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A.M. two spectators peek at a card, performer divines them, fair conditions
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Michał Kociołek Out of This Solar System spectator shuffles the deck, deals it into two piles, shuffles again, the deck is separated into red and black cards
Inspired by 6
Michał Kociołek Double Target "Hofzinser Ace Problem" meets Marlo's "Push Through Failure"
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring, Nov. 2013
Michał Kociołek Middle pseudo center deal, double-facer
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Michał Kociołek You Know Better from a shuffled deck, three spectators find the mates of their cards, apparently by intuition, "Gemini Twins" with three cards, additional handling for five cards (Royal Flush)
Inspired by
  • "Four-Sided Gemini" (John Bannon, Destination Zero, 2015)
Also published here
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