Written by Jamy Ian Swiss, Johnny Thompson

Work of Johnny Thompson

663 pages (Hardcover), published by Magicana
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(245 entries)


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Jamy Ian Swiss Foreword: My Life and Times with Johnny Thompson
1 11
Teller Introduction: Becoming Tomsoni
1 15
Teller Egg Bag Move visual egg production in bag
1 16
Johnny Thompson The Gambler's Ballad gambling demonstration with Matching the Card finale, magician vs. gambler theme, rhyming patter
1 27
Milan Bulovic The Gambler's Ballad: An Incident in Jake's Saloon poem, patter
1 30
Unknown Reverse Breather Crimp
1 36
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Shuffle Handling buckling the single cover card, bubble cover
1 38
Dai Vernon Sliding the Break tabled cut at a break
1 40
Dai Vernon Erdnase Bottom Palm Handling
Inspired by 1 41
Dai Vernon Topping the Deck single card
1 43
Charlie Miller Stud Bottom Deal
1 45
Dai Vernon Push Through Shuffle Sequence no details on actual push-through
Related to 1 49
Bert Allerton Allerton Double Lift snapped over right first and second fingers
Also published here 1 51
Harry Riser Everywhere Nowhere All Backs three card transformation sequence, with all-backs phase
Also published here 1 59
Unknown Buckle Count
1 60
Henry Christ, Theodore Annemann Christ-Annemann Alignment Move
1 61
Unknown Quick Three-Way Display
1 61
Johnny Thompson The Ambilipstrous Card five phases
1 67
Johnny Thompson Bluff Pass Handling
1 68
Johnny Thompson Finessed Hofzinser Snap Change
Inspired by 1 69
Dai Vernon Depth Illusion lowering deck for get-ready
1 71
Harry Riser Interlock Get-Ready
1 72
Johnny Thompson Multiple Out Count-Down any value used to count down to fourth card
1 73
Johnny Thompson The Kissed Card spectator's blown kiss appears on card and is then removed again, as ambitious card climax
Inspired by
  • "Kissed Card" (Harry Mendoza)
1 77
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Finesse shuffling bottom card(s) to top, with break, see also p. 210
1 78
Edward Marlo Kick-Off Count
1 78
Charlie Miller Vertical Snap Change
Inspired by 1 80
Johnny Thompson Les Quick Cartes three cards become duplicates of a selection, then another and a third selection, duplicate
Also published here 1 83
Johnny Thompson Injog Shuffle Variation top card injogged instead of first card that is shuffle off, see also p. 79, p. 143
1 83
Unknown Riffle Force break
1 84
Unknown Double Buckle
1 88
Johnny Thompson The Bean Coins into glass
Inspired by 1 93
Johnny Thompson Jump Gag coin seems to jump out of hand
1 94
Unknown Coin Toss Steal
1 94
Pete Biro Coin to Glass handling to drop coin from lap into glass
1 95
Frank Garcia Han Ping Chien for Last Coin
1 99
Harry Riser Elmsley's Brainweave
Inspired by 1 101
Unknown Greek Break tapping deck on table
1 102
Harry Riser Overhand Shuffle from Greek Break
1 103
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan
1 104
Johnny Thompson Brainweave Force Deck faro fan
1 105
Harry Riser Expert Dunbury Delusion
1 107
Johnny Thompson Faro Check Handling to get break in center
1 107
Harry Riser Faro Shuffle Control to top
1 107
Jack McMillen Tip-Over Addition
1 109
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Vernon Transfer onto Spread
1 110
Harry Riser, Johnny Thompson Impromptu Shiner black coffee
  • Spread Key Card Glimpse
  • Riffle Key Card Glimpse
  • Dribble Key Card Glimpse
  • Peek Control
1 113
Edward Marlo, Johnny Thompson The Empty Balloon
Inspired byAlso published here 1 117
Johnny Thompson KF + BC + EM2 = Another Universal card changes into three different selections in three different ways and back to blank
Also published here 1 123
Dai Vernon The Optical Move
1 127
Johnny Thompson Stilted Tilt Ace to Four placed in deck, all come back to top
Inspired by 1 129
Johnny Thompson Tilt Lift-Up to obtain a break underneath inserted card
1 130
Dr. Jacob Daley Mental Card Miracle
Inspired by 1 133
Johnny Thompson On Buckling buckling with fourth finger, double and triple buckle
1 135
Unknown Small Packet Cop
1 137
Johnny Thompson Expert Estimating the Aces
Inspired by 1 141
Johnny Thompson Finessed Simple Shift
Inspired by 1 142
Johnny Thompson Balls in the Net with credit information, Silent Mora, Ed Marlo, Oscar Pladek, David Roth
  • Phase I
  • Phase II: The Repeat
  • Phase III: Pocket to the Hand
  • Phase IV: Twice to Pocket
  • Phase V: The Three Ball Vanish
1 147
Edward Marlo The Two-Ball Pop-Up Move
Related to
  • Linking Ring, Vol. 37 No. 4
1 150
Camilo Vázquez Balls to Egg Finish as finale for a "Balls in the Net" routine, any item in egg size is produced
1 158
Johnny Thompson Mixed Macs four Ace routine that includes the following routines
1 159
Johnny Thompson Shuffling to the Aces
1 164
Johnny Thompson The Faux Papa Stevens Control aka "The Polish Dad Stevens", easier alternative
1 164
Johnny Thompson, Dai Vernon False Running Cut "Greek", top and bottom stock
1 165
Johnny Thompson Cutting the Aces
1 166
Unknown Strip-Out Shuffle with Block Transfer brief
1 166
Johnny Thompson, Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts to the Aces
Related to 1 168
Herb Zarrow Reaping the Aces I Finesse
Inspired by 1 169
Eric Mead Losing the Aces cutting Aces into tabled deck
Also published here 1 169
Unknown Up the Ladder Cut brief
1 169
Dai Vernon, Johnny Thompson Triumph with four Aces, strip-out shuffle
1 171
Johnny Thompson The Assembly three double facers
1 172
Persi Diaconis Elmsley Counting Direction into left hand
1 173
Charlie Miller MacDonalds Clean-Up gathering the double facers during routine for easier clean-up
1 174
Persi Diaconis, Johnny Thompson End Grip Jordan Count
1 174
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety
1 175
Johnny Thompson Pocket Ditch as pen is removed
1 176
Dai Vernon The Travelers updated handling
Inspired by 1 176
Dai Vernon Vernon Multiple Shift hindu shuffle
1 177
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm
1 179
Dai Vernon Card from Pocket inner jacket pocket
Also published here 1 180
Dai Vernon, Paul LePaul Card to Envelope Finale
Related to 1 180
Johnny Thompson Adding the Gaffs for MacDonalds Aces, two methods
1 181
Johnny Thompson Travelers Suggestions
  • wallet finale (Ron Wilson's Washington Wallet)
  • using selections
  • using named four-of-a-kind
  • without jacket into back pockets
1 182
Herb Zarrow, Johnny Thompson Zarrow Translating Deck spectator answers some questions, performer apparently removes four cards according to answers, spectator cuts to the four mates
Inspired by
  • "Matched Revolvers" (Herb Zarrow, Linking Ring, July 1977)
Related toAlso published here
  • "The Translating Deck" (MUM, Sept. 1995)
1 187
Johnny Thompson Pushover Glimpse bottom card of face-up deck, also near bottom via Ed Marlo's Kick-off Count
1 188
Herb Zarrow Stealing Back cards counted outjogged onto deck, secretly into deck/under top cards, Howard Lyons
1 190
Johnny Thompson Pass Substitute naming random card and cutting to it while secretly controlling selection
1 191
Dai Vernon Key Card Placement
1 192
Johnny Thompson, Jeff Busby The Whispering Queen queen tossed in deck, value of card there is used to count to selection, Ace to Ten set-up
1 195
Johnny Thompson The Prowling Jokers three-phase sandwich routine
  • selection appears between Jokers held in hand
  • single cut makes wide-apart Jokers trap selection
  • Joker tossed next to selection
Inspired by 1 199
Unknown All-the-same Gag "All the cards are the same, right? Wrong, here are Jokers.", Fred Kaps?
1 200
Edward Marlo Sandwich Load
1 200
Dan Tong Pad Spread
1 200
Johnny Thompson Tabled Hindu Shuffle Force
1 201
Johnny Thompson Spread Hide-Out bottom stock not spread in tabled spread
1 203
Johnny Thompson Undercut Transfer cut and riffle shuffle to transfer top card to bottom
Inspired byRelated to 1 204
Camilo Vázquez Tossed in the Deck joker tossed next to selection
Inspired by 1 206
Johnny Thompson Stopping Hofzinser stop trick, then at named number
Inspired by 1 209
Johnny Thompson Location with a One-Way Back with tabled reversal
1 215
Johnny Thompson The Classic Force
1 219
Max Malini Max Malini
Related to 1 219
Max Malini Gaze Step Glimpse
Related to 1 219
Heba Haba Al Heba Haba Al delay
1 220
Johnny Thompson Johnny Thompson setting force card with overhand shuffle
1 221
Johnny Thompson Underground Card Moves intro
1 223
Arthur Finley Arthur Finley Shift
Related to 1 223
Johnny Thompson Pass vs Shift a definition/distinction
1 223
Jared Kopf Double Optical Shuffle
1 225
Perry Optical Shuffle Handling
1 225
Francis Carlyle Carlyle Top Palm Replacement Topping the Deck in reverse
Related to 1 227
Johnny Thompson Dribble Bottom Palm Replacement
1 228
Johnny Thompson The Benson Bowl
Related to 1 231
Johnny Thompson Sponge Retention Pass
1 234
Unknown Chinese Count sponge ball from hand to hand, credit information
1 235
Johnny Thompson Sponge into Spectator's Hand
1 239
Charlie Miller Basic English one-word patter throughout, card from pocket or from shower of cards
1 247
Charlie Miller Charlie's First Card Trick openly crimped selection turns out to be indifferent card, actual selection from pocket, sucker
1 251
Charlie Miller Bending a Card with bottom card bubble peek
1 252
Charlie Miller Covering Erdnase covers for the one-handed shift
  • Tugging the Sleeves
  • The Scoot
Inspired by 1 257
Johnny Thompson Johnny's Glimpse setting and glimpsing key card during one-handed shift
Inspired by 1 258
Max Malini Malini Side Steal
1 261
Max Malini All-Round Square Up with deck squeeze
Variations 1 261
Johnny Thompson Thompson Side Steal
1 265
Johnny Thompson Spectator's Peek
1 265
Johnny Thompson Break Finesse apparently no break is held
Inspired by 1 266
Charlie Miller, Johnny Thompson The Trick that Cannot be Explained
Inspired by 1 271
Howard Hamburg Ribbon Spread Angle Jog
Inspired byAlso published here 1 272
Brother John Hamman Ribbon Spread Stop Force timing
1 273
Manuel Manuel's Phantom Cigarette
1 275
Arthur Finley Flibbertigibbet coin vanishes, loaded back in hand from sleeve, credit information on sleeve load while taking something out of inside pocket
1 277
Johnny Thompson Han Ping Chien four copper and one silver coin, two penetrate table, repeat
1 281
Johnny Thompson, Max Malini The Vanishing Glass as finale to heads/tails game, coin in paper for sound effect
Related to 1 287
Charlie Miller Miller Cups and Balls with black balls
  • Opening Sequence
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2: The Miller Penetration
  • Phase 3: The Multiplication of Balls
1 293
Max Malini, Johnny Thompson Sugar Cube Assembly with a gaffed cube that appears wrapped from one side and unwrapped from the other
Related to 1 301
Johnny Thompson, Fred Kaps On Palming tips for palming sugar cubes off the table for chink-a-chink
1 302
Johnny Thompson The Egg Bag thorough discussion, Charlie Miller, Max Malini
  • The Bag
  • The Egg
  • Presentation
  • Thompson Egg Bag Script
1 309
Max Malini The Malini Toss finesse to show bag empty
1 335
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Devil's Hank Addition phase with both bag and handkerchief
1 336
Johnny Thompson Act in a Bag carrying other props in bag
1 337
Arnold de Biere, Johnny Thompson Switching the Bag
  • Arnold de Biere's Switch
  • The Tomsoni Bag Switch
1 337
Johnny Thompson The Tomsoni Egg Bag
1 338
Johnny Thompson The Polish Bag bad idea of using two-colored egg bag, Ron Wohl tip
1 338
Lance Burton Foreword: Learning from the Master
2 9
Levent Introduction: My Mentor
2 11
Johnny Thompson The Cups and Balls routine presented in the style of three magicians
  • Max Malini
  • Pop Krieger
  • Dai Vernon
2 15
Danny Dew Breast Pocket Servante kept open with plastic cup section
Related to 2 19
Charlie Miller Setting the Spring Gag one cup through the other until an apparent spring is set in cup
2 19
Unknown Rule of Thumb Move inside deeper than outside gag
2 19
Max Malini, Johnny Thompson Max Malini Phase
2 20
Johnny Thompson Retention Vanish of Ball false transfer
2 21
Edmé-Gilles Guyot, Johnny Thompson Pop Krieger Phase
2 25
Bartolomeo Bosco, Dai Vernon Dai Vernon Phase
2 28
Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss Final Load Sequence
2 29
Danny Dew Danny Dew Final Vanish of the balls, ditch in breast pocket
Related to 2 32
Dr. Jacob Daley Jacob Daley Finale
2 34
Johnny Thompson On Vernon's Pseudo-Exposure Phase
Related to 2 35
Johnny Thompson Presto Chango two silver coins change to copper in performer's hand, then one back to copper, transposition with spectator
Inspired by 2 43
Johnny Thompson The Bobo Switch
2 43
Francis Carlyle The Golden Coin coin dropped in beer changes to gold coin, bar stunt
2 49
Johnny Thompson Coin in the Bottle
2 51
Johnny Thompson Folding Coin Holder
2 51
Johnny Thompson Expert Vernon's Variant card vanish finale
Inspired by 2 59
Johnny Thompson, Stuart Gordon Stuart Gordon Double Lift Handling
2 60
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer from packet to deck
2 63
Nate Leipzig Leipzig Double Lift from small packet
Also published here 2 65
Johnny Thompson Cutting the Aces
Inspired by 2 69
Dai Vernon One-Handed Slip Cut to table
2 69
Johnny Thompson, Dai Vernon Copper Silver Transposition coin travels to other hand to show both empty, then transposition with second coin and spectator's hand, extra coin
2 75
Johnny Thompson Dai Vernon's Magic Castle Act from late Sixties
  • The Cups and Balls
  • Han Ping Chien
  • Winged Silver
  • Copper/Silver
  • Matching the Cards
  • Ambitious Card
  • Color-Changing Deck
2 81
Dai Vernon "Another one" Deck Switch as deck is almost put away before last card trick
2 83
Johnny Thompson Color-Changing Knives
2 85
Arturo de Ascanio Paddle Move more natural grip
2 87
Unknown Pivot Change knife pivoted clockwise
2 89
Johnny Thompson The Smash Climax knife transforms into many small knives
Inspired by
  • Ascanio Smash Climax
2 90
David Williamson, Johnny Thompson Covered Striking Vanish
2 92
Johnny Thompson The Five Senses five selections found with five different senses
Inspired by
  • "The Five Senses" (T. Page Wright, Page Wright's Manuscript)
2 97
Johnny Thompson Multiple Card Control consecutive riffle forces and jog shuffles
2 99
Unknown Turnover Glimpse step glimpse
2 99
Harry Riser Fan with Break pressure fan with break, results in step
2 101
Howard Hamburg Ribbon Spread Angle Jog
Also published here 2 102
Johnny Thompson Pick-up Glimpse Finesse deck on glass, cards picked up one by one
Related to 2 103
Johnny Thompson Card on the Seat spectator is sitting on card signed by performer
2 107
George Joseph Sticky Signature crayon signature makes card sticky, stage and close-up handling
2 107
Eddie Fechter Original Card on the Seat miscalled selection
2 111
Johnny Thompson, Harry Riser Quadruple Coincidence
Inspired by
  • "Quadruple Coincidence" (George C. Engel, Hugard's Magic Monthly, May 1949)
2 113
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Finesse shuffling bottom card(s) to top, break
2 114
Unknown Tap Glimpse top and bottom at once as deck is tapped on table
2 114
Unknown Hindu Grip False Cut learned from a Greek gambler
2 115
Jimmy Grippo, Johnny Thompson Grippo's Card to Envelope sealed empty envelope is passed through deck, then signed selection is found inside, duplicate or divided card (see reference), originally done with pocket index by Grippo
Related to 2 119
Paul LePaul, Bert Allerton LePaul Stack of Envelopes
Related to 2 119
Dai Vernon Ribbon Spread Hideout credit information
Related to
  • Jacob Daley Notebooks
2 124
Jamy Ian Swiss Card Vanish Suggestion using gaff instead of duplicate for clean vanish
Related to 2 125
Johnny Thompson The Genii Stop Trick spectator thinks of card in half the deck, spectator deals cards one by one after naming his card, performer stops the deal at selection
Inspired by
  • "L. W. Stop Mystery" (Wright & Larson, Genii, Vol. 1 No. 1)
2 127
Unknown Topit Deck Switch deck dropped in pocket, other deck from breast pocket, as back is briefly turned
2 128
Unknown The Scoot as chair is adjusted, deck under thigh
2 131
Charlie Miller, Max Malini The Scoot Variation as chair is adjusted
2 133
Claude Rix, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ravelli Meets Rix card selected by dealing deck into six piles and rolling dice several times, Ravelli addition with Himber wallet
2 135
Johnny Thompson Parrish the Thought spectator stabs performer's signed card, performer spectator's, half the deck signed by performer
Inspired by
  • Robert Parrish trick
Related to
  • "The Incredible Signature" (Barry Stevenson)
  • "Double Pointed Miracle" (Dick Zimmerman, Genii, Vol. 47 No. 11)
2 141
Patrick Page Lazy Man's Card Trick indifferent card changes into selection
2 147
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Kiss Pass with (Johnny Thompson) or without (Dai Vernon) pause in the middle
Related to 2 149
Johnny Thompson, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Harry Riser Stage Top Change
2 152
Johnny Thompson The Koran Medallion credit information, Medallion hanging around performer's neck
Inspired by 2 157
Johnny Thompson Polish Epic
Also published here 2 163
Martin Gardner Tic Tac Toe Force
Related to 2 164
Johnny Thompson, Millard Lichter The Pump Deck three spectators think of card in fan, all divined
Inspired by 2 171
Johnny Thompson With an Ordinary Deck three cards thought of from incomplete faro condition, divined
2 175
Paul Vigil, Unknown Forcing from a Bank
  • faro fan, one of twenty cards thought of
  • secret incomplete faro peek
2 177
Johnny Thompson The Color-Changing Dress presentation involves spotlight changing from white to red
2 181
Johnny Thompson The Transformation Tunnel person transforms in cloth tunnel, stage trap
2 183
Johnny Thompson The Trunk Trick
2 185
Johnny Thompson The JT Asrah performed on large glass sheet
Inspired by
  • "The Flight of Venus" (Harry Houdini, Houdini's Escapes and Magic, Walter Gibson)
2 189
Johnny Thompson The Great Tomsoni & Co.
  • The Act
  • The Great Tomsoni & Co. (effects described in detail)
  • Construction (analyzing the act)
evolution of the stage act, history of dove magic, Abraham Cantu, Jack Kodell, Channing Pollock
2 191
Johnny Thompson On Birds on the production of doves
2 211
Johnny Thompson Pockets and Principles
  • The Jacket
  • The Pockets
  • Pocket Locations
  • The Dove Bag
  • The Silk Shroud
  • The Silks
2 215
Johnny Thompson Basic Dove Steals
  • Hookup
2 216
Johnny Thompson The JT Dove Steal - Same Side no upward pulling motion
2 218
Johnny Thompson Across the Body Steal
2 223
Channing Pollock The Channing Pollock Steal
2 223
Johnny Thompson, Charlie Miller What Can Go Wrong, Will missing the loop in body steals
2 225
Johnny Thompson Practice how to practice dove steals, fake doves
2 226
Johnny Thompson Wings of Warsaw dove production under silk, from sleeve
2 229
Johnny Thompson Unprepared Serpentine Silk knot vanishes with a snap
Inspired by
  • an item from Keith Clark
2 233
Johnny Thompson Color-Changing Silk visible, reel
Inspired by
  • method attributed to Henry Christ
2 237
Unknown Silk Fold into ball around plug, for production
2 239
Johnny Thompson Color-Changing Dove
2 243
Channing Pollock Color-Changing Dove brief
2 245
Johnny Thompson Multiple Dove Vanish doves put in top hat which is collapsed
2 247
Johnny Thompson Paper to Parakeet paper napkin formed into bird, changes into bird
Inspired by
  • "Creation of Life" (Nate Leipzig, with moth or butterfly)
2 253
Johnny Thompson The Trade Show Act about trade shows
  • The Act
  • Sample Script
2 255
Johnny Thompson The Opener using cups and balls as opener for trade show
2 271
Johnny Thompson Miniature Invisible Deck done with small cards, with deck switch under the performing table
2 273
Johnny Thompson Micro-Macro
2 279
Johnny Thompson, Dai Vernon Triumph
2 283
Johnny Thompson Sliding Jog top half dropped on bottom half, jog retained
2 283
S. W. Erdnase Top Stock Control
Related to 2 285
Charlie Miller Stripout Shuffle with Block Transfer
2 286
Johnny Thompson Thompson/Zarrow Triumph with Zarrow shuffle
2 290
Johnny Thompson Signed Card to Miniature Card Box folded, sound gimmick in box
2 293
Unknown Diagonal Insertion
2 293
Johnny Thompson One-Handed Quarter Fold
2 294
Johnny Thompson The Johnny Thompson $100 Prediction spectator stops face-up deal, card predicted, four-way out
  • Forcing Deck
  • Himber Wallet
  • The Four Wallets
  • The Outs
2 299
Johnny Thompson Spectator Shuffles Koran Stack
2 313
Johnny Thompson The Final Word: All of It
2 321
Jamy Ian Swiss Acknowledgements
2 324