Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Various
147 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Magic with Paper chapter intro
Shigeo Takagi, Karl Fulves Japanese Checkers No. 1, paper folded and cut into squares, really the squares remain all connected at a corner for form a sort of chain, challenge to get all squares out of a bag with one grip
Paul Curry Probability Zero No. 2, ten business cards are numbered from one to ten on one side and the cards shuffled and turned over, spectator selects cards and the numbers from one to ten are written on the other side, they match
Also published here 3
Karl Fulves Probable Poker No. 3, ten cards sorted into two hands by spectator, he makes two pat hands
Deck Flop Switch faced deck
George Jarshaur The Magic Mailbox No. 4, origami fold of three-fold "wallet" with switch/steal properties, with paper transformation application
Also published here 7
Karl Fulves X-It No. 5, spectator draws x on paper square behind back, performer pushed needle through this x behind back, two methods
Karl Fulves Catching the News No. 6, crumped paper placed on elbow and caught, then vanishes
Inspired by
  • coin vanish from William Ball (Sphinx)
Karl Fulves Matches to Go No. 7, initialed matchbook placed on elbow vanishes, then it is put into sleeve and penetrates it
Inspired by 14
Karl Fulves Pendragon Rings No. 8, phases of Power of Darkness with paper rings
Martin Gardner Paradox Papers No. 9, paper with numbers in a 4x4 grid is folded into small square, edges cut off, then all even numbers are one way and the odds another, application with card values on paper or card layout (chosen card turned over is only odd-colored at the end)
Also published here 18
Karl Fulves Paper Magic magic with bills, chapter intro
Karl Fulves Mind vs. Money No. 10, five bills borrowed, performer reveals serial numbers blindfolded or behind back
Also published here 21
Double Your Money No. 11, folding one bill so it looks like two
Related to 23
Karl Fulves X Marks the Spot No. 12, one of four bills vanish and reappears at spot in house chosen by spectator
Karl Fulves Dollar Flight No. 13, two bills are covered with envelopes and transpose and travel over, optional finale so that one bill travels inside envelope
Dr. Jacob Daley, Sam Leo Horowitz Delight Switch
The Coin Fold No. 14
Karl Fulves Bank by Mail No. 15, coin vanishes from paper and reappears in bankbook
U. F. Grant Slow-Motion Money No. 16, two bills transpose, one in spectator's hand, stuck-on section
The Dollar-Bill Ring No. 17, folding a finger ring out of a dollar bill
Karl Fulves Real or Counterfeit? No. 18, two spectators, one puts his own finger ring in his hand and one a ring folded from a dollar bill, performer touches one spectator behind his back and know which has which
Karl Fulves Psychic Mysteries chapter intro
Jules Lenier Psychometric Detective No. 19, four people, rough smooth edges of torn paper to code
Also published here 38
Karl Fulves The Hometown Test No. 20, letters put in paper bag, performer takes them out and divines what's written on them and by whom
Inspired by 40
Karl Fulves Deluxe Headline Reading No. 21, four spectators tear off sections of newspapers, put in envelopes, performer divines contents and makes matching drawings
Switching Stack flapless envelope, switching several in a row
A Name in Millions No. 22, spectator looks at name in phone book, it is divined, bold
Celebrity Sweepstakes No. 23, names called out, one chosen, it is predicted
Locked Thoughts No. 24, four spectators whisper numbers which are written down, their total is predicted or opens lock, stooge
Karl Fulves Little Albert No. 25, any word from any book, written on business card with performer's name on back, then named word on other business card with spectator's name on back, both in paper bag, they match
Inspired by 48
Karl Fulves Paper Capers chapter intro
J. C. Coy Visualization Test No. 26, puzzle in which the number of holes has to be guessed when corners are cut off folded paper, there are none
Related to 51
Decepta Die No. 27, folded paper, some corners cut off, spectator rolls die, when paper is opened the holes mirror rolled number
Living Doll No. 28, paper figures move on cloth that is over hot steam
Jerry Andrus Moving Writing cut-out paper letters are filmed, they move around and end up in perfect configuration
Reaching through a Playing Card No. 29
Stretching a Dollar Bill No. 30, bill opens and closes accordion-like, cuts
Square Dance No. 31, cutting a design up in a certain way, puzzle
Also published here
  • Henry Dudeney's scrapbook
Kobon Fumimure Eight Squares No. 32, squares are arranged in a design and observer has to label them from up to down
The Genius Test No. 33, puzzle in which a paper, string and finger ring arrangement has to be taken apart
The Other Genius Test No. 34, card frame and other pieces have to be taken apart, puzzle
The Money Tree No. 35, classic newspaper tree, coins are shaken out of it
The Magic Flute No. 36, flute from paper, only performer can make sound
Karl Fulves Amazing Animals chapter intro
Karl Fulves Rupert the Great No. 37, animal cut and folded from envelope finds card
Eric Kenneway Hungry Dog No. 38, design folded from square stands up
Karl Fulves Houdini Hound No. 39, dog made from paper bag like a hand puppet, paper bone changes into selection
Karl Fulves The Shadow No. 40, cut-out of dog head with eyes closed, put in envelope, shadow seen, eyes suddenly open and are really open when taken out
Karl Fulves, Henry Hardin Snapper No. 41, spectator writes real and fake weight on paper, a duck folded from paper divines correct one
Jack Chanin Rabbit Ears No. 42, rabbit fold with flapping ears
Karl Fulves The Educated Rabbit No. 43, paper rabbit on glass flaps ears to answer questions
Karl Fulves More Paper Magic chapter intro
Milbourne Christopher Double Cross No. 44, eight paper pieces, four with X on them are burnt, X now on other pieces
Also published here 80
Karl Fulves Murder by Memory No. 45, page number selected with numbers on pieces of paper, only four outcomes possible
Karl Fulves Take a Vacation No. 46, three spectators chose something from a bag, it is divined, tossed-out-deck/rashomon principle
Karl Fulves Animal Crackers No. 47, spectator puts two empty napkins in empty cracker box, crackers appear, over-the-head principle
Samuel Berland Sprightly Soda No. 48, paper cup with water travels from paper bag to hat
Also published here 87
The Buddha Papers No. 49
Improved Buddha Papers No. 50, corners with black card indices, one chosen, all wrapped in paper, then only chosen one is face up and others changed to red, slit in buddha papers
Al Baker The Lesson No. 51, spectator takes one of two things from high shelf, performer knows which one, color goes out of arm that is hold high
Karl Fulves Darkroom Effect No. 52, napkin moved from one one table leg to another in dark room
Also published here 91
Karl Fulves Tell the Truth No. 53, performer knows which spectator holds a certain bill, television screen as secret mirror
, Bob Read Spot Remover No. 54, pencil through jacket, optional loading/stealing of spectator's pockets
Karl Fulves Cardboard Conjuring chapter intro
Karl Fulves Tailor's Ghost No. 55, pieces of cardboard shown blank, spectator's shirt size appears on one
Jack Miller, Burling Hull Slate Display Sequence done with cardboard
Related to 97
Karl Fulves A Winter's Tale No. 56, performer choses one of five pictures, spectator one of five titles, they match, all titles describe the same picture
Karl Fulves Mind Scan No. 57, two cardboards, one has triangle and circle cut out, other has some numbers, spectator puts first one on top of second one, adds numbers that are visible and announces total, performer knows numbers and which is in circle
Related to 100
Karl Fulves, Aage Darling, George G. Kaplan V.I.P. No. 58, spectators write down some presidents, assistant divines them
James G. Thompson Jr. Jet Thought No. 59, one of five cities predicted in envelope (with index)
Also published here 105
Karl Fulves Think of a President No. 60, envelope contains picture of named president
Inspired by 107
Karl Fulves Soup to Nuts No. 61, price of dinner chosen from menu predicted, Martin Gardner Principle
Related toVariations 108
Karl Fulves Robert E. Neale's Paper Magic chapter intro
Robert E. Neale Confetti No. 62, confetti in double Foo-Can, tube that is open on both ends and confetti does not fall out when poured into it and also not when turned over, but on turning back it does
Also published here 111
Robert E. Neale The Trapdoor No. 63, card frame turns inside out while spectator is holding it
VariationsAlso published here 112
Robert E. Neale TV Puzzle No. 64, paper fold puzzle
Also published here 114
Robert E. Neale Inside Out No. 65, topological origami tube
Also published here 116
Robert E. Neale Stripes Make You Thinner No. 66, trick using the Inside-out Tube
Also published here 117
Robert E. Neale Stretchit No. 67, trick using the Inside-Out Tube
Also published here 118
Robert E. Neale Flexible Transpo No. 68, trick using two Inside-Out Tubes
Also published here 119
Robert E. Neale Stretch a Bill No. 69, shape-changing tube with dollar bill
Inspired byAlso published here 120
Robert E. Neale Neale's Shortchange Wallet No. 70, wallet folded from paper, can be used to switch something
Also published here 121
Robert E. Neale The Con Artist No. 71, shortchange routine with wallet folded from paper, bills change into worthless paper
Also published here 123
Karl Fulves Further Paper Magic chapter intro
The Mystic Star No. 72, two blank cards, a star appears on one visibly when held against light
Also published here
  • "The Mystic Star" (Great Magicians' Tricks, Will Goldston, 1931)
Paddle Move with Cards
Also published here
  • in Great Magicians' Tricks, Will Goldston, 1931
Karl Fulves Almost Certainly No. 73, writing appears on blank card(s) to answer question
Lu Brent Endpapers No. 74, two papers folded in quarters, one paper punched to make four holes, one travels to other paper
Also published here 131
Karl Fulves Sharpshooter No. 75, popgun folded from paper, opens with bang when shaken, name of card appears on it
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force
Karl Fulves The Boys from the Girls No. 76, boy and girl names on paper, folded and cut, all boys are separated from girls, also as card revelation
Also published here 135
Karl Fulves Correcting Fluid No. 77, wrong prediction on paper construction changes to correct one
Lillian Oppenheimer The Captain's Shirt No. 78, newspaper folded and torn, during this hats and shirt shape made from it
Karl Fulves Almanac Affinity No. 79, spectator removes page of newspaper and adds all four page numbers, number used to look up word in almanac, forced, two handlings
Dr. Jacob Daley, L. Vosburgh Lyons Mirror, Mirror No. 80, paper strip with mirror words (OTTO, WOW, ...), performer writes "TOP" and "BOTTOM" on either end, when held in mirror top and bottom change places
Also published here 144
Karl Fulves Magic with Paper Magic No. 81, this book is a force-book with "tricks" as every fourth word at the start of each chapter, complicated force with cards, word and a card value predicted
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