50 pages (Paperback), published by Jörg Alexander ZauberKunst
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Jörg Alexander Weber At the Crossing story about how a scientist met fantasy
Jörg Alexander Weber Coin and Paper complete vanish of coin from paper fold
Also published here 7
Jörg Alexander Weber The Euro Effect bills multiply, partially in the hands of the spectators
Also published here 12
Fred Kaps, Jörg Alexander Weber Palming bills palming bills from packet of bills, z-fold
Fred Kaps, Jörg Alexander Weber Adding palmed bills to packet of bills, z-fold
Michael Skinner, Francis Carlyle False counting the bills
Also published here 15
Jörg Alexander Weber Miracle Thread thread marked with sticker
Inspired byAlso published here 23
Jörg Alexander Weber Ring and Giftbox ring & string routine with borrowed finger ring, then ring vanishes and travels into nest of boxes
Also published here 27
Earl Nelson Earl's Ring Move
Fred Kaps Kaps Knot finesse
Mark Leveridge The "Squeeze" Ring Off Cord
Related to
  • "The Ring and String Routine" (Mark Leveridge, Master Routine Series No. 6, 1991)
Emile Clifton Clifton's Ring Move
Jörg Alexander Weber Past, Present, and Future prediction of three selected Tarot cards, representing past, present and future
Also published here 38
Double-Deal Force
Jörg Alexander Weber Epilog
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