496 issues
Written by Bascom Jones
Work of Various
2,482 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
2,250 entries
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Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
Guy Thompson Dexter the Dexterous using Bill Nord's "Skull-ocation" and a story about Gulliver's Travels, card is located with miniature skull
1 1970 1
Clark Wirthlin Snap card jumps from deck encircled with a rubber band, cut and twist
1 1970 2
Takashima Challenge Change deck encircled with two big rubber bands, face card changes to selection and vanishes again, gaff with fake rubber band parts
1 1970 3
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
1 1970 4
Frederick M. Shields Stagemanship
  • Mystify and Entertain
  • Stay in Character
  • Know your Audience
  • Rehearse & Try it Out
  • A Word about Timing
  • End with Talent
1 1970 5
Charlie Miller The Delicate Touch of Charlie Miller signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox, using the DeLand fake
Related toVariationsAlso published here 2 1970 7
T. Page Wright Super Detection single card location
2 1970 8
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Dark Side of the Room living and dead test, one piece of paper, handling for Center Tear, apparently in the dark
Variations 2 1970 9
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on a palmistry gag by Roy Johnson
2 1970 10
Frederick M. Shields Split the Aces Aces cut in half, put down alternating and they match
Related toVariations 3 1970 11
Jim Brimble ESP - Stop! forcing an ESP card, rubber band around cards
3 1970 12
Jack Kent Tillar 7621 prediction is sum of three chosen years
3 1970 13
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
3 1970 14
Frederick M. Shields Astro-Sphere / The Perfect Circle instead of Living and Dead Test zodiac divination
Inspired by 3 1970 14
Bascom Jones Add Aces all halves are face down
Inspired by 3 1970 14
Bascom Jones Publicity for Magicians - Part 1
  • Define your Objective
  • Identify Audience & Message
  • Use the Right Tools
  • Newspapers are Fine, but...
3 1970 15
Bascom Jones Warlock four books, named number to select chapter and word
4 1970 17
T. Page Wright Spell Down spelling of a card, spelled value includes other three cards with same value and spelled suit only cards with same suit
4 1970 18
Kirk Stiles Walla Walla cent travels to other coins into spectator's hand
4 1970 19
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on an 'out' for a book test
4 1970 20
Jack Kent Tillar The Third Eye signed bill
5 1970 21
Frederick M. Shields Cagliostro's Sword card sword with business cards
5 1970 22
Sid Fleischman The Mind Boggler spelling and named number, glide
5 1970 23
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Fred Shields, Bernard Rind's ideas on "Split the Aces", Charlie Miller, Marvyn Roy
5 1970 24
Bascom Jones Publicity for Magicians - Part 2
  • Nothing Sacred or Mysterious
  • The Publicity Release
  • How to Prepare it
  • Additional Tips
  • The Promotion Kit
  • Picture Publicity
  • Put it all Together
5 1970 25
Stephen A. Sparks Cosmic Computer three cards are selected and its values completed to a total of ten, card at sum of three cards is revealed
6 1970 27
John Dowdell Sprite in a Wet Water Glass message appears on paper, in water
6 1970 28
North Bigbee Magick Aces using a brand new deck
6 1970 29
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Gunther, Kirk Stiles, Sid Fleischman
6 1970 30
Bascom Jones The Ultimate Telephone Test revelation recorded
6 1970 30
Guy Thompson The Mississippi Switch pile on table, cards to be exchanged dropped next to the pile and deck placed on first pile, in context of a poker story
7 1970 31
Jerry Mentzer Center-Steal 'Steal' double sided tape on pad
Related to 7 1970 32
Lady Valerie, Gene Nielsen Star Mate with zodiac cards, matching, locking-flap Card Box
7 1970 33
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Leslie Guest
7 1970 34
Jack Kent Tillar The Magic of Music ... and Vice Versa
  • Same Elements as TV Shows
  • Special Effects
  • On-Site Preparation
  • Tape vs. Records
7 1970 35
James A. Conley Madam Fifi's Haunted House writing appears on signed paper, feather moves inside toy house
8 1970 37
Alex Redans The Psychic Spectator matching effect, torn paper with numbers
Related to 8 1970 38
Blake Edward Maxam Jumbo Vanish coin vanish under Jumbo card, lapping technique
8 1970 39
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bill Larsen handling of the Nail Writer
8 1970 40
Sid Fleischman, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Call Me Anytime long-distance call, force
8 1970 40
Marvyn Roy One-Man Seance glass moves, ABC cards, candle blows out and table moves
9 1970 41
Sid Fleischman One-Way Deck Revisited chalk mark on side, fan turnover
9 1970 42
Aldini, Tan Hock Chuan Singapore Silks impromptu version of Chuan's "Silk through the Glass"
Inspired by 9 1970 43
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Milt Larsen's "It's Magic!", Milbourne Christopher, Magic Christian
9 1970 44
Frederick M. Shields Music for Magic
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Don't be too Clever
  • The Music Should Belong
  • Exceptions to every Rule
  • Music from A to Z
  • A Tip on How to Start
  • Get it on Tape
  • Not Easy to Do
  • How Does it Sound?
9 1970 45
Bascom Jones The Tell-Tale Tarot prediction with character reading, tarot cards
10 1970 47
Charlie Miller Cigarette Pack Magic cigarette floats from pack
Variations 10 1970 48
North Bigbee Instant Brain-Wave entire deck, one gaffed card
10 1970 49
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on J. B. Rhine
10 1970 50
Gene Nielsen Resonance! two decks, same cards are selected from two spectators
11 1970 51
Dick Zimmerman Svengali Dribble Force
11 1970 52
T. Page Wright The Ring of Abaddon ring on silk changes color
11 1970 52
Dr. E. Raymond Carlyle After Glow banded slates, message appears
11 1970 53
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
11 1970 54
Charlie Miller Miller Revisited signed paper napkin transposes with matches in matchbox
Related to 11 1970 54
Milt Larsen Comedy Magic is Serious Business
  • Bomb Out
  • Has to be Unified
  • Ability Comes from Within
  • Experience Necessary
  • What makes People Laugh?
  • How to Approach Comedy Magic
  • Open, Middle, Close
  • Get Audience Reaction
  • Discipline and Immediate Yardstick
11 1970 55
Frederick M. Shields The Bills of Laredo
12 1970 57
Steve Dixon Bomb-Burst Revelation ballon is burst, confetti and silk with reproduction of card appear
12 1970 58
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Ghost Ring under handkerchief, duplicate
12 1970 59
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Marvyn Roy, Stewart Judah
12 1970 60
Guy Thompson The Posse Comitatus western story, selection ends up with a hole, using a cap pistol
13 1971 61
Dr. Richard Strausberg The Legacy of Samuel Butler cards with several humorous New Year's resolutions, several spectators chose one on their card, psychometry and comedy character reading
13 1971 62
Sid Fleischman Comedy Hindu Vase rope & vase, bottle covered in paper, with spectator as Do as I Do
Related to 13 1971 63
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
13 1971 64
Harold R. Mulligan What to Do About Pre-Performance Jitters
  • Stage or Mike Fright
  • Mastering Your Fear
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Audience-Related Fears
  • An Audience is Simply Individuals
  • What an Audience Wants
  • Summary
13 1971 65
Stewart Judah Unpublished Wild Card Routine described by John Braun
14 1971 67
Marvyn Roy Spook Light small flash light is dropped in a bottle, starts to move
14 1971 68
Lloyd E. Jones Eggs-Actly! longer routine with eggs for children, egg bag, cake-in-the-pocket
14 1971 69
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
14 1971 70
Sid Lorraine Out of Sight... Out of Mind! revelation of multiple cards, phone number as memory aid
15 1971 71
John Cornelius Stabba-Dabba-Doo face up card is stabbed in deck, next to selection, duplicate
15 1971 72
Jerry Mentzer Mystic Amulet of Isis bracelet through ribbon under handkerchief, duplicate
15 1971 73
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
15 1971 74
Frederick M. Shields Mind Warp mini stack, probability divination
15 1971 74
John Bowery, Maureen Bowery How and When to Use a Microphone
  • Master of the Situation
  • Microphone Comedians
  • Watch the Professionals
  • Seven Tips on Proper Use
  • Microphone "Squeal"
  • Some Information on Types
  • "Special-Purpose" Microphones
15 1971 75
Walter B. Gibson Ashes of the Phoenix burnt and restored paper
16 1971 77
Dick Jarrow Knot-So as Richard Jarrow, knot around tube dissolves
Variations 16 1971 78
North Bigbee Magickut! making use of a new deck
16 1971 79
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Cavalcade of Magic, Verne Langdon
16 1971 80
Gerald Kosky To Believe in the Unbelievable peeked card ends up in performer's pocket, then spectator plays part of magician and performer's card ends up in spectator's pocket
17 1971 81
Tom Redmond The 'Name' of the Game business card levitates to other hand
Inspired by 17 1971 82
Gene Nielsen Coffee to Go filled coffee cup through table under napkin
17 1971 83
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Cavalcade of Magic, Dick Zimmerman, Jay Marshall
17 1971 84
Verne Langdon Tarbell Never Told you About Makeup
  • The Right Amount
  • Highlights and Shadows
  • Just a Little Blush
  • And Speaking of Looking Natural
  • Hair
  • Special Problems
  • If you Have a Bad Skin Condition
  • Cream Cheese and Makeup
  • So there you Have it
17 1971 85
Frederick M. Shields The Spirit of the Thing rapping glove / hand on table to answer questions
18 1971 87
Thomas "Zampini" McKee Pentro-Rama coin and three playing cards, coin penetrates card on hand
18 1971 88
Joseph K. Schmidt Educated Fingers one-handed cut and production of selection
Related to
  • Jerry Andrus "Educated Thumb"
18 1971 89
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Sid Fleischman, Fred Kolb
18 1971 90
Glenn Falkenstein Mission Impossible five colored jumbo cards, one with an X, tape recorder presentation
19 1971 91
Marvyn Roy Pieces of Eight coins vanish, turn into silks in a bowl and more coins are produced from silks
19 1971 92
Jerry L. Christensen "Mind Mirror" Resilvered
Inspired by 19 1971 93
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jules Lenier, Charlie Miller, Sandy Singer, Falkenstein
19 1971 94
Sid Fleischman The Patter Hangup
  • The Art of Silence
  • Opening Remarks
  • The Segue
  • Who are you?
  • A Cautionary Word about Words
  • How to use Patter Books
  • Gags can be Treacherous
  • Patter by the Yard - or the Inch?
  • Try it Out in Boston
  • Patter in Disguise
19 1971 95
Al Portwood Thought Picture ghost photo à la Ted Serious, index of selection appears, fake camera
20 1971 97
Stewart Judah Sneaky Card Stab described by John Brown, wrapped in paper and stabbed by spectator, using a Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper / Nu-Idea forcing deck
20 1971 98
Tom Fitzgerald "I Like Ike!" - Stamp Trick stamp enlarges
20 1971 99
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the market for magic, Marvyn Roy, Al Koran
20 1971 100
Fredric Kolb Club Show Headline Prediction prediction mailed in advance, two envelopes
21 1971 101
Gene Nielsen Mind Blower pill in capsule floats up
21 1971 102
Gaylord E. Hill The Touch of White Magic! picture of selection appears on one of four blank cards
21 1971 103
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
21 1971 104
Jules Lenier Close-Up Theater
  • You're On!
  • Establish the Character
  • The Table as a Mini-Stage
  • Watch the Professionals
  • Challenge ... or Entertainment?
  • Structuring your Routine
  • Naturalness is the Key
  • How to Close
21 1971 105
Clark Wirthlin Signed, Sealed, & Delivered with one missing piece, put in plastic bag and envelope, plastic bag is vacuum packed, with toy iron
22 1971 107
Bob Ellis Ghost Writer as Robert Ellis, history of the Out to Lunch, name of card appears on paper
22 1971 108
Sid Lorraine The Tubey Knot different knot, with tube
Inspired by 22 1971 109
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word poll of favorite effects and articles
22 1971 110
Bruce Cervon Outer Limits! one of five unseen cards is signed on the back by performer, cards are turned over and spectator selects same card
23 1971 111
Bruce Cervon From Out of Nowhere performer with gloves, silk appears and vanishes, then gloves change to flowers
23 1971 112
Bruce Cervon Zauberkunste Triumph! based on a Hofzinser trick, amount of chosen card is divined by finding the four cards with the same value, re-deal force
23 1971 113
Dribble Force
23 1971 113
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bruce Cervon
23 1971 114
Sandy Singer Tricks of the Trade-Show Trouper
  • What It's Like
  • Sell! Sell! Sell!
  • Turn your Knowledge into Cash
  • Learn Marketing Psychology
  • Know the Product
  • Some of the Work is Done for You
  • Booking your Act
  • Visual Material Helps
  • It's the Name of the Game
23 1971 115
Jerry Mentzer Lie Detector miniature cards in box, hole in box
24 1971 117
North Bigbee, Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks' Secret reading on stage, collecting information before the show, hot reading
24 1971 118
Dick Jarrow DeeJay Knot
Related to 24 1971 119
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bill Larsen
24 1971 120
Walter B. Gibson Three Card Mental Repeat three cards in pocket, two removed and bringing mentally selected card out at last, repeated
Related to 25 1971 121
Randy Atha 'Professor's (Second) Nightmare' three different sized ropes end up to be the same size and examinable
25 1971 122
David Kaput TimeCapsule ESP prediction, prediction in two part container
25 1971 123
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on promotion material
25 1971 124
Verne Langdon Build a Better Character - or Else! on character makeup
25 1971 125
Jules Lenier Instant Fortune-Teller cold reading and answering one question, using cards
26 1971 127
Steve Spillman 39c Routine chop cup with Oriental ceramic cup
26 1971 128
Alex Redans Psychic Touch touched object is divined, also with which hand object was touched
26 1971 129
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
26 1971 130
William Patterson Legacy of Pi Sheng borrowed book, with cards to determine page
27 1971 131
Gaylord E. Hill Fastest Card in the West card apparently in center + air-pressure turnover
27 1971 132
Sid Fleischman Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Related to 27 1971 133
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Fred Kolb, David Roth, Robert F. Schwarz
27 1971 134
Kathy Lenier You Can Book your Own Act
  • Take Stock of Yourself - Honestly
  • Full Time - or Extra Income?
  • The Basics
  • Opportunities Everywhere
  • But be Professional
  • Don't Overlook the Obvious
  • Visit your Local Chamber
  • Experiment with your Letters
  • Follow these Five Rules
27 1971 135
Walter B. Gibson Triple Mental Repeat three cards in pocket, two removed and bringing mentally selected card out at last, repeated, duplicates
Related to 28 1971 137
Gene Nielsen Challenge Prediction subtleties for the Billet Pencil and locked-box
Inspired by 28 1971 138
Bunny Quik Rope Twick small and long rope in each hand, small one grows and long one shrinks
28 1971 139
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the trend of mentalism
28 1971 140
Bascom Jones The Book of the Damned three phase routine with twelve zodiac cards, spectator select cards which match their personal sgin
29 1971 141
Tan Hock Chuan, Aldini Singapore Force
29 1971 142
Marshall Weinstein In Mind's Eye! using a Hoy stick
Related to 29 1971 143
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
29 1971 144
David Douglas You can be Successful on Television
  • The Basics
  • Not as a Stranger
  • The Real World
  • Clarify Timing
  • Begin with your Best
  • Ask for Help
  • Timing is Crucial
  • It's Worth It!
29 1971 145
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Brainwave two decks with different colors, two cards in other deck
Related to 30 1971 147
Jack Lottey Electronic Cards square layout of nine cards, instruction on tape, based on Martin Gardner routine
Related to 30 1971 148
William P. Miesel Duplicate Copy carbon paper in book
30 1971 149
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
30 1971 150
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther The Diabolo Bill! signed bill is burnt and appears in sealed tube
31 1971 151
Jesse J. Langston Jr. ESPecially for You prediction of chosen symbol, bulldog clip to switch billet
31 1971 152
Gaylord E. Hill Click - It is the 'Five of Diamonds'! prediction with hand-labeling device
31 1971 153
Criss Cross Force
31 1971 153
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
31 1971 154
Marcus Wielage Kid Shows can be Source of Experience, Profit
  • Where to Begin
  • Paying Dates
  • Toy Stores Pay Off
  • First Impressions Count
  • Mother Goose is Out
  • "Monkey see; Monkey do"
  • Physical Arrangements
  • You're in Control
31 1971 155
William P. Miesel The Devil's Pasteboards prediction of a symbol, elastic bands on poster board to put symbol cards
32 1971 157
John Dowdell Pocket Seance ideas for Glorpy
32 1971 158
Bruce Cervon Optic Delusion! slop shuffle, order is maintained
Also published here 32 1971 159
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
32 1971 160
Stan Blumenthal Magic's New Team....You and Houdini card appears in cigarette case, presentation of talking to Houdini's ghost, spirit telephone
33 1971 161
John Jennings Card Incident
33 1971 162
Robert Schwarz Epic Projections triple divination on a slate
33 1971 163
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Fred Shields
33 1971 164
Danny Rouzer You Can't Rewrite a Publicity Photo
  • Copy can be Rewritten
  • Why Photographs?
  • Four Photo Tips
  • How to get Photos
  • Plan Ahead
  • Listen to the Expert
  • Where to Shoot
  • About those Negatives
33 1971 165
Tan Hock Chuan The Quick and the Dead blindfolded, card is found and name revealed, see Bigbee in #41 for other sources
Related toVariations 34 1971 167
Gerald Kosky Up in Flames several pieces of paper, marked "fire proof" and one "up in flames", that paper burns when touched with a match
Also published here 34 1971 168
Pete Biro What's Happening to those Cards? cards on floor are gathered and formed to a card castle
34 1971 169
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Milt Larsen, Fred Shields and Uri Geller
34 1971 170
Bascom Jones Astro-Simple with zodiac sign
Inspired by 34 1971 170
Frederick M. Shields, Bascom Jones Double Daring symbols drawn on index card, selected one is divined by signing its back
35 1971 171
Charlie Miller Die-Cast number on rolled die is predicted with matches in matchbook
35 1971 172
Gerald Kosky Tele-Mental five cards on table, thought of card starts to move
Inspired byAlso published here 35 1971 172
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Magic vs. Mentalism, Milt Larsen's "It's Magic" show, Marvyn Roy
35 1971 174
Bascom Jones, Don Lawton An Interview with Don Lawton
35 1971 175
Dai Vernon Trick With A Borrowed Deck based on a trick shown to Vernon by Jimmy Grippo, see p. 190 for clarification of final phase
Variations 36 1971 177
William Patterson Precognition! prediction of ESP symbol, in a book
36 1971 178
Pavel Ghostly Silks! three handkerchiefs in three glasses, glasses are stacked, handkerchiefs penetrate glasses and end up knotted together
36 1971 179
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on "Talisman", on publishing a magazine
36 1971 180
Arthur Emerson Daughter of Darkness ashes on palm, voodoo presentation with doll hands
37 1971 181
Gene Nielsen Card Sense poker presentation, prediction in envelope
Variations 37 1971 183
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on exposure
37 1971 184
Robert Schwarz The Anatomy of a Self-Booking "Engagement Information Sheet"
37 1971 185
Sid Fleischman W. C. Fields Does a Card Trick talking with voice on record, revelation of a playing card
Also published here 38 1971 187
Jules Lenier Dealer's Choice two decks, one card removed face down is reversed in second deck
Also published here 38 1971 188
Blake Edward Maxam Dagger of the Dead! dagger moves to card with dead person's name
38 1971 189
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
38 1971 190
Fredric Kolb Annemental reading message from sealed envelope
39 1971 191
Stan Blumenthal Two-Dollar Pipe Dream spectator reveals card when looking in smoke, engraved pipe
39 1971 192
Everett Lyda Precognition! word predicted, using cards and Martin Gardner's "Mathematics Magic and Mystery"
39 1971 193
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on selling your act
39 1971 194
David Douglas The Press Release, One Man's Approach or "The Most Effective Promotion Is Free" Part 1
39 1971 195
E. Leslie May The Fortune Telling Book two decks and two spectators, fortune-telling book with cards for each dates, selections match cards on birth date
40 1972 197
Roger Pierre Count-Down! reversed card in deck as locator card
40 1972 198
Tan Hock Chuan Mystic Twist loop of string through thumb
40 1972 199
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
40 1972 200
Milbourne Christopher Tuning In! people write down their favorite TV shows and performer allocates all correctly
Variations 41 1972 201
North Bigbee Quicker Quick and the Dead credits and variation for The Quick and the Dead, Fillman Principle
Inspired by 41 1972 202
Gaylord E. Hill A 'Borrowed' Miracle! duplicate
Inspired by 41 1972 203
Snap Over Change
41 1972 203
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dave Douglas, Micky Hades, Peter Reveen
41 1972 204
David Douglas The Press Release, One Man's Approach or "The Most Effective Promotion Is Free" Part 2
41 1972 205
Sam Dalal The Skull of Tamoa-mi-ber as Sam Delal, skull pendulum, card found by spectator
42 1972 207
Victor Torsberg Money-Back Guarantee magnetic coins unloaded on magnet in pocket
42 1972 208
David Morse Choose Your Label red / blue double backer
42 1972 209
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on how many card tricks is too many, opinions by Vernon, Miller, Cervon, Lenier and Bob Schwarz
42 1972 210
Tan Hock Chuan The Phoenix Rope three lengths of rope are cut and restored simultaneously, loops
43 1972 211
Steve Spillman Challenge Vanish! in thumb tip
Related to 43 1972 212
Jules Lenier That's the Word! ABC cards selected and word formed, word is found in selected book on chosen page
43 1972 213
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Koran, the most expensive prop in one's act
43 1972 214
Bascom Jones Six Steps to Making Magic Pay
43 1972 215
Nathan Stark The Mortal Mind of Dr. Stark two predictions written one after the other
VariationsAlso published here 44 1972 217
Charlie Miller Puff of Smoke! torn and restored cigarette paper, animated / floating cigarette filter
44 1972 218
Joseph K. Schmidt Card Flourishes two moves Schmidt saw used by GIs
  • Pistol Grip Deal (flourish deal)
  • Downtown Cut (one handed on table)
44 1972 219
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Keith Parr, Ron Wilson
44 1972 220
Steve Spillman The Eye-Popping Pop Top pull top from beer can on pencil
45 1972 221
Steve Spillman Dollar Delusion close-up version, with coin envelopes and metal washers
45 1972 222
Steve Spillman Monkey Monte all cards change to queens, with ideas by Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon
45 1972 223
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word On Steve Spillman, Nathan Stark, Lloyd Jones
45 1972 224
Fred Rickard For Collectors Only on magic collecting
45 1972 225
Gene Nielsen The Wish Upon a Tarot only using Major Arcana
46 1972 227
Sam Dalal Turn it 'Round red square changes to blue one and eventually to a circle, Squaring the Circle with rubber sheeting
46 1972 228
North Bigbee Bigbee's Simplified Sympathetic Cards
46 1972 229
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
46 1972 230
Roger Pierre What in the World!
47 1972 231
Sid Lorraine Think Dot different marking system than Tuning In!
Inspired by 47 1972 232
Steve Spillman A Touch of Salt salt from vase, modified ball vase
47 1972 233
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on a reader's poll
47 1972 234
Bascom Jones Use Letters to Book your Act
47 1972 235
David Douglas Tennessee Swindle ... or 'Hello Cousin' two decks, cards is revealed and predicted, reversed in second deck
Also published here 48 1972 237
Dr. James Hoy Bills of Beelzebub! "two in the hands, one in the pocket" with crumbled bills and a three-dollar bill
48 1972 238
Tom Fitzgerald Tom's Thumb Tie Illusion illusion, wooden block penetrates hands, thumb tied around a guillotine-like stand
48 1972 239
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on reader opinion poll
48 1972 240
Charles Cameron Shrieking Skull of Kabbalah one question is answered with Tarot cards and a skull, question written down on business card
49 1972 241
Steve Spillman Another Dimension using puzzle cube with card indices on each part
49 1972 243
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Joseph Dunninger, Ron Wilson, Senator Crandall
49 1972 244
Frederick M. Shields Actors, the Stage, and Magicians
  • Actor vs. Magician
  • Customers, Coaches, & Set Designers
  • Set Dressers, Makeup Men, Electricians
  • Years Spent Perfecting Techniques
  • Magician vs. Actor
  • Adapt Material to Fit your Style
  • Where to get Help
  • That's What Friends are For
  • Make a Tape of sour Show
  • You Don't Have to Look Like a Bum
49 1972 245
Glenn Falkenstein The 13th Guest prediction of one of three business cards
Variations 50 1972 247
Marshall Weinstein Clip Gyp! carbon clipboards, idea for multiple use
50 1972 248
Alex Redans Psychic Triplets three decks, two normal one Ultra mental deck
50 1972 249
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Falkenstein
50 1972 250
Gene Nielsen 89c Fooler leaving price tags on gaffed objects, convincer
50 1972 250
Jack Kent Tillar Tiptoe Telepathy medium divines playing cards singly and also a bunch of cards, then she reverses a card in another room which is the same card the audience constructed
51 1972 251
Chester "Dr. DeMille" Miller Miller's Miracle as explained by North Bigbee, sent prediction in bill tube
Related to 51 1972 253
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dave Douglas
51 1972 254
Frederick M. Shields Actors, the Stage, and Magicians - Part 2
  • Basic Stage Talk
  • It Started Long Ago
  • Stage Directions
  • 'Strong' Stage Positions
  • When the Curtains Part
  • Break the Pattern
  • Then What?
  • Shields' Firs 'Law'
  • But Ask for Help if You Need It
  • You Never Whistle the Scenery
  • Check over Your Equipment
51 1972 255
Nathan Stark The Fourth Dimension clever single card prediction in envelope, partial three-way forcing deck
VariationsAlso published here 52 1972 257
John Henry Grossman, George Morrow Harmony numbers of one to four on a business card, one is crossed out, prediction
52 1972 258
Milton Kort Nomad Coins: 2 three different coins under handkerchief, vanish and appear under card in stages
Also published here 52 1972 259
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Al Koran
52 1972 260
Gerald Kosky Travel Agent cards with names of cities, spectators chose and sign them, performer allocates them correctly
Also published here 53 1972 261
Jules Lenier Share of Mind Stark's routine with a borrowed deck
Inspired by 53 1972 262
Charlie Miller Color Three! based on a routine by Frank Chapman, different colored tissue papers, chosen one travels between two rolled up papers, sandwiched
53 1972 263
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Marshall Weinstein, removing numbers from serial number, Bill Paterson, Hawaii Convention with Vernon, Kaps, Flip and Hiroshi Sawa
53 1972 264
Frederick M. Shields Actors, the Stage, and Magicians - Part 3
  • Need extra Tables, Lights, Special Arrangements?
  • The Ostrich Syndrome
  • Lights Make you Important
  • Your 'Sorcerer's Apprentice^
  • Role to Play
  • A Bibliography of the Theatre
53 1972 265
Dr. E. Raymond Carlyle Ashes to Ashes page torn out from book is burnt and found back in the book
Related toVariations 54 1972 267
William Patterson Epic Force! 'force' of one out of three symbols, for last phase of Mental Epic
54 1972 268
V. Robert Allen Flight Pattern symbol duplication, business card wrapped in handkerchief
54 1972 269
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on
54 1972 270
Tieneblas, El Brujo Viejo The Mazatlan Mystery deck is cut, number of bottom card used to count to a card, prediction sort of Kruskal with four duplicates
55 1972 271
Stan Blumenthal Jump Up selection is found with 'Mexican Jumping Beans', beans on ribbon spread, one jumps and lands on selection
55 1972 272
Carl Hanson, Robert Tyson Matchless invisible matchbox and one of three invisible handkerchiefs is selected, matchbox appears inside is the chosen silk
55 1972 273
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Kreskin, William Rauscher
55 1972 274
Robert Schwarz Ten Psychological Subtleties for Mentalists
  • Audience Rapport
  • Proximity is Important
  • Involve Audience Early
  • Don't be too Perfect
  • "Is that Close Enough?"
  • Safely Miss these Numbers
  • Fail to get the Zero
  • Correct an Error Obviously
  • Try a 'Mental Conversation'
  • Or a Compliment
  • You can Miss Cards, Also!
  • And Capitalize on the Unexpected
55 1972 275
V. Robert Allen Four-Thought! four predictions in glass, one by one ending with chosen card
56 1972 277
James Dunn Dunn's Stratagem red rubber band over deck, to convince people it is the same deck after switch
56 1972 278
Charles Cameron Probability Nil! card at number, extracted from performer's pocket
56 1972 279
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Louis McCord, Silent Mora, Marvyn Roy
56 1972 280
David Douglas Ghost Text preparation variation of book
Inspired by 56 1972 280
Walter B. Gibson Without a Shadow of a Doubt double facer with two indices on each side, prediction of one of four cards
57 1972 281
Stan Blumenthal Drip Dry! goldfish production from handkerchief
57 1972 282
Ron Barry Dimension 'X' bold book test
57 1972 283
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Walter Gibson, Dunninger
57 1972 284
Aldini How to Make your Own Special-Purpose Cards fanning decks, locator cards, double facer, double backer, strippers, Svengali, Mene-Tekel, Tel-O-Matic, peek decks, Brain Wave Ultra-Mental decks
57 1972 285
David Douglas Psychic Empathy different names of audience members are written on paper by performer, one is selected and divined, twist on old principle
58 1972 287
George Johnstone Coffee Float! floating coffee cup
58 1972 288
Tan Hock Chuan 'The Devil... You Say!' medium finds three selections
58 1972 289
Corner Crimp index corner, while showing card in spread to spectator
58 1972 289
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on USPC, Ron Haines
58 1972 290
Bascom Jones, Sid Fleischman Japanese Haunted House haunted box, bell rings etc, using a jap box
Related to 59 1972 291
Robert Schwarz Stratagem mis-numbering prediction slips
59 1972 292
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Hell's Fire! five business cards with words on them, spectator divines them correclty
Inspired byVariations 59 1972 293
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller
59 1972 294
Harry Collins Magic with the Professional Touch
  • Stage vs. Close-Up Magic
  • What's Best for the Stage?
  • And give them Quality - not Quantity
  • Routine your Act Carefully
  • Choose your Assistant Well
  • Don't Work in the Dark
  • Add Class with Music
  • A Back Drop Will Set you Apart
  • What to Wear
  • Entertain your Audience
59 1972 295
Roy Johnson The Cookhill Transposition two cards in signed envelopes transpose, deck of double facers
Related toVariationsAlso published here 60 1972 297
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Eye of Alessini prediction of a country, in bull-dog clip, with small globe
60 1972 299
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Falkenstein
60 1972 300
Nathan Stark Dyna-Mental card selected and placed in envelope, placed among other envelopes is found and divined
61 1972 301
Sid Fleischman Haunted House Plus Two using Jap Box, moving silk
Related to 61 1972 302
Steve Spillman Follow-Up twenty cards used to write ESP, number named and card is only odd-colored card, nine force
Variations 61 1972 303
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
61 1972 304
Guy Thompson Put the Mental into Mentalism on performing mentalism
61 1972 305
Frederick M. Shields Something Old; Something New names of cards appear on green chalk boards, Elmsley count to hide writing, multiple svengali
62 1972 307
Steve Spillman Magic Mirror shiner on card case
62 1972 308
Kentfield Ross Two-Coin Transposition
62 1972 309
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Charlie Miller, Senator Crandall, Falkenstein
62 1972 310
Raymond Hafler The Mystic Pendulum of Amon-Ra ESP brainwave and symbol found with pendulum
63 1972 311
Bascom Jones Astro-Logic! naming Zodiac signs and asking questions
Inspired byVariations 63 1972 312
Roy Johnson 'O.T.L.' Prediction one ahead prediction wit Out to Lunch, business cards, clever ruse of writing numbers
Related to 63 1972 313
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Koran, Sid Lorraine, T. Page Wright
63 1972 314
William Larsen Palmistry and the Multi-Purpose Reading - Part 1
63 1972 315
James G. Thompson Jr. Spirit Ring ring on wand, with handkerchief
64 1972 317
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Any Number, Any Time! number cards from one to twenty, one card face down as prediction
64 1972 318
V. Robert Allen Starcast spectator writes birthdate on a piece of paper and some random dates, birthdate is divined, see also p. 324 for variation by North Bigbee
64 1972 319
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on christmas gifts for magicians
64 1972 320
Charles "Cicardi" Scott The Mimic Brain prediction of color, city, and number, on one card, spectator's card in envelope
65 1972 321
Stan Blumenthal No One to Hypnotize but Joe Miller?? spectator is not able to tear a piece of paper, hypnotic eyes presentation
Related to 65 1972 322
Jerry Mentzer Numbers Game several numbers are written next to letters of the alphabet, one letter is selected with ABC cards and performer divines number
65 1972 323
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Lin Searles passing
65 1972 324
William Larsen Palmistry and the Multi-Purpose Reading - Part 2
65 1972 325
Chandler Mason Personal Voodoo voodoo doll on paper, x-mark appears at same position on second and signed drawing
Variations 66 1973 327
"Senator" Clarke Crandall The Senator's Servante attachable servante to any table
66 1973 328
Frederick Wingfield Amazement-Al thirteen cards of one suit, chosen one is only not from this suit
Variations 66 1973 329
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jay Marshall, Bill and Milt Larsen, Bob Allen, North Bigbee
66 1973 330
Arthur Emerson A License to Lie license plate numbers written on name tags, special one is divined by other spectator
67 1973 331
Richard Lyn Crypt-A-Mental pellets with torn pages, selected one matches book on table and selected word on page are predicted, apparently with an idea by Dr. Jaks
67 1973 333
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Koran
67 1973 334
John A. Novak Flannel-Board same routine as Spillmanns on flannel board and with white cards
Inspired by 67 1973 334
Dorfay Jack of All Trades - Master of One on performing, music, connecting to the audience etc.
67 1973 335
Gerald Kosky Tel-A-Prediction person on phone names number from one to fifty-two, card is predicted
68 1973 337
Dr. J. Konstantin Garmisch Jump Master finger ring on loop jumps from one strand to the other
68 1973 338
Ahmed Dhillon The Phoenix Oracle book and bulldog clip, white carbon
68 1973 339
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on an article in TOPS by George Johnstone, Jack Chanin
68 1973 340
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Poor Man's Prediction Chest bill tube in locked chest, prediction in capsule
Related to 69 1973 341
North Bigbee ESProjections inspired by a Kreskin performance, ESP sign is projected to audience, many receive it
69 1973 342
James G. Thompson Jr. Another Dimension single card prediction in envelope, partial two-way forcing deck
Inspired by 69 1973 343
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Syd Bergson, Kreskin, Senator Crandall, Cicardi, Ron Wilson
69 1973 344
William Patterson A Detective on Obtaining Information on gathering information before the event, hot reading, investigating the audience
69 1973 345
Nathan Stark Clipped! with paper clip, spectator puts clip in book, name in loop of clip is divined
70 1973 347
Stan Blumenthal Soft Soap Jr. handkerchief with lip stick mark on it is pushed in soap box and comes out clean
70 1973 348
Anonymous Clairvoyant! from T. Page Wright's notebooks, miniature cards in matchbox are divined
70 1973 349
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Robert Nelson's passing, Alex Redans
70 1973 350
Calvin Thompson The Electronic Man with computer cards, number named only punched card, computer presentation, see p. 370 for idea by J.G. Thompson Jr.
71 1973 351
Calvin Thompson Plus Three adding-machine paper for Clippo, computer theme to magic tricks
71 1973 352
Chandler Mason Punk Chow! living and dead test, with food spectator likes and one he does not like, divined with pendulum
71 1973 353
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
71 1973 354
Sydney Bergson Mentalism Cannot be Done in Pantomime on the performance of mentalism
71 1973 355
Dr. Dan J. Alessini The Spirit Behind the Wheel prediction of a number miniature roulette wheel, business card in envelope
72 1973 357
Walter B. Gibson Dell O'Dell strategy to change decks, ends with Brainwave, used by Dell O'Dell
72 1973 358
Gene Nielsen Homage to Koran card at number, hands-off version
72 1973 359
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the Magic Castle, Bruce Elliott's passing
72 1973 360
Orville Wayne Meyer The Being at the Other End card divined over phone
Related to 73 1973 361
Tieneblas Mystery of the Feathered Serpent feather moves in bottle
73 1973 363
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
73 1973 364
Ron Wilson Two-Dozen Tips on Presentation
  • Look at the Little Things
  • Smile Sincerely when Introduced
  • Please the Women
  • Make it Look Easy
  • Repetition will Banish Nerves
  • Use Humor where it Counts
  • Your Hands are on Display
  • People want to Hear You
  • Never Apologize
  • Answers can be Embarrassing
  • Your Opening Trick is Important
73 1973 365
Roy Johnson Cookhill a la O.T.L.!!! card transposition in signed envelopes
Related to 74 1973 367
Stan Blumenthal One for the Surgeon General with plastic cigarettes
74 1973 368
Tan Hock Chuan, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Tan Hock Chuan's ABC Rising Cards! same as Ambitious Riser
Related to 74 1973 369
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the popularity of ESP symbols, Stephen Minch, Micky Hades, Robert Schwartz
74 1973 370
Jack Kent Tillar Shock Waves three sealed envelopes in which are three billets with two-digit numbers, freely named number is found in chosen envelope
75 1973 371
North Bigbee Hind Sight
75 1973 372
Gene Nielsen Mindwave Two with four cards with letters on it, see also p. 460 for suggestion by Robert Schwartz
Inspired byVariations 75 1973 373
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on NBC "The Magician", Doug Henning
75 1973 374
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 1
75 1973 375
Milbourne Christopher The Devanagari Oracle clever book / magazine test, two people select a word, gaffed magazine
Variations 76 1973 377
Carl Herron Personal Talisman drawn talisman appears on a card
76 1973 378
Gary Kurtz Diabolique! card prediction in envelope, number is named and card at that position in deck is used, half forcing deck
76 1973 379
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bruce Elliott, a special issue of The Phoenix
76 1973 380
David Douglas Milady's Psychic Goose Bumps!! ring vanishes tied from handkerchief and appears in sealed envelope, spooky presentation
77 1973 381
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Tissue Teaser rolled-up tissue paper travels to second paper ball in spectator's hand, different colors
77 1973 382
Richard Lyn Add-A-Brain slips with ESP symbols, ESP card and paper are selected, symbols match
77 1973 383
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
77 1973 384
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 2
77 1973 385
Christopher Rogers The Ultimate Presentation answers and signature of a spectator's friend appear on signed envelopes, envelopes in jar filled with water and pencil leads
78 1973 387
Orville Wayne Meyer Round Up two selections, half held by spectator, cards are exchanged and deck assembled in face-up and face-down packets
Related to 78 1973 389
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
78 1973 390
Kentfield Ross Coin Stick ungaffed coin wand, with ruler, stick etc.
78 1973 390
Yutaka Kikuchi The Two Faces of Kikuchi-san twelve cards with holes and a string attached, performer finds selection by pulling string
79 1973 391
Bascom Jones Magick Looks at the P.C.A.M. July 4-7, 1973 some drawings of the convention
79 1973 392
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the P.C.A.M. convention
79 1973 394
William Larsen Larsen on Fortune Telling - Part 3
79 1973 395
North Bigbee ESP-Sonic Prediction in envelopes, prediction
Inspired by 80 1973 397
Stephen Juhaz Shepard, Emile Clifton Juhaz Vanish handful of coins, one is apparently removed and then vanishes
80 1973 398
Steve Spillman Riffle Force!