Written by U. F. Grant
Work of U. F. Grant
4 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Abbott's Magic
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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U. F. Grant The Gambler's Expose Act
U. F. Grant Switching Case cigar box sized box on table with opening, see page 3 for handling
U. F. Grant Effect No. 1 spectator deals five hands, no good hand, but when the magician deals he get's a straight flush, re-deal stacking
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U. F. Grant Effect No. 2 spectator cuts to the Aces with single cut, cross-cut force with two Aces on top and bottom at start
U. F. Grant Effect No. 3 second deal demo, top card has corner missing
U. F. Grant Effect No. 4 bottom dealing demo, fake
U. F. Grant Effect No. 5 - Blindfold Deal spectator shuffles, performer is blindfolded and deals out a Royal Flush (after deck switch)
Howard Albright The Drunk Plays Bridge Effect No. 6
performer deals shuffled deck randomly into four hands, he has all Spades
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