Written by Joseph Barry
Work of Joseph Barry
14 pages (Stapled), published by The Modus
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Joseph Barry Introduction
Joseph Barry Dream Poker draw poker, performer gets royal flush, spectator can shuffle and cut
Also published here 2
Joseph Barry Undoing Riffle Shuffle removing demo cards
Joseph Barry Thanks to Forte shuffle tracking presentation, first winning black jack then poker, card selected in the beginning is missing card for royal flush
Joseph Barry A Ruse for Magicians... "the false, real shuffle ruse"
Also published here 6
Joseph Barry Another Ruse for Magicians... spectator shuffles, card is on top or at least under control
Also published here 7
Joseph Barry A Blackjack Production production of four blackjacks (Aces and Jacks)
Also published here 8
Joseph Barry, John Benzais Spin-Out Production Benzais spin out with both hands and two cards
Also published here 8
Joseph Barry A Memory at the Card Table card chosen, deck apparently memorized, blackjack and poker hands apparently riffle stacked, rest recited and last card is selected one
Also published here 10
Joseph Barry On-the-fly Stacking culling, arranging, pile-cutting, ...
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