Written by Ralph W. Hull
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28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs
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John Northern Hilliard Foreword
Ralph W. Hull Valuable Card Sleights
The Glide
Ralph W. Hull The Optical Shuffle "A Perfect Substitute for the Pass"
back and front throws, also as card control
Related to 2
The Top Change
The Double Lift
Ralph W. Hull Hull's "Hide-Out" Card Sleight showing that a card is apparently missing while spreading through deck, reverse cull
Also published here 4
The Dove Tail False Shuffle unwoven
Ralph W. Hull Diamond Thieves and Blackmailers Jack of Spades lost in deck, Aces shown, red ones lost in deck, black ones on table, now black ones sandwich Jack in center of deck and red ones are on table
Stewart James The Simplicity Four Ace Trick
Related toAlso published here 6
Ralph W. Hull The "Will-o'-the-Wisp" Card "Sometimes Known as The Run-A-Way Card"
card and its position thought-of, it vanishes and reappears reversed at named number, re-deal placement
Related to 7
Double Turnover Reverse
Related to 8
Ralph W. Hull, Any Deck Read From the Card Backs cards named by looking at the back
  • First Method with a "Set-Up" Deck
  • With Borrowed Deck (secretly faced deck)
Related to
  • "Seeing with Fingertips" (Howard Albright)
Half Pass turning lower half over
Push Glimpse bottom card of face-up deck
Ralph W. Hull The Jumping Jacks four Jacks on table, one covered with three cards, others lost in deck, assemble
Inspired by 11
Ralph W. Hull Addition and Switch cumbersome Braue Switch precursor
Related to 11
Undercount off the top of the deck into other hand
Ralph W. Hull Magic Touch Versus Mental Thought card and its position thought-of, divined and placed in pocket, Lazy Man's Card to Pocket
Related to 14
Ralph W. Hull The Elusive Jack "A new impromptu 'Two Card Monte' with any cards"
Double Lift
Dropping the Double onto the deck from some height
Ralph W. Hull Hull's "Magic Picture Book" Deck "The Ever Changing Deck"
cards are printed on all-backs deck, all-backs/faces spread display, natural bow and every other card reversed
Ralph W. Hull Book Flourish concave and every other card reversed
Ralph W. Hull The Fan one-handed, every other card hidden naturally
Ralph W. Hull Deck Turnover (?) fake deck turnover
Related to 18
Paul C. Krank Magic Number Revealment, Improved
Inspired by 19
Ralph W. Hull Hull's "Never Miss" Card Trick selection appears at chosen position, repeat with apparent failure and transformation
  • reverse count and packet turnover bluff
  • slip-back deal count
Ralph W. Hull Slip-Back Count
Ralph W. Hull Which Card Left? Two Card Monte with jumbo cards
Two-Card Monte Move
Ralph W. Hull The New Torn and Restored Card "Club Trick par excellence"
signed, part of signature on corner that the spectator keeps, rest restored, Berg Paper Fold
Sure-Fire Force under-the-spread force, top card taken singly under spread at start
Variations 22
Ralph W. Hull Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Inspired by
  • "Picture Puzzle" (Dai Vernon)
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