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John Hostler Introduction
John Hostler Bertha ends clean with half-deck switch
John Hostler $13 Card to Wallet sandwich effect with selection, then whole deck is sandwiched behind back (gag), selection in wallet, travels in wallet again with wallet on the table
Related to 12
John Hostler Center Sandwich Load sandwich cards "biddled" into the center
John Hostler The Speakeasy Poker Deal card removed by spectator and put in Himber wallet, a suit named, Royal Flush in suit dealt in heads-up game, two cards drawn from two other hands match with each other and removed card
John Hostler Clarion Cull above-the-spread cull while taking out cards
John Hostler ImagineInk word written on business card is divined, card becomes blank and pen does not write afterwards, magnet steal of card
John Hostler The Bespectacled Possum Illusion
John Hostler Estimated Prophet impromptu
John Hostler Five Card Mental Leap one of five cards thought-of, performer wants to remove mate from deck, but it is the actual selection now missing from the packet, mate comes from pocket
Also published here 36
John Hostler The Tip-Over Switch
Also published here 38
The Drop stealing bottom card of packet back onto deck as it is squared above deck
Thumb-Off Switch outjogged card is pushed in with left first finger and thumbed off, one-handed
Edward Marlo Card from Pocket at edge of jacket
John Hostler The Ratchet Cut straight cut, deck turned over during cut
John Hostler The Rauschenberg Effect ambitious card, then Triumph and all cards become blank except selection
John Hostler Dim Mak (Pressure Point 2.0) ambitious card, then thumb and first finger melt through pack until they can grab out selection, leaving a cut-out in whole rest of deck
Inspired by 52
John Hostler The Triskadequadra Principle related to Gilbreath, allows knowledge about consecutive groups of four cards after a riffle shuffle if the deck starts out in four-card-groups of the same order
Related to 58
John Hostler, Norman Gilbreath Godfather Gilbreath discussion of Gilbreath Principle
John Hostler Bar Bits Triskadequadra Application #1
as bet about the suits
  • Swindle #1
  • Swindle #2
John Hostler Rogue Heart Triskadequadra Application #2
spectator selects card that completes a poker hand, duplicates
John Hostler The TDQ Deck Triskadequadra Application #3
1-0-1 alternative for Koran type force after a riffle shuffle
Colm Mulcahy Flushed with Embarrassment Triskadequadra Application #4
seven poker hands dealt, five people pass their best card to a beginner and worst card to the spectator, beginner ends up with four Aces and a King, performer with straight flush
Also published here
  • Mathematical Card Magic, 2013
John Hostler A Riddle at Intermission: Sanada Meets Elmsley business card with word written by spectator palmed into wallet and glimpsed, using card with photo of inside of hand
John Hostler The Klutzy Mentalist deck sprung on floor, perhaps accidentally, spectator thinks of a face-up card and this can be divined
John Hostler Royally Wild Joker changes into mates of three cut-to cards, then Joker splits into two cards to complete Royal Flush with the three cards
Inspired by 78
John Hostler VR Pulloff apparently top card is drawn off into left hand from end grip, bottom card(s) taken instead
Related to 79
The Alton Split
John Hostler New Speedway Boogie with backfire, one duplicate
Paul Harris Squiggle Flourish repositioning of four-card packet
John Hostler, Bob Stencel Reltsoh Blatancy Olram Subtlety variation
John Hostler Tell Monte (Rescripted) five objects on table, ESP cards put in front and things moved around according to instructions, final item divined and predicted
  • Impromptu Variation
Inspired by 89
John Hostler Switch behind Notepad
John Hostler Cued Redux broken and restored toothpick
Inspired byRelated to 107
John Hostler Noeyeon Protocol
  • Noeyeon Prediction (Ungimmicked)
  • Neo Noeyeon (Gimmicked)
card pocketed by performer, spectator deals down and stops, mate of pocketed card (ungimmicked) or odd-backed duplicate (gimmicked)
John Hostler Alligator ten red and ten black cards shuffled, pairs dealt according to rules, outcome predicted and added value of chosen pair divined
Inspired by 116
John Hostler Convoid flap in middle of bill is opened and closed again
Related to 123
John Hostler Visions of Saragossa Poker Deal four cards cut to in four piles, deck shuffled face-up/face-down, poker hand dealt, all cards face-up except performer's card with the selections
Also published here 128
John Hostler Packet Displacement moving a packet to the other side
John Hostler Cryptical Envelopment card thought-of from fan is divined, then is shown to be missing from deck and inside tabled envelope
Related to 134
John Hostler Slipknot Deck to make a thought-of card vanish
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