Written by Bob Farmer
Work of Bob Farmer, Various
400 pages (Hardcover), published by Magicana
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
208 entries
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Bob Farmer Acknowledgments
Bob Farmer Part One: The Ten Card Deal
  • Introduction
  • The Basic Principle
  • Jonah
  • Statistical Analysis
  • References
  • How to Read this Book
  • Origins
Bob Farmer How Belly Strippers Work
Related to 7
Dai Vernon Sure Fire Showdown
Also published here 9
Bob Farmer Poker comment on the publication in Card Control
Related to 10
Bob Farmer Baseless Speculation how the Jonah principle might have been discovered
Bob Farmer Magic Appears about the need to routine the basic Jonah principle
Bob Farmer The Phoenix 1949 reprinted with commentary
The Phoenix #168 - Ten Card Deal
  • Vernon and the Mexican Gambler
  • Presentation
  • Jonah On Top
  • Jonah On Bottom
  • Jonah Second From Top
  • Spectator Second Deals
  • Spectator Shuffles
  • Ace As Jonah On Top
  • Credits
The Phoenix #170 - Ten Card Deal P.S.
  • Martin Gardner
  • Ed Marlo
  • Bert Allerton
  • Biddle Move
Also published here 13
John Murray Take Ten applying the Jonah Card in the style of Ted Annemann, all cards put in envelopes
Also published here 17
Bob Farmer Stratagems - Which Cards to Use
  • Creations Of Science Aid Intelligent Design
Bob Farmer Getting the Cards into Play
David (Foote) Drake Getting Into The Ten Card Poker Deal starting with full deck
Also published here 24
Allan Slaight Build Down poker routine that ends with necessary ten cards
Also published here 25
Max Maven Decimix
Nicholas Johnson Meet And Greet
Stu Lewis Spectator Does a False Cut to get into Ten Card Poker Deal
Related to
  • "Jonah Card Routine" (Stu Lewis, Linking Ring, Dec. 1977)
Nick Trost 20-Card Poker Deal
Also published here
  • Subtle Card Creations Vol. 5 (2014, p. 779)
Bob Farmer False Shuffles for small packet, cut procedure
Related to 29
Bob Farmer, Steve Mayhew Bolo Jonah methods for marking the Jonah card
  • Marked Cards
  • Short and Long Cards
  • Snap Crimp (Mayhew)
Related to 30
Woody Aragón, Bob Farmer Aragon Attractor
  • Woody's Effect
  • Vernet
  • Wallet
Related to 31
Bob Farmer Forcing the Jonah collection of several methods
  • Odd/Even
  • Shuffle and Deal
  • Face-Up Or Face-Down
  • Combinations
  • Deal Equivoque
  • Bare Faced Lie
  • Australian Down Under Deal
  • Psychological Force
Allan Ackerman Odd Even
Max Maven Jonumber
Larry Becker Reverse Faro
Ken Beale The Beale Deal
  • Equivoque
  • Variation 1-3
R. Paul Wilson, Bob Farmer Con Cam Coincidencia
  • To do this as a Stud Deal
Roy Baker, Bob Farmer Pateo
Bob King Fourdoomed
Mike Daniels StayCard Principle
Bob Farmer Ten Card (Second and Bottom) Deals false deals from small packet
9-as-10 Dodge
11-as-10 Dodge
Related to 40
Peter Duffie 12-as-10 Dodge
Nick Trost Eighteen Cards
Tomas Blomberg Add-Ons
Harry G. Franke Long Card "Harry Franke, Jr."
Karl Fulves Proposition Bet
Related to 42
Bob Farmer Poker Savvy
  • Displaying The Winning Hand
  • Faking A Knowledge Of Poker
Bob Farmer Wait and Switch on "New Endings"
Steve Mayhew The Angels May Shuffle, But The Devil Still Deals
Also published here 45
Bob Farmer CADD Cut-and-Deal-Down Force, see later
Related to 46
Jeff Pierce, Ryan Schlutz Luck of the Draw blanks finale
Harold Cataquet, Bob Farmer Cheater, Cheater color changing backs finale
Stewart James Psychic Bid Spelling
Stephen Hobbs, Robert E. Neale Ten Card Wild
Related to 47
Mike Porstmann Porstmann's Paladin "Final Instructions" in envelope
Patrick Schlagel Teleological Existentialism
Peter Duffie Gambler's Forecast with prediction
Also published here 50
Max Maven Pretense with prediction
Also published here 50
Bob Farmer Equivo-Ten
Thomas Alan Waters Decideal see details below
Related to 52
Larry Becker Ten Card Poker Stand-Up with prediction
Also published here 52
Leo Boudreau Predicting The Winning Hand
Bob Farmer Presentations for the Ten Card Poker Deal
Jon Racherbaumer, Harry Anderson Jonah in Harry's Pocket
Bob Farmer One Jonah
  • Introduction
  • The Sultans Of Swindle
Harry Lorayne Ten Card Poker Deal six phases
Also published here 58
John F. Mendoza The Ten Card Poker Killer
Also published here 65
Basil Horwitz Challenge Poker Routine three phases
Also published here 69
Nicholas Johnson Cutting for the Edge
Jerry K. Hartman Tete a Tete
Inspired byAlso published here 76
Brother John Hamman Magician Versus Gambler
Also published here 83
Brother John Hamman Fan Gaffs cards with stepped fans
Steve Mayhew The 50 Card Deal playing with five spectators simultaneously
Variations 88
Bob Farmer Fished In And Chips
Inspired by 89
R. Paul Wilson Go Fisch four phases
Inspired by 90
Curtis Kam Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Inspired by 91
John Scarne Scarne's $500 Poker Deal
Related to 92
Nick Trost Twenty-Deck Poker Deal
Nick Trost, Bob Farmer Full-Deck Ten Card Poker
Inspired by 93
Bob King, Mike Porstmann Power Poker "Final Instructions" in envelope, four phases
Related to 96
Robert E. Neale Six-Card Deal
Also published here
  • "Six Card Deal" (Live, Death & Other Card Tricks, 2000)
Robert E. Neale Jonah Wild
  • Presentation For A Last Deal: Wild Deal
  • Presentation For A One-Time Deal: Still Lucky
Related to 100
James Swain Showdown
Also published here 104
Derek Dingle Strip-Out Addition Switch
Patrick G. Redford 30 Card Poker Deal three phases, no explanation
Related to
  • "30 Card Poker Deal" (Redford, Square: Four Deadly Mental Feats With Cards)
Darwin Ortiz Mexican Poker five phases, no explanation
Related to 107
Bob Farmer Two Jonahs
  • Introduction
Paul Curry Cider! two Jonahs
Also published here 109
Thomas Alan Waters Decideal with prediction, two Jonahs
Related toAlso published here 113
Philip T. Goldstein Second Hand brief
Related to 114
Karl Fulves Even Money Proposition brief outline
Related to 115
Karl Fulves Automatic Poker
Also published here 115
Nick Trost Ten Card Poker Idea
Also published here
  • "Ten-Card Poker Idea" (Subtle Card Creations Vol. 5, 2014)
Charles Nyquist Nick the Greek Poker Deal
Inspired by 117
Peter Kougasian Psych-Out Poker
Also published here 119
Lewis Jones Sweeter Cider
Inspired byAlso published here 120
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo Strong Cider
Inspired byAlso published here 122
Ernest Earick Double Damned
Also published here 123
Tom Frame Well-Appointed Stud
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "Well-Appointed Stud" (Scary Hotels, 1995)
R. Paul Wilson Progressive Poker four phases
Also published here 131
Peter Duffie Fair Game
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 136
Peter Duffie Unfair Game two double facers
Inspired by 137
Nick Trost Showdown three phases
Also published here 138
Tom Hubbard Tom Hubbard's Handling
Also published here 141
René Lavand Mahtub seven phases, with Bob Farmer comments:
  • Alternate Deal Five
  • Alternate Deal 7
Inspired byAlso published here 142
Bob Farmer Notes: Showdown/Mahtub
Related to 146
Tom Ellis The Tim Card Poker Deal
Also published here
  • marketed in 2006
Bob Farmer Rich Weeviled Brain Enigma three phases
Michael Weber Ha, No Jonah without method
Related to 154
Nick Trost Super Showdown four phases
Also published here 155
Bob Farmer Eight Jonahs intro
Nick Trost Automatic Gambler
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 161
Bob Farmer Automatic Gambler About Face
Inspired by 163
Bob Farmer The Automatic Blind Gambler using CADD Force
Inspired by 165
Bob Farmer The Automatic Gambler Magic Circle
Inspired by 166
Bob Farmer Eighteen Jonahs intro
Nick Trost Eighteen Card Poker morphing Jonah
VariationsAlso published here 169
Bruce Bernstein Psych Out four phases
Related toVariationsAlso published here 172
Nick Trost Mississippi Poker five phases
Inspired byAlso published here 183
Tony Binarelli The Cincinnati Kid Poker Game
VariationsAlso published here
  • "The Cincinnati Kid Poker Game" (Class Act, 1991)
Bob Farmer Strip Club with CADD Force, belly strippers
  • CADD
  • Power Poker
  • Bottom Dealing
  • Trap Dance I
  • Trap Dance II
Inspired byVariations 193
Jerry K. Hartman Trap Dance III
Inspired by 197
Robert E. Neale The Idiot Poker Plot
Also published here
  • "The Idiot Poker Plot" (Tricks of the Imagination, 1991)
Woody Aragón Blessed Poker
Also published here 203
Bob Farmer The CADD Force chapter intro, Cut-and-Deal-Down Force
Related to 213
Bob Farmer Russian Poker Roulette top cards of ten piles used for poker game
Also published here 213
Bob Farmer CADD Force Cut-and-Deal-Down Force, spectator cuts off a pile and deals the rest into x piles, the top cards are forced
Also published here 213
Bob Farmer Jonah You CADD
Tony Griffith How to Win at Poker
  • We Will Get Fooled Again
  • Royal Flush Variation
Also published here
  • "A Demonstration on How to Win at Poker" (Magic Circular #56, 1961)
Nick Trost Gambler's Poker Routine
Inspired byAlso published here 220
Jon Racherbaumer History historical discussion, excerpt from reference, re-deal stacking
Also published here
  • Dust-Motes in the Grid, 1999
Bob Farmer Magic Magazine chapter intro, following routine are from Bob Farmer's MAGIC column that started in 1994
Bob Farmer Done Deal I: Spectator Deals done from deck
Also published here 225
Bob Farmer Done Deal II: Spectator Deals done from deck, belly strippers
Also published here 227
Bob Farmer Done Deal III: Pairs performer is blindfolded
  • Equivoque Selecting the Hands
Also published here 227
Bob Farmer Done Deal IV: Blind Psycho performer is blindfolded
  • Selecting The Hole Cards
  • Selecting The Hands
Also published here 229
Bob Farmer Done Deal III and IV Combo
Also published here 230
Bob Farmer Done Deal V: The Scam-and-Scram Ten Card Deal
VariationsAlso published here 231
Scott Cram, R. Paul Wilson, Peter Duffie Notes On Scam And Scram
Inspired byRelated to 233
Bob Farmer Done Deal VI spectator cuts deck and deals, loses, blocks are strung together to force cut position
Also published here 233
Bill Spooner Spooner's Specialty Force blocks are strung together to force cut position
Also published here 233
Bob Farmer Done Deal VII spectator cuts and deals two hands, loses, five duplicate Ten Card Poker sets
Also published here 234
Bob Farmer Glasgow Rules, O.K.? chapter intro
Roy Walton The Twenty Card Deal
VariationsAlso published here 235
Peter Duffie Three Handed Ten Card Deals
  • Dead Beat
  • Oblivious
Variations 237
Bob Farmer No Palming, No Cry
Inspired by 238
Bob Farmer Macao Marauder
Inspired by 238
Jonas Ljung Kismet Poker five poker hands dealt, performer wins and hand is predicted
Also published here 239
David Britland The Last Game
Inspired byAlso published here 245
Peter Duffie The Zen Card Deal
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 249
Roger Crosthwaite Father Roger Crosthwaite Addition
Inspired by 252
Bob Farmer Nine Card Hold'em
  • Bobservations
  • The Real Rules
  • The Flim-Flam Rules
  • The Scam
  • First Deal: Flush
  • Second Deal: Straight
  • Third Deal
Also published here 253
Bob Farmer Ten Card Unreal intro
  • When Magicians Take A Principle Further Than It Should Go
Jeff Pierce Pabst Blue Ribbon Poker Deal playing with bottle caps instead of cards, performer wins beer
Nick Trost Special Poker Dice played with dice
Also published here
  • "Special Poker Dice" (Nick Trost, Gambling Tricks with Dice, 1975)
Dice Paddle Move
Nick Trost Spinning Nickel Poker using beveled edge coins
Also published here
  • "Spinning Nickel Poker" (Nick Trost, Expert Gambling Tricks, 1975)
Nick Trost Coin Switch
Bob Farmer Ten Bill Deal with ten bills, using their serial numbers
Robert E. Neale The Dragon and the Unicorn done with gems and a fairy tale story presentation
  • Alternate Handling
  • Bag Handling
Nick Trost Pizza Poker ten cards pasted on a round disk in a circle
Also published here
  • "Pizza Poker" (marketed, 1972)
  • "Pizza Poker" (Subtle Card Creations Vol. 4, 2013)
Stewart James Alpha Betting Ten Card Poker Deal principle with alphabet cards, performer can always spell a word before spectator
Also published here
  • "Alpha Betting" (Stewart James in Print, 1989)
Bob Farmer Part Two: Deals with Ten Cards chapter intro
  • Absolute Power Poker Deceives Absolutely
Bill Simon The Four Queens Procedure eight unknown cards, spectator picks four, all Queens are in one pile
VariationsAlso published here
  • "The Four Queens" (Bill Simon, Mathematical Card Magic, 1964)
Jon Racherbaumer Odd Yet Predictable eight cards, spectator choses four face-up, "all red cards" is predicted, but the backs are referred to
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Jonah Ploys, 2013
Bob Farmer Solomon is King section intro
David Solomon, John Bannon, Tomas Blomberg Mexican Poker
Related toVariations 278
Tomas Blomberg The Blomberg Variation
Inspired byVariations 282
R. Paul Wilson Refried Poker
Inspired byAlso published here 284
Jerry K. Hartman Mexicali Ruse
Inspired byAlso published here 288
Jon Racherbaumer, Harry Anderson Empowering Poker a Bit More
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Jonah Ploys, 2014
Lewis Jones Give Me Five
Also published here
  • Encyclopedia of Impromptu Card Forces, 2000
Ken De Courcy Your Choice
Also published here
  • "Your Choice" (Still Small, Still Deadly, Paul Hallas, 2010)
Joshua Jay 242 2.0
  • Phase One: Blackjack
  • Phase Two: 242 Poker
  • Phase Three: Three Handed Poker
Inspired byAlso published here 294
Alex Elmsley Power Poker
Also published here 302
Bob Farmer Vaya Con Dios Con
Inspired byAlso published here 303
Nick Trost Double Power Poker
  • Phase One: Power Poker
  • Phase Two: Cider
Inspired byAlso published here 305
Peter Duffie Free Will eight cards, spectator chooses four, performer is left with Aces
Inspired byAlso published here 307
Jerry K. Hartman Poker Stud
Inspired byAlso published here 308
Colm Mulcahy Poker with Any Ten Cards using random cards
Related to
  • Mathematical Card Magic, 2013, p. 74
Bob Farmer, Peter Winkler Winkler Poker chapter intro, Position Parity Principle
Related to 313
Jon Racherbaumer No-Jonah Poker parity
VariationsAlso published here 314
Jack Parker Ouroboros parity
Inspired byAlso published here 316
Jon Racherbaumer (Losing) End Poker cards taken alternately from both ends of a tabled row of cards, parity
VariationsAlso published here
  • Jonah Ploys, Jon Racherbaumer, 2013
Bob Farmer End Game way to get into it
Inspired by 320
Brad Henderson Bottom Feeder
Inspired by 320
Bob Farmer Bottom Line CADD Force, Winkler Principle
  • Wired Deck (with five Royal Flushes in Spades)
Bob Farmer Heads or Tails Hoodoo with any ten cards, face-up and face-down row
Bob Farmer Part Three: Blackjack Deals chapter intro
  • Eight Card Black Jack
Bob Farmer Blind Man's Blackjack with eight cards
Bob Farmer The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Card Blackjack routine with eight cards and Jonah card
Also published here 329
Bob Farmer Blind Man's Blackjack Showdown with eight cards
  • No Gaff Version
Bob Farmer Power Blind Man's Blackjack from top of deck
Inspired by 332
Bob Farmer Absolute Power Blind Man's Blackjack with eight cards
  • Blackjack Finale
  • Poker Phase
  • Dice Phase
Bob Farmer, Harold Cataquet Table Stakes tables about possible combinations and outcomes
  • Ten Cards
  • Choosing the Cards
  • Ten Card Deal Segue
Bob Farmer Blackjack Bonuses chapter intro
Bob Farmer Face-Up Blackjack
VariationsAlso published here 347
Bob Farmer Blackjack Attack
  • Ordinary Deck Version
Inspired byAlso published here 351
Max Maven Blackjack of all Trades five methods
Roy Walton Grid and Bear It
Variations 356
Harold Cataquet Grid and Bear It II
Inspired by 357
Harold Cataquet World's Greatest Blackjack Stack
Bob Farmer Part Four: Switches chapter intro
  • Wait and Switch
  • Phasers on Stun
  • Time and Reality Correction Theory
Jerry K. Hartman The Hip Hop switching poker hand after deal
Also published here 365
Jack Merlin The Hop Off the Bottom switching poker hand after deal
Also published here 366
John F. Mendoza The Louisiana Switch tabled
Also published here 368
Theodore Annemann The Jinx Switch
The Bebop Hop
Inspired by 371
The Hop Drop
Inspired by 373
Bob Farmer Credits, History and Comments on the switches just described
Eddie Fay Eddie's Hop
Also published here 375
Bob Farmer Part Five: References
  • Ten Card Deal References
Bob Farmer In Conclusion
Bob Farmer Dealer Demo Easter Egg routine suggestion
Bob Farmer Pharaohs & Magicians introduction to extra sheet
Mike Porstmann Porstmann's Paladin on extra sheet, stage version, four phases
Also published here 401
Michał Kociołek Mike Card Deal on extra sheet, idea with reverse Jonah card
Related toAlso published here 402
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