Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

93 pages (Spiralbound), published by Max Abrams
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction 109
Dr. Jacob Daley, Jack Avis Notes on Dr. Daley's Strip Out Shuffle culling of cards at known position, short ace cutting sequence with riffle shuffle placement, all very brief 112
Karl Fulves Controlled Shuffles chapter intro 112
Karl Fulves, Dr. Jacob Daley Strip Shuffle Notes three cards on a Three, five cards on a Five, all on top of deck 113
Karl Fulves Daley's Stacked Deck Problem removing card from a stack without disturbing the rest 114
Martin Gardner, Dr. Jacob Daley The Daley Red/Black Shuffle also as a get ready cut for Zarrow Shuffle 116
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves on Red/Black Shuffles in general and Daley's method, setting up for ABAB Shuffle with Zarrow 117
Dr. Jacob Daley The Riffle Shuffle Trap card placed between red aces changes into card later chosen, two riffle shuffles 117
Conrad C. Bush, M. J. Oeink M.J. Oeink's False Shuffle no cover cards 118
Dai Vernon Diamond Mental ace - queen of diamonds is thought of and revealed, multiple out 122
Jack Avis Place-Name-26 place and obtain the name of the twenty-sixth card, faro shuffle 124
Jack Avis Three Zarrow Techniques - 1st Z-Technique
- 2nd Z-Technique
- 3rd Z-Technique
Karl Fulves The Z-Transposition exchanging two cards with 1 Zarrow shuffle without disturbing the rest 125
Karl Fulves Block Transfer Note as a sandwich effect 126
Karl Fulves Push Thru Problem transformation as card(s) is pushed through deck, posed as a problem 127
Karl Fulves Run Up Systems chapter intro 128
John Nevil Maskelyne Putting Up System from "Sharps & Flats" (1895) 129
T. Nelson Downs Another Poker Trick Inspired by 130
Charles T. Jordan Impromptu Card Reader from the bottomRelated to 130
Karl Fulves, William P. Miesel Notes by Karl Fulves riffle stacking from the bottom 130
Jack Merlin The Riffle Stack from "And A Pack of Cards" (1928)Related to 131
Purvis W. Miller Setting Up Poker Hands stacking two handsRelated to 132
Lin Searles Las Vegas Shuffles - The Stock Shuffle from "Ibidem #21" (1960), from the bottom 132
Lin Searles Las Vegas Shuffles - The Cull Shuffle from the bottom, positions known 135
Lin Searles The Cull-Stock Shuffle positions known, from bottom 137
Jack Avis, Dr. James William Elliott On Dr. Elliott's Run-Ups Also published here 139
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves on Dr. Elliott's Run-Up System 141
Dr. James William Elliott Running Up or Stacking Combinations copied from "Elliott's Legacy to the Conjuring Fraternity" 142
Karl Fulves Run Up Problem stacking outjogged cards, posed as a problem 146
Harry Green One Shuffle Stacking - Pre-Established Breaks
- Riffle Breaks
Variations 147
Roy Walton The Double Ended Run Up stacking on top and bottom simultaneously 149
Karl Fulves More Shuffle Problems - Previous Erdnase
- Dollar Deal
- Haunted Transfer
- Markers
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Systems chapter intro 151
Jim Wheeler Erdnase Outdone no jogs or crimpsVariations 152
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves Notes on Jim Wheeler's Erdnase Outdone described before 157
Jack Avis, Bill Reid, Alex Elmsley The Casual False Shuffle jogged packets 158
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves on The Casual False Shuffle described before 159
Karl Fulves, Dan E. Mayers Notes on a Classic on Mayers' Overhand Cull-Stack System 160
Dan E. Mayers The Mayers Cull Stock System some notes on the system 162
Roy Walton Analysis of the Cull Stock System of Mayers Cull-Stock System described before 163
Karl Fulves Block Transfer Shuffles chapter intro, definition and information 166
Karl Fulves Holding Back basics 168
Karl Fulves Blocking Off 169
Karl Fulves Simplex Transfer basic block transfer 170
Karl Fulves Jacks Exchange red jacks sandwich black jacks, situation reversed, block transfer 172
Karl Fulves Flourish Transfer bottom to top block transfer 173
Karl Fulves Cut Substitute block transfer in the initial cutting action 175
Karl Fulves Triumph Transfer variation of Vernon's Triumph Shuffle with block transfer 176
Karl Fulves The Larger Block Triumph Shuffle block transfer with multiple cards 177
Karl Fulves Bottom Transfer Triumph Shuffle as a bottom block transfer 178
Karl Fulves Combination Transfer Triumph Shuffle as top and bottom transfer at once 179
Karl Fulves Utility Transfer block transfer 180
Karl Fulves Subway Transfer block transfer combined with the loading of a card in the block 182
Karl Fulves Separating the Colors red/black alternating aces on top, two shuffles, separated; using block transfer 183
Karl Fulves The 3 Jacks Deal stacking demo, partially pseudo 183
Karl Fulves Jacks with a Finish "3 Jack Deal" with aces climax 185
Karl Fulves Sharper's Demo ace is lost and controlled again, block transfer 186
Karl Fulves Advanced Course in Cheating center card of four poker hands is an ace, they are shuffled together using block transfers 187
Karl Fulves Three-Shuffle Cull in center of four poker hands are aces, are shuffled together in center of deck, block transfers 189
Karl Fulves The Restacking Problem chapter introRelated to 191
Karl Fulves The Restacking Problem players leave or arrive after deck is already stacked, several solutions:
- 4 Hands to 3
- 5 Hands to 4
- 5 Hands to 3
- 3 Hands to 5
- Mind Games (including finding some thought of cards (blindfold poker deal))
Related to 192
Karl Fulves Self Stack restacking problem with dealing sequences
- 2 Hands to 3
- 3 Hands to 4
Karl Fulves A Cull Stock Shuffle applying Restacking Problem to cull stock shuffling 200
Karl Fulves 4 to 3 in 2 Restacking Problem Routine 201