496 issues
Written by Bascom Jones
Work of Various
2,482 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
2,250 entries
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Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
Neil Somerville Money Sense coins placed inside envelopes, performer locates marked coin
441 June 1990 2204
Philip T. Goldstein Tabaccognition six cards on table, spectator choses the one with "Smoking Section", other cards have a no smoking symbol
441 June 1990 2205
Edward Marlo Olram Move
441 June 1990 2205
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Richard Osterlind
441 June 1990 2206
Thomas Alan Waters No/No named number is predicted in sealed envelope, with No gag, carbon envelope
Related toAlso published here 442 July 1990 2209
Hanussen Q&A questions written down and sealed in envelopes
442 July 1990 2210
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Images symbol cards are chosen and placed in envelopes, performer allocates symbols to spectators and gives brief readings
442 July 1990 2211
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on T. A. Waters, Ronnie Gann
442 July 1990 2212
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Spoon Beam spoon lifts up on hand before bending
443 Aug. 1990 2213
Neil Somerville Cat Eye four words are written on paper, one is selected and divined and predicted by performer
443 Aug. 1990 2214
Sandy Spillman Spill-Master pendulum in bottle, bottle starts to shift slightly, plate lifter
443 Aug. 1990 2215
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the readers of Magick
443 Aug. 1990 2216
Jonathan Cooke Ghost Show Daze on midnight Ghost Shows
  • Not Just One Performance
  • Three Facets
  • The Q&A Act
  • Horoscope Pitch
  • Ladies' Matinee
  • Kids' Magic Show
Related to 443 Aug. 1990 2217
Gaëtan Bloom RemarKable! spectator writes name of a card next to any number on a list and writes other cards to the other positions, performer divines selection
444 Aug. 1990 2219
Herb Dewey QuicFile making notes during a reading and storing them for next reading, handing sheet to sitter
444 Aug. 1990 2220
Larry Baukin Tarot Touch divination of Tarot card with pendulum
444 Aug. 1990 2221
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Gene Nielsen
444 Aug. 1990 2222
Rudy T. Hunter Gimlet number is revealed using a Ouija board
445 Sep. 1990 2223
Ben Druckerman Hypno-Task five coins, chosen one is the only coin with different date
445 Sep. 1990 2224
Thomas Alan Waters Inflexion design duplication, card box with mirror flap
445 Sep. 1990 2225
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Al Mann, Bob Haines
445 Sep. 1990 2226
Jonathan Cooke Ghost Show Daze - Part II on midnight Ghost Shows
  • The Ghost Show
  • Well-Mixed Program
  • Imploding Tin Can
  • Dancing Skull
  • Spirit Touches and Hypnosis
  • The Black Out
  • The Alternate Black Out
Related to 445 Sep. 1990 2227
Bascom Jones Signature Effect signature duplication à la Stanley Jaks as finale for blindfolded Q&A
446 Oct. 1990 2220
Riley G. Matthews Shape & Color spectator selects color and draws symbol before the show, duplication of shape and correct color
446 Oct. 1990 2230
Philip T. Goldstein Sechel several cards with yiddish words, prediction in envelope in form of ABC cards
446 Oct. 1990 2231
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
446 Oct. 1990 2232
Richard Webster Two Faced optical illusion with old and young woman, prediction of which one spectator wants to see
Variations 447 Nov. 1990 2233
Marco Fida Whizzer written name and Zodiac divined, using Grismer's What's Your Sign?
Inspired byRelated to 447 Nov. 1990 2234
David Altman Nth Degree using calculator, prediction of total
Related to 447 Nov. 1990 2235
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Tommy Tucker
447 Nov. 1990 2236
Richard Mark Pre-Show Work: An Analysis
  • Impression Device
  • Beware of Ethical Issues
  • Classifications
  • Time
  • Audience Cooperation
  • Presentation
  • Performance Attributes
  • Four-Side Triangle
  • Get Started
Also published here 447 Nov. 1990 2237
Richard Osterlind Mind Leap prediction of name and playing card, signature on slips
Variations 448 Nov. 1990 2239
David Zver Book, Too spectator places attached bookmark in book to chose page, ribbon with seal
Inspired by 448 Nov. 1990 2240
Marc Roman The Write Price prediction of product from a store, bar code gag, prize predicted on back
448 Nov. 1990 2241
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Sydney Piddington
448 Nov. 1990 2242
Ted Lesley Paper Wait sheet signed in bottom corner
449 Dec. 1990 2243
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Oneness do as I do with two sets of Tarot cards, Major Arcana
449 Dec. 1990 2244
Jeff Evason Psychic Pendulum ESP cards are divined by spectator using a Pendulum
449 Dec. 1990 2245
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Max Abrams
449 Dec. 1990 2246
Richard J. Weibel, Bascom Jones Advertising for the Private Reader
  • Know What Your Are Selling
  • Where to Start?
  • Letterhead
  • Quick Printing
  • Traditional Advertising
  • The "Yellow Pages"
  • Classified Ads
  • Display Ads
449 Dec. 1990 2247
Larry Baukin Penulti-Mate prediction of chosen ESP symbol
450 Jan. 1991 2249
Rudy T. Hunter Big 'T' Princess Card Trick using Major Arcana
450 Jan. 1991 2250
Marco Fida Against Odds locating chosen card, cards inside bag
450 Jan. 1991 2251
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Haines
450 Jan. 1991 2252
Lee Earle Digit Master prediction on folded business card, three-digit number on post-it
451 Feb. 1991 2253
Ford Kross Corner Spot Tarot card is divined by performer using a pendulum
451 Feb. 1991 2254
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Rejections using stack of picture cards
451 Feb. 1991 2255
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Bob Haines, P.E.A., Ken Chandler, ethics in mentalism
451 Feb. 1991 2256
Alexander Thomas, Henry H. Fields, Bascom Jones Swami Phobia on the Swami gimmick
  • What It Is
  • Variety of Types
  • The Right Type
  • Getting Used to It
  • Learning to Write
  • What to Write on
  • Transporting the Swami
451 Feb. 1991 2257
Dick Steiner Word Perfect envelope with prediction of formed word, using scrabble pieces, Himber wallet
452 Feb. 1991 2259
Docc Hilford Shuteye fingers on eyelids of spectator, used to read message
Also published here 452 Feb. 1991 2260
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Total Recall same as Ad Infinitum
total of three three-digit numbers is predicted
Also published here 452 Feb. 1991 2261
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on ethics in mentalism, Ken Chandler, P.E.A.
452 Feb. 1991 2262
Philip T. Goldstein Live Die six numbered pins, using die to eliminate all but one, prediction in form of large doll with bloodstain
453 Mar. 1991 2263
Orville Wayne Meyer Psi-Clones stacked ESP deck, divination of chosen card
453 Mar. 1991 2264
Jules Hirsch Eye of a Child pseudo-psychometry with drawings from a spiral-bound steno pad
453 Mar. 1991 2265
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on C.A. George Newman, Ross Johnson, Richard Osterlind
453 Mar. 1991 2266
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part I as Carroll Priest
  • Introduction
  • Simple and Direct
  • The Role of Publicity
  • Test Conditions
  • Do It Right
  • The Preliminary Talk
  • Sample Remarks
Related to 453 Mar. 1991 2267
Richard Webster Pointing the Bone out of this world, using pictures of aborigine, dead or alive, erasable pen
454 Apr. 1991 2269
Hal Barlow Talisman with ESP deck
454 Apr. 1991 2270
Jonathan Cooke Mind Flight moving needle of compass
454 Apr. 1991 2271
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Larry Becker, Ross Johnson, Richard Osterlind
454 Apr. 1991 2272
Jack Kent Tillar Li'l Hooker medium divines word or other information, transmitting information by sticking post-it on spectator
Related to 455 May 1991 2273
Rich Bloch Time-X setting watch on time spectator secretly wrote on post-it note
455 May 1991 2274
Tony Johnson U-2 / Deja Vu five ESP cards placed inside spectator's pocket, one is removed and performer choses same symbol
455 May 1991 2275
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Raven, Ted Lesley, Bob Brown
455 May 1991 2276
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part II as Carroll Priest, person is called during show
Related to 455 May 1991 2277
Dennis Marks Invisible Prediction prediction of one of three invisible coins and if it is heads or tails
Inspired byVariations 456 June 1991 2279
Bruce Clark Tipper divination of Tarot card, stacked Major Arcana
456 June 1991 2280
Daniel Jones Bonded three decks, two spectators select same card which performer removed from his/her deck
456 June 1991 2281
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on P.E.A., James Randi, Uri Geller
456 June 1991 2282
Ted Karmilovich Hidden Thoughts before the spectator writes down a color, a word and a number and puts sheets inside envelopes, during show performer divines content and finds correct envelopes
Related to 457 July 1991 2283
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Red Zone different colored balls placed inside plastic containers, all but one are freely eliminated and last color is predicted
457 July 1991 2284
Tony Johnson Bill Fold three bills folded, numbers divined
457 July 1991 2285
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
457 July 1991 2285
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part III as Carroll Priest
  • The Test Continued
  • Ability to Act
  • The Telephone Call
  • The Committee Report
  • The Secret
  • The Code
  • The Keys
Related to 457 July 1991 2286
Leo Kostka Dark Legacy using ribbon book mark
458 July 1991 2289
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Stressed Out prediction of which body part from doll is removed, using a tear-apart stress doll
458 July 1991 2290
Robert Cassidy Outreacher transmitting total of two dice to medium, special clock
458 July 1991 2291
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Richard Webster
458 July 1991 2292
Larry Becker Borgia's Goblets using invisible goblets which are destroyed with a real hammer, shattering noice can be heard, number of last goblet is predicted, using a Crazy Hammer
459 Aug. 1991 2293
Larry Baukin Licence to Psi words written on business cards, one is chosen and divined, messages on license plates
459 Aug. 1991 2294
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Craige M. Snader, Punx
459 Aug. 1991 2295
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part IV as Carroll Priest
  • The Code Words and Suggested Patter
  • Why It Works
  • Use Common Sense
Related to 459 Aug. 1991 2297
Ted Karmilovich Picture Perfect postcards in envelopes, image of chosen one is drawn by performer
460 Sep. 1991 2299
Rudy T. Hunter State's Right prediction of city, stuck under chair
460 Sep. 1991 2300
Chris Kenworthy Cover Up location of selected Tarot card using a pendulum
460 Sep. 1991 2301
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Rudy Hunter, Orson Welles, Bart Whaley, Barry Wiley, Lulu Hurst
460 Sep. 1991 2302
Mary Tomich Ghost Story card appears on glass, breathing glass
461 Sep. 1991 2303
Michael Leach The Write Stuff prediction/divination of initials of a person on a napkin
461 Sep. 1991 2304
James Gallivan, Jack Kent Tillar Heat Spots Tiller's Blister routine done with charcoal instead of a cigarette, blister on chosen finger
Inspired by 461 Sep. 1991 2305
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dan Alessini
461 Sep. 1991 2306
Karroll Priest Test Condition Second Sight - Part V as Carroll Priest
  • In Conclusion
  • Addendum
Related to 461 Sep. 1991 2307
Docc Hilford Hypno Daze spectator is blindfolded and scribbles on business card, initials of selection can be read, spectator also writes other information for instance date of coin
462 Oct. 1991 2309
Thomas Alan Waters Spyklic sum prediction, sum of added numbers can be multiplied by number using a die, 142857
462 Oct. 1991 2310
Ted Karmilovich Telltale Bookmark last word on any page
462 Oct. 1991 2311
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Andruzzi, Gloria, Tony Doc Shiels, Tom Palmdr
462 Oct. 1991 2312
Charles Reynolds Snap Shot light comes from pendulum, name is revealed, FISM flash
463 Nov. 1991 2312
Bruce Rudolph Peek-a-Boo using a packet of envelopes
463 Nov. 1991 2314
Richard Webster Star Crossed zodiac prediction, addition for Grismer's What's My sign
463 Nov. 1991 2315
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Haines, Toni Foster, Ted Lesley, Charlie Reynolds
463 Nov. 1991 2316
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Eddie Fields' Dime-Store Mental Act
  • The Man
  • The Act
  • And the Demonstration
  • One Ahead
  • The Clincher
  • The Pitch
  • The Take
463 Nov. 1991 2317
Dan Tong Store Bought prediction of chosen product from list and total of bill, Himber wallet
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Minding the Store"
464 Nov. 1991 2319
Jim Bush You Are Psychic! prediction of page number
464 Nov. 1991 2320
Jeff Evason, Tessa Daze of Color blindfolded, stabbing ballon held by spectator, chosen color
464 Nov. 1991 2321
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Doc Shiels
464 Nov. 1991 2322
Moshe Botwinick Tic-Tac Tell three different tic-tac containers with different flavors, spectator selects eats one candy and performer divines it
465 Dec. 1991 2323
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Psych It assistant divines chosen card, matching pairs
465 Dec. 1991 2324
Chuck Hickok Subliminal Card using x-ray card, plastic see-through card as prediction
465 Dec. 1991 2325
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jonathan Cooke, Richard Webster
465 Dec. 1991 2326
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Beyond Psi-Grafico one man Q&A act
  • Self-Interest
  • Psi-Grafico
  • Fantasies
  • The Method
  • Goals and Dreams
  • A Word of Caution
  • Graphology
Related to 465 Dec. 1991 2327
Lee Earle Remote Control Q&A with graphology
Inspired by 466 Jan. 1992 2329
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Codus Indirectus verbally coding a card to medium
466 Jan. 1992 2330
Philip T. Goldstein MindJam ABC cards, spectator forms a flavor of jam, divination by performer
466 Jan. 1992 2331
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the Literary Fellowship for Bascom Jones, Dan Tong
466 Jan. 1992 2332
Docc Hilford Destiny's Daughter peek business card case, divination of word, à la Jaks Wallet
467 Feb. 1992 2333
Al Mann Mann-erism spectator tears billet
467 Feb. 1992 2334
Jonathan Cooke Theater of the Mind stack of cards with actions written down, one is selected and executed by performer
Related to 467 Feb. 1992 2335
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on pitch books, Marc Sky, Ray Piatt
467 Feb. 1992 2336
Richard Webster Selling the Pitch Book
  • How to Sell the Books
  • Use them for Barter
  • After-The-Show Sales
  • Using a Shill
  • Table Workers Can Sell
  • Selling in Stores
  • Use Your Mailing List
  • Private Readers
  • Class Environment
  • Lecture Audiences
  • Add-A-Question
  • Psychic Fairs
  • Occasional Promotions
467 Feb. 1992 2337
Alexander Thomas Predicta-Tarot book on Tarot, on page witch matches selection is a post-it note
468 Feb. 1992 2339
Ross Johnson Touch of Style on reading predictions, not letting spectator read it aloud
468 Feb. 1992 2340
Rudy T. Hunter Branch Manager words written on pad, chosen one is divined, branching anagram
468 Feb. 1992 2341
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ted Lesley, Meeting of the Minds, Cicardi, Rudy Hunter
468 Feb. 1992 2342
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Foiled Thought business card with information is wrapped in aluminium foil
469 Mar. 1992 2343
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Insight psychometry with graphology presentation, on business cards
469 Mar. 1992 2344
Maurice Fogel, Orville Wayne Meyer Fogelepathy divination of color, name and country, written on paper in envelopes
469 Mar. 1992 2345
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
469 Mar. 1992 2346
Herb Dewey, Marc Popelsky The Psychic Fair - Part I as Marc Sky
  • Two Types of Fairs
  • Plan in Advance
  • Rental Costs
  • Sell the Concept
  • Importance of Advertising
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • The Advertising Message
  • Direct Mail Advertising
Related to 469 Mar. 1992 2346
Orville Wayne Meyer Incredo Book Test impromptu book test, paperback, spectator pushed open and peeks inside book
Related toAlso published here
  • marketed in 1958
470 Apr. 1992 2349
Orville Wayne Meyer E-Z-up Lectern home-made lectern
470 Apr. 1992 2350
Orville Wayne Meyer The Meyer-Pad using the Meyer pad, paper with different weight
Related to 470 Apr. 1992 2350
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Orville Meyer and Majorie
470 Apr. 1992 2352
Rajneesh Madhok Pop Secret movie prediction, using newspaper movie list
471 May 1992 2353
Tom Fitzgerald Thomphitz Cricket toy metal cricket placed inside a cup, makes sound to answer questions
Variations 471 May 1992 2354
Philip T. Goldstein Tempathy using cards with words which either fall in category hot or cold
471 May 1992 2355
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Orville Meyer, Meeting of the Minds
471 May 1992 2356
Herb Dewey, Marc Popelsky The Psychic Fair - Part II as Marc Sky
  • Postcards
  • Card Distribution
  • Special Flyers
  • Press Releases
  • Management Procedures
  • Get a Friend to Help
  • The Free Lectures
Related to 471 May 1992 2357
Thomas Alan Waters Auroracle word is written on index card and divined, hight-tech version of Dell-Epathy
Also published here 472 May 1992 2359
Rudy T. Hunter Empathy marking on back of selected Tarot card
472 May 1992 2360
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Brain Writing spectator writes name on business card, medium divines selection by analyzing hand writing
472 May 1992 2361
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
472 May 1992 2362
Orville Wayne Meyer PsiColor numerology and aura reading
473 June 1992 2363
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Card Counter spectator notes sequence of cards, performer names sequence again later
473 June 1992 2364
Jack Yeager Talking Tarot letters on business cards form selected Tarot card
473 June 1992 2365
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Magus video
473 June 1992 2366
Herb Dewey, Marc Popelsky The Psychic Fair - Part III as Marc Sky
  • Identify Attendees
  • Valuable Property
  • Working with Your Psychics
  • What to Charge?
  • Keeping Track
  • Handling Money
  • Selling Extras
  • Keep Your Psychics Happy
Related to 473 June 1992 2367
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Bill-Z-Bub bill in glass covered with handkerchief
Related toVariations 474 July 1992 2369
Mark Strivings Predic-a-Date prediction of date on coin, coin placed in envelope
Also published here 474 July 1992 2370
Jonathan Cooke Phone-e-Telepath prediction of color and number on post-it
474 July 1992 2371
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Docc Hilford's Weerd Weekend, Ormond McGill, Caroline Crawford, Jim Magus, Hillary Flora, David Alexander
474 July 1992 2372
Mark Edward The Nazca Stone prediction of number, written on stone inside a box
475 July 1992 2373
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Potato Power piercing a straw through raw potato
Related to 475 July 1992 2374
Gary Lee Williams The Escapist escaping from thumb cuffs, apparently with the power of the mind, with pulse stopping
Also published here 475 July 1992 2375
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ron Martin, Melania Magus, Bill Larsen
475 July 1992 2376
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Radio - The Forgotten Showcase - Part I
  • Advantages of Radio
  • Types of Radio Programs
  • Getting Booked
  • What About Pay?
  • Advance Preparation
  • Mike Fright
  • Working with the Host
  • Persons Who Call Show
Related to 475 July 1992 2377
Ted Karmilovich Murder, He Wrote paper bag with slips of paper, on one is murder written and on one victim, performer divines both
476 Aug. 1992 2379
Jonathan Cooke Dream World two lists with dreams, performer and spectator mark the same
476 Aug. 1992 2380
Richard Webster Magickal Names prediction of chosen name, business cards, Pateo
476 Aug. 1992 2381
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
476 Aug. 1992 2382
Richard Osterlind Topsy-Turvey dice in filme canister are shaken and numbers named by performer
477 Sep. 1992 2383
Jack Yeager Tarnum numerology and Tarot, prediction of chosen Tarot card using numbers
477 Sep. 1992 2384
Ford Kross A Touch of Color cards with colors, chosen one is divined, Fillman principle
477 Sep. 1992 2384
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Brown
477 Sep. 1992 2386
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Radio - The Forgotten Showcase - Part II
  • The Environment
  • Routining Effects
  • Types of Effects
  • Your Personal Itinerary
  • Handling Callers
  • Listen to Yourself
  • What Tricks are Best?
Related to 477 Sep. 1992 2387
Tony Madden Freedom of Choice one of four coins is selected and predicted
478 Oct. 1992 2389
Jonathan Cooke Cricket II using the Spirit rapper, sound made in glass to answer questions
Inspired by 478 Oct. 1992 2390
Steve "Banachek" Shaw George and Bill using bill with Washington on it, spectator looks at face of Washington if he is smiling or not to divine card
478 Oct. 1992 2391
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Melania Magus, Caroline Crafword, Mary Tomich, Richard Mark, Cicardi
478 Oct. 1992 2392
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Penny Wise 2 divination of dates on four coin, using Otis Manning Box
Inspired by 479 Oct. 1992 2393
Jack Yeager Lighter Touch prediction of one of three chosen lighters
479 Oct. 1992 2394
Ted Karmilovich The Tell-Tale Tear envelopes with paper that contain different words, chosen words are transmitted by spectators to performer
479 Oct. 1992 2395
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ted Lesley, Richard Busch
479 Oct. 1992 2396
Bascom Jones The Fillman Legacy - Part II
  • Ink Blots
  • The Fillman Blots
479 Oct. 1992 2397
Rudy T. Hunter Dualistic Deceit Q&A, assistant reads names and blindfold performer answer questions
Inspired by
  • William Larsen's "Tarot Telepathy"
480 Nov. 1992 2399
Marcello Truzzi Cards out of Mind pre-show strategy, revealing a known person
480 Nov. 1992 2400
Philip T. Goldstein Dicertain using ESP deck and dice, prediction in envelope
480 Nov. 1992 2401
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Rorschach tests
480 Nov. 1992 2402
Earl Keyser, Amy Keyser Balloon Antics six balloons are distributed, five people sit down, remaining person is the only one with helium balloon
481 Nov. 1992 2403
Tony Madden Stolen Thoughts center tear handling, stealing center with wax on coat sleeve
481 Nov. 1992 2404
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Geller Gambit presentation idea for Ball and Tube
481 Nov. 1992 2405
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of William Larsen Jr.
481 Nov. 1992 2406
Melania Magus You Don't Need to Play with a Full Deck
  • Thoughts of the Future
  • Readings for Entertainment
  • The Celtic Cross
  • Positional Meanings
  • The Scepter
  • Recapping the Reading
  • Look at the Numbers
  • Types of Readers
481 Nov. 1992 2407
Ted Karmilovich Shuffled Thought divination of selected card, one suit stacked
482 Dec. 1992 2409
Dr. Juris Girl of My Dreams mailed letter describes person, for situations like cocktail parties etc.
482 Dec. 1992 2410
Rajneesh Madhok Negative Aspects presentation for tear-no-tear-paper, Samson Pad, spectator not able to tear paper
482 Dec. 1992 2411
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Caroline & Docc Hilford, Mark Strivings, David Alexander, Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Michael Sondermeyer, Uwe Schenk
482 Dec. 1992 2412
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Super Psychic ping-pong ball on table
Inspired by 483 Jan. 1993 2413
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Card Sensor spectator divines unknown card using a pendulum
Related to 483 Jan. 1993 2414
Marv Long The Astro-Link deck with Zodiac symbols, spectator cuts to his/her sign
483 Jan. 1993 2415
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Meeting of the Minds, Ralph & Robin Monserrat, Jack Dean
483 Jan. 1993 2416
David Alexander Some Thoughts on Magic and Show Business - Part I
  • The Entertainers
  • Delivering Entertainment
  • It's Personality
  • Stillwell Hank Ball
  • The "Magic" Man
  • The Card "Expert"
Related to 483 Jan. 1993 2417
Dan Tong, C. James Rainho Book Smart Pegasus page, one book, gaffed, see p. 2432 for credits
484 Feb. 1993 2419
Rudy T. Hunter Point of Light stack of business cards
484 Feb. 1993 2420
Ted Karmilovich Hidden Memories named date on back of photograph inside wallet
484 Feb. 1993 2421
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word
484 Feb. 1993 2422
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Card Trix secretly reading information on index cards, long-short-cards
485 Feb. 1993 2423
Robert Siepielski Color Coded different colored pens, color coding for Q&A
485 Feb. 1993 2424
Lee Freed Digit Master business cards placed inside envelope, information on one is glimpsed
Variations 485 Feb. 1993 2425
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Max Maven
485 Feb. 1993 2426
David Alexander A Professional Looks at the Profession
  • Magician's Magician
  • A Lack of Originality?
  • The O-Carp Crowd
  • Lighten Up
  • ... And Get Real
Related to 485 Feb. 1993 2427
Ted Karmilovich Burned! three numbered envelopes, two are burnt in remaining one is check of performer
Variations 486 Mar. 1993 2429
Jack Yeager Tri-Ouija three miniature cards with different colored ouija boards, chosen one is predicted
486 Mar. 1993 2430
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Prechoice packet of cards with Yes and No, prediction of answers of spectator
486 Mar. 1993 2431
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jim Rainho, Dan Tong, Tony Raven
486 Mar. 1993 2432
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Picture Perfect divination of two selected cards from picture stack, ABC stack
487 Apr. 1993 2433
Scott Davis, Ted Karmilovich Closed Doors three numbered envelopes and two are discarded, instead of money, picture of baby inside envelope
Inspired by 487 Apr. 1993 2434
Ed Loveland Envelope Fan-Fair divination of written down information in envelopes
487 Apr. 1993 2435
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Docc Hilford, David Walker, Michael Schwartz
487 Apr. 1993 2436
David Alexander Putting It All Together
  • The 'Art' of Magic
  • No Slight Intended
  • Be Yourself
  • Love Your Audience
  • It Comes from Within
  • Love What You Do
  • Self-Confidence
  • Timing and Freshness
Related to 487 Apr. 1993 2437
James E. Sansotera Touch Stones row of gem stones, number is moved to other end, divination of color and reading
Inspired by
  • a routine by Daemon in "New Invocation".
488 Apr. 1993 2439
Alan Kerslake Kerslake Kop information on business card is glimpsed
Inspired by 488 Apr. 1993 2440
Jack Yeager Good and the Bad Tarot cards placed in a circle, numbered envelopes placed on top, spectator selects one by moving a ring on top, ends up on only positive card and prediction in envelope matches card
488 Apr. 1993 2441
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Lee Earle, Joseph Bear
488 Apr. 1993 2442
Philip T. Goldstein Cointact marked coin in envelope found among other envelopes with coins inside
489 May 1993 2443
Phillip Wein Digit Master business card with long number, memory stunt, prediction of total of some numbers as climax
489 May 1993 2444
Terry Nosek Finishing Thought Pseudo psychometry routine with prediction of final object
489 May 1993 2445
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Brown's get-toegether
489 May 1993 2446
C. James Rainho Put 'You' Into Your Performance
  • Cut to the Chase
  • A Lesson Learned Early
  • Autry's Secret
  • It's You, Not Your Props
  • Start with Your Attitude
  • Presentation is Important
  • The Persona is Important
  • The Persona That is You
  • Putting You in the Act
489 May 1993 2447
Ted Karmilovich Mind Maze instructions inside envelopes, one selected is duplicated by performer, muscle reading presentation
Related to 490 June 1993 2449
Richard Osterlind Mirrored Darkly design duplication using pendulum and business card case
490 June 1993 2450
Jack Yeager Tempus Fugit prediction of number and Tarot card, using imaginary dice to select number
490 June 1993 2451
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Docc Hilford's "Weerd! Weekend"
490 June 1993 2452
Ted Lesley The Psy-aid Tarot card divination and haunted deck with plate lifter method
Related to 491 June 1993 2453
Tony Madden Color Control prediction of chosen matchbox, different colors
491 June 1993 2454
Gene Nielsen Mental Notes divination of amount of post-its on board, blindfolded
491 June 1993 2455
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Hillary Flora, Richard Webster
491 June 1993 2456
Jim Magus Learn Technique from the Storytellers on presentation
  • Vary Your Volume
  • Control Your Rhythm
  • Body Language
  • Eye Focus
  • Putting it Together
  • Script Those Thoughts
  • Opening Remarks
  • You Must Believe
491 June 1993 2457
Robert G. Tripp Sign in, Please! initials on folded cards are divined, bluff
492 July 1993 2459
Gene "Phantini" Grant Mental Discernment
492 July 1993 2460
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Mental Powers routine for the game Jacks, bending one, ball stops bouncing
492 July 1993 2461
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Ron Martin, Richard Webster
492 July 1993 2462
Charles "Cicardi" Scott Card Sense playing cards written on index cards, allocating them correctly, graphology presentation
493 Aug. 1993 2463
Jack Yeager Witch's Stone on of four different colored stones is selected, prediction
493 Aug. 1993 2464
Docc Hilford Clairepathy one-phase matching routine, with ESP deck
493 Aug. 1993 2465
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Hilford's "Weerd Weekend", Brian & Jn Flora, Todd Robbins, Jim Magus
493 Aug. 1993 2466
Mark Edward Bare-hand Bookings on apparently not using props
  • Staying Clean
  • Traveling Light
  • Invisible Props and Visible Imagery
  • Keep It simple
  • One-Pocket Portable Prophesies
  • Character is Everything
  • Avoid Humor Initially
  • Know Your Background Information
493 Aug. 1993 2467
Ted Karmilovich From Me to You prepared order of objects combined with easy code, objects divined by medium
494 Sep. 1993 2469
Steve "Banachek" Shaw Stigmata chosen card or symbol appears on arm, in "blood writing"
494 Sep. 1993 2470
Hal Barlow Choice and Chance prediction of two cards, one selected above and one below table
494 Sep. 1993 2471
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on T.A. Waters, passing of Swan Walker Pitchford-Cardini
494 Sep. 1993 2472
Richard Webster Memorable Prohesies Nostradamus presentation, prediction, PATEO
495 Oct. 1993 2473
Alan Kerslake Question using a tilt-top box
495 Oct. 1993 2474
Steve "Banachek" Shaw 'A Special Few' using month and adding number, automatic prediction
495 Oct. 1993 2475
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Jim Magus
495 Oct. 1993 2476
Herb Dewey Cold Reading Ideas and Concepts
  • How to Get Started
  • Give Clients Something They Can Challenge
  • Two Types of Clients
  • What About Gays?
  • Big vs Small Hints
  • Look at Grooming
  • Don't Ask Many Questions?
495 Oct. 1993 2477
C. James Rainho Ouch! nail under one of twelve cups, all but one cups are smashed
496 Nov. 1993 2479
Jack Yeager Love Match cards with colors and gem stones, pair selects each and colors match, PATEO
Variations 496 Nov. 1993 2480
Gary Lee Williams The Escapist escaping from thumb cuffs, apparently with the power of the mind, with pulse stopping
Also published here 496 Nov. 1993 2481
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dan Alessini, Robin DeWitt, Bob Dorian, LA earthquake, Peter Pit
496 Nov. 1993 2482
Data entered by Lorenz Schär, April 2018.