1980 reprint used
Written by Jerry K. Hartman
Work of Jerry K. Hartman
79 pages (Paperback), published by Tannen Magic Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
53 entries
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Jerry K. Hartman Loose Ends
Jerry K. Hartman Underforce Forcing a card using Under-Down deal from small packet of cards
Also published here 1
Jerry K. Hartman Transfer Glimpse Glimpsing bottom card while transferring deck from right to left hand
Also published here 1
Jerry K. Hartman I.S. Switch Drop Switch done in context of a card stab
Jerry K. Hartman R. S. Switch-Drop Switch Addition Extra subtlety for R. S. Switch using Drop Switch
Related to 2
Jerry K. Hartman Spread Key Glimpse Doing the R. S. Key Glimpse during a spread for a selection
Related to 3
Jerry K. Hartman Bottom Double Lift
Also published here 3
Jerry K. Hartman Cull Add-in
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 4
Jerry K. Hartman Rollover Production of single card, card rolled face up between two other packets
Inspired byAlso published here 8
Jerry K. Hartman Two for the Seer Saw Extension of the original move in case spectator stops before the break
Inspired byVariations 11
Jerry K. Hartman Moving Indicator Card stabbed in deck secretly moved between two force cards
Also published here 11
Jerry K. Hartman Rotary Force Variations on the Business Card Prophecy Move
  • 1. "Spread" version
  • 2. "Squared" version
VariationsAlso published here 13
Father Cyprian Locational Guidance Multiple cards forced using the Rotary Force
Inspired by 15
Jerry K. Hartman Thoughtamatic Simple routine using Rotary Force, predict which two cards a prediction card will be stabbed between
Inspired by 17
Jerry K. Hartman Trick Pix Quick 3 Way with color changing deck, extension of Peter Kane's trick
Inspired byAlso published here 19
Edward Marlo Quick 3-Way
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count
Jerry K. Hartman Wild Forces Packet of four cards shown to be four Kings of Hearts, then four Kings of Spades, then four Jokers, "Quick 4 way"
Jerry K. Hartman Back to Backanal four blank cards become all backs, then become four Aces
Related to 23
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Paddle Move
Jerry K. Hartman Wile Card Four Jokers change to Ten, Jack, Queen, King of Spades to form a Royal Flush with a tabled Ace of Spades
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 26
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Jerry K. Hartman Mirror Image Universal Card has mirror on face
Inspired byVariations 28
Jerry K. Hartman Lost Face Four Jokers turn blank one by one
Inspired by
  • "5 Card Polka" (Phil Goldstein, marketed)
Jerry K. Hartman Twisterious Four Queens turn face up one by one
Also published here 30
Jerry K. Hartman Top Draw-er Spectator replaces odd card in a poker hand with the correct card, forming a Royal Flush
Jerry K. Hartman Easy Reader Magician cuts to four Aces one by one, then show that Aces have odd colored backs
Inspired by
  • "My Friend The Gambler" (Father Cyprian, Lecture Notes #2)
Also published here
Jerry K. Hartman Rused Card Dealer
  • You always deal yourself the winning hand, as the spectator gets progressively better hands
  • Bottom Deal demonstration
Related to 35
Ellis Stanyon Open Stanyon Cover Pass Cutting action
Jerry K. Hartman To Spell the Truth Lie speller, inspired by Martin Gardner
Also published here 41
Jerry K. Hartman Ghost Right Blank card stabbed into deck between two cards, the names of the two cards appear written on the blank face
Also published here 43
Jerry K. Hartman Compulsive Thinker III Spectator selects only black card amongst red spot cards
Inspired by 44
Jerry K. Hartman The Foresight Saga
Also published here 44
Jerry K. Hartman Thirtween II Two prediction cards placed into the deck, total value of the two cards equal to number of cards between them, the cards between them shown to be Ace to King of Hearts
Also published here 45
Jerry K. Hartman More Order Spectator places two random cards at random positions into a stack of eleven cards, shown to be thirteen cards in order of a suit
Bill Simon Simon Card Control
Also published here 48
Jerry K. Hartman Tintuition Spectator correctly separates reds and blacks for five randomly selected cards
Inspired by 48
Jerry K. Hartman Ex-specter Writing appears on paper card, revealing two selections
Inspired byAlso published here 50
Jerry K. Hartman Crystal Clear Prediction written on face of card, card is inserted between the two predicted cards
Jerry K. Hartman Mod Quad Card selected is stabbed into deck, prediction shown to be mate, and then card is shown to be stabbed between the other two mates (describes two methods)
Inspired by 53
Jerry K. Hartman Betricks and Between Card placed between two Jokers turns blank, card placed aside previously is now the card
Inspired byAlso published here 56
Jerry K. Hartman Quick Counts
  • Quick Count I: Magician divines card at a certain position in deck
  • Quick Count II: Spectator stops the dealing on previously named card
Also published here 57
Jerry K. Hartman Two Time Doozer Joker transforms into two selections successively
Inspired byAlso published here 60
Jerry K. Hartman Flatfoot, Floozie and the Boy-Boy Hotel Mystery
Inspired byAlso published here 61
Jerry K. Hartman Bold Over Four Jokers, two change backs, two become blank
Inspired by 63
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Paddle Move
Jerry K. Hartman Trapit Transit Sandwich transpo
Related toAlso published here 64
Jerry K. Hartman Read All Over Color Changing deck
Also published here 65
Jerry K. Hartman Fixit Mixer Oil and Water
Related toAlso published here 69
Jerry K. Hartman Fast Faced Reversal
Inspired by 71
Jerry K. Hartman Second Blush Blue jokers change to red, then change back
Inspired byAlso published here 72
Paul Swinford, William Zavis, Mike Rogers Every Which Way Mini Packet Triumph (nine cards), three methods:
  • I. Paul Swinford
  • II. William Zavis
  • III. Mike Rogers
Inspired byAlso published here 75
Jerry K. Hartman, Charles Hudson Chroma Roamers packet of Diamonds and packet of Clubs, card selected from each packet and returned, selections transpose into opposite packet, improvement of reference
Inspired byVariations 79
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