Written by Ralph W. Hull

Work of Ralph W. Hull

20 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Ralph W. Hull Foreword 1
Ralph W. Hull Mental Abstraction or Cards by Instinct cards shuffled once, separated with Hearts/Clubs in one pile, spectator choses cards in one pile and performer instantly removes mates from other pile behind back 2
Ralph W. Hull Hull's "Eye Popper" 4
Ralph W. Hull Optical Shuffle to front and back, as control of card to third positionRelated to 4
Unknown Multiple Lift triple and double 5
Ralph W. Hull Two/Three of Diamonds pseudo duplicates for ambitious card phase 5
Ralph W. Hull Hull's Marvelous Card Prediction three cards predicted, one thought of, two methods, one with Thayer's Lock Flap Card Box, predictions written on billets in clever way 6
Ralph W. Hull Delayed Re-Deal Force 9
Ralph W. Hull Topsy Turvy Cards: (1) A Card Detective reversed card appears in deck, its value is used to count to selection 10
Ralph W. Hull (2) Chosen Card "Turn-Over" chosen card reverses after an example-card turns over 11
Unknown One-Card Half-Pass bottom card, spread cover 11
Unknown Double Lift Reverse reversed card and card underneath picked up together 11
Ralph W. Hull (3) In Spectator's Own Hands 11
Unknown Double Turnover Reverse 11
Ralph W. Hull (4) Spectator's Name Spells Card performer stabs reversed card in deck behind back, from that point on the spectator's name is used to spell to card 12
Ralph W. Hull Counting Subtlety apparently forgetting to give the spectator the instruction to take a card while spreading 12
Ralph W. Hull (5) Multi-Card "Turn Over" three selections turn over, pushed into secretly reversed deck with cover card 12
Ralph W. Hull (6) Topsy-Turvy Climax slop shuffle triumph with preliminary phase in which cards are really shuffled face-up/face-down 12
Unknown Half Pass bottom half 13
George Demers Magic Number Revealment with thirteen cardsVariationsAlso published here 14
Ralph W. Hull A Mental Card Mystery tabled card turn out to be free selection, requiring two Jokers, top change and mexican turnoverRelated toVariations 15
Ralph W. Hull A Trick Exposed, But How? color change apparently exposed, but card turns out to have vanished and is brought from pocket 16
Ralph W. Hull Single Card Wonder Prediction spectator shuffles deck, names number and card at that position is predicted, re-deal force 17
Ralph W. Hull Bicycle Marking System Variations 17
Unknown A False Shuffle Charlier shuffle 18
Ralph W. Hull, Leo Levi A Surprising Solitaire all cards laid out according to system, generating some stack that is used to spell out all values, all thirteen values spelled out have 52 letters 18