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72 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
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Edwin Hooper Publisher's Foreword 4
Louis Nikola The Nikola Card System 7
Louis Nikola Argument - History of memorized/stacked decks in magic
- Basic description of some features of the Nikola system
Louis Nikola Curriculum Detailed mnemonic system to help memorize the Nikola Stack, plus some basic analysis of the arrangement:
Related to 13
Louis Nikola "Stop" Riffle, say stop anytime, magician can tell how many cards are riffled offAlso published here 22
Louis Nikola Cards By Weight Can tell number of cards in the packet by its weightAlso published here 23
Louis Nikola Weighing Chosen Cards Can divine chosen card by weighing its pipsAlso published here 23
Louis Nikola The Sense of Touch Divine chosen card by touch aloneAlso published here 24
Louis Nikola Human Magnetism Rising Card, make chosen card rise out of deck 25
Louis Nikola Locating Card chosen and lost, magician divines card and position in deck after shuffles and cutsAlso published here 27
Louis Nikola Spelling Spell to three different cards consecutively (named by magician)Also published here 29
Louis Nikola To Spell Any Card Called For Also published here 30
Louis Nikola Thought Anticipated Any Card at Any NumberAlso published here 31
Louis Nikola Unconscious Thought Transmission Random card chosen and sealed in envelope. Audience members name suit and value to form a card, which matches the card in the envelopeAlso published here 34
Louis Nikola Wizard's Whist Four spectators each given four cards, each think of one card out of the four. Deck reshuffled and dealt into four bridge hands, magician can divine the selectionsRelated toAlso published here 36
Louis Nikola All Trumps Produce all thirteen hearts for a perfect Bridge hand, linked to Wizard's WhistRelated toAlso published here 38
Louis Nikola To Name The Pack In Order, Without Looking At It, Either From The Bottom or From The Top Deck shuffled halfway through 39
Louis Nikola The Spelling Bee Ace to King spelled out from the top (Jack miscalled as King)Related to 39
Louis Nikola The Game of Poker Everyone gets good hands, you get Royal Flush in HeartsRelated to 39
Louis Nikola The Game of "NAP" Related to 39
Louis Nikola To Name The Position Of Any Card Called For 39
Louis Nikola To Name The Card Occupying Any Given Position 39
Louis Nikola To Pick Out Any Card Called For Behind The Back Also published here 41
Louis Nikola To Pick Out A Card Chosen And Replaced 41
Louis Nikola To Produce Cards Called For From the Pocket Also published here 41
Louis Nikola To Name The Bottom Cards Of A Number Of Heaps By Looking At The Top Cards 43
Louis Nikola A Subtle Game Cards in four spectator's hands are slowly eliminated until only their selection remans in their handsRelated toAlso published here 44
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle 46
Unknown The Overhand Shuffle Teaches real and two false versions 47
Unknown Riffling False riffle shuffle, in the hands and on the table 49
Louis Nikola Forcing Anecdotes and comments on forcing cards 51
Unknown Forcing By Numbers Spectator names any number, magician counts down to that number, card at that number is the forced card 52
Unknown To Exchange Packs Methods to switch decks
- Card clip
- Done in context of a trick, behind the back
Louis Nikola The Telepathogram Magician divines thought of card, and writing appears on paper that divines position of card in the deck 54
Louis Nikola The Flight Card to Impossible Location At Any Number: Card vanishes from inside an envelope to be found in a deck sealed also in another envelope, at a location named by the spectator 62