Written by Lu Brent

Work of Lu Brent

26 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lu Brent A Word With You 3
Lu Brent Unbelievable Coincidence Spectator and magician each think of a card and write it down, each pull out a card from the deck, turns out they find each other's card 5
Lu Brent Autographic Minds Spectator and magician each select and sign a card, lost in the deck, later manage to find each other's signed card 8
Lu Brent A Prediction Supreme Face-up card placed in face-down spread, used to count/spell to random card, which is predicted. Essentially The Trick That Cannot Be ExplainedRelated to 9
Lu Brent A Location Supreme Same as A Prediction Supreme, but as a location instead of a predictionRelated to 10
Lu Brent Peek-A-Boo! Card Location Two spectators peek at two cards, magician divines/locates them, bold magician peek 11
Lu Brent A Unique Location Inspired by
  • "Telephone Card Trick" (Al Baker, Audley Walsh)
Related to
Lu Brent Together Again Ace Assembly type of routine, uses duplicates 13
Lu Brent Card And Cigarette Card torn into four pieces, placed in handkerchief. When opened, only one corner remaining, the other three pieces are restored and found in cigarette in magician's mouth 16
Lu Brent Double Trouble Spectator and magician each select a card. Performer's card is found reversed in the deck, then jumps to pocket, and the spectator's card is now reversed in the deckVariations 18
Lu Brent Double Trouble Again Same as Double Trouble, but both cards are now in pocket as the finaleInspired by 19
Lu Brent "U-Find-It" Spectator stabs face-up card in deck behind the back, found next to the selectionRelated to 20
Lu Brent "U-Find-Our-Cards" Spectator stabs face-up card in deck behind the back, found between two selected cardsRelated to 21
Lu Brent "U-Predict-Them" Pretty much identical to "U-Find-Our-Cards", except card is stabbed between two other cards, the two cards are predictedRelated to 23
Lu Brent Sight-Unseen Magician stabs card face-up into deck, finds three selectionsRelated to 24