Written by David Malek

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60 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Malek David's Aces Inspired by 1
David Malek Malek Multiple Control here for three cards, consecutive (cover) passesAlso published here 1
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Two Handed Multiple Card Palm Related to 3
Paul Cummins Revolve Load for Collectors 3
David Malek The Pinky Count 7
David Malek The Cover Pass 9
David Malek Diamonds Are A Magician's Best Friends spectator removes card, magician looks through deck and names it, clocking only one suit 10
David Malek Mission Possible one suit in order as set-up, chain 13
David Malek Far More Honest Aces three handlingsInspired by 15
David Malek Strip Out Shuffle With a Block Transfer also as a top stock controlInspired by 21
Unknown Up the Ladder Sequence 23
David Malek Counter Espionage bottom deal demonstration, cards end up in other hand than expectedInspired by
  • "The Bottom Deal Demo" (Darwin Ortiz, Lecture Notes)
Related to
David Malek Comedy Shuffle obviously fake riffle shuffle 26
David Malek Magicians Monte with sucker moves, two phases 30
David Malek Hustlers Shuffle full or half deck 33
Unknown The False Stripping Sequence off the bottom 37
David Malek Thoughts on Shuffling 40
David Malek The Instantly Memorized Deck Revisited shuffled deck memorized, card at named position named 42
David Malek Card At Any Number pinky count 44
David Malek Do Another One top card used to count down, arrived-at card also, and so on, until eventually selection is found 45
David Malek Malek Riffle Stack Refinement top card is not stacked in last shuffle 50
David Malek The Cutting Demo number up to fifteen named and performer cuts off that many cards, repeated, pinky countInspired by 53
David Malek The Malek Famous Twenty-One Card Trick parody, false card found which changes into right one with gag 57