank card turns into selection 10
Unknown Criss-Cross Force 11
Daryl Martinez Borrowed Bill Book Test serial number on bill is used to select word in book, prediction 14
Al Baker, Daryl Martinez Break Through magical gag in which bottom of glass is broken out and restored, additional credits at the endRelated to 18
Daryl Martinez Untouched card is on the table, spectator makes two piles, one top card for the value the other for the suitRelated toVariations 20
Daryl Martinez The Effect-Less Method after rubber ball is bounced on the floor it turns into steel 24