Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

62 pages (Spiralbound), published by The Gutenberg Press
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Simplex Cop lapping from riffle shuffleRelated to 36
Karl Fulves Cop From The Shuffle chapter intro 36
Karl Fulves "X" Card To Wallet card with X on back is put in wallet in beginning, turns out to be signed card later 38
Karl Fulves Imp Cop card lapped from riffle shuffle or put in a position where it is held at a corner at the table edgeVariations 40
Karl Fulves Gravity Cop lapping during riffle shuffle 43
Karl Fulves Propelled Cop lapping during riffle shuffle 43
Karl Fulves Tabled Tilt 44
Karl Fulves Tabled Deck Controls chapter intro 44
Karl Fulves Challenge Ace Cutting spectator shuffles cards 46
Karl Fulves Tabled Half Pass 47
Karl Fulves Variation Of The Move variation on the Tabled Half Pass 48
Karl Fulves Reverse Triumph Related to 48
Karl Fulves Single Card Control blocking off, mention of culling more cards with one shuffleRelated to 50
Karl Fulves Automatic Rear Jog 52
Karl Fulves Notes On The Handling - 4. key card placement from riffle shuffle cull 53
Karl Fulves Notes On The Handling - 5. cutting to random named cards 53
Karl Fulves Notes On The Handling - 5. 53
Karl Fulves Block Loading applied to: reversed card in center is transfered to 8. position 54
Karl Fulves Multiple Control single cut 55
Karl Fulves The Controlled Insertion tabled, resutling in a jogged position 59
Karl Fulves The Fake Insertion chapter intro 59
Karl Fulves The Fake Insertion card is apparently inserted in tabled deck but lapped or held against table edge 60
Karl Fulves Side Center Transfer transfering side jogged cards during riffle shuffle 64
Karl Fulves Signed Card To Envelope no palming, making use of card shelf 66
Karl Fulves Marked Miracle naming chosen card without looking at cards 68
Karl Fulves Opposite Conjunction two decks, using "basic riffle shuffle stack" (NPO variant)
- Second Method - Reverse Zarrow
Karl Fulves Reverse Strippers openly using stripper deck in off-beat way to fool magicians 72
Karl Fulves Jumping Joker repeat transposition of Joker with named card, stripper deck 73
Karl Fulves Double Push Thru with two cards 76
Karl Fulves Routines chapter intro 76
Karl Fulves Jack Trap as a sandwich effect 78
Karl Fulves The Automatic Key real shuffle, about half is cut off, magician knows number of cards ("self-correcting set-up") 79
Karl Fulves Push Thru Trap pushing three Aces through deck at different positions which collect two selections 80
Karl Fulves Notes On Shuffle Effects 81
Karl Fulves Tunnel Effect one half is pushed through the other, then all cards of one color turn over except chosen card 82
Karl Fulves No-Crimp Ace Cutting setting four side jogsRelated to 84
Karl Fulves Signature Card 85
Karl Fulves The Unit Cull using "basic riffle shuffle stack" (NPO variant), culling card while looking for its mate 85
Karl Fulves The Direct Cop tabled, from center, kind of flat palm 86
Karl Fulves Direct Cop - Second Method tabled, from center, kind of longitudinal laterl palm 88
Karl Fulves Maximum Blue cards change back and front while pushed through each other (also perpendicular), posed as a problem 91
Derek Dingle Roll-Over Aces Variations 92