Written by Simon Aronson
Work of Simon Aronson
173 pages (Hardcover), published by Savaco, Ltd.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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David Solomon Introduction
Simon Aronson Preface
Simon Aronson Under Her Spell Queens vanish from their packets, named Queen spelled out, other Queens produced as well
Also published here 3
Four as Three Count off the top of the deck
Also published here 4
Stanley Collins Collins Vanish brief
Also published here 4
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread brief
Steve Draun Technical Tips on the Collins Vanish
Simon Aronson Mark-a-Place Mates deck cut in halves, two spectator touch a card in each half, the cards next to the touch card in one half are the mates of the two card in the other half
Variations 10
Simon Aronson Mark-a-Place Force see p. 14 for credit information and applications
Related to 11
Simon Aronson Mark-a-Place Aces routine variation to find the Aces instead of two mates
Related to 14
Edward Marlo Spectator Shuffle with Set-up one riffle shuffle
Simon Aronson Paragon Poker Gardner-Marlo poker deal, three phases, with variations
Inspired byRelated to 17
Simon Aronson Self Control spectator cuts off pile and counts, remembers card at same position in rest while reverse-counting them, assembles everything, different revelations suggested
Related toAlso published here 24
Bruce Cervon Lie Speller brief
Simon Aronson Active Aces merging the beginning of Collins Aces with ending of Christ Aces
Inspired by 29
Simon Aronson Simple Simon overhand stacking sequence, with pre-setting during preliminary display, with variations in final comments
Related toVariations 36
Simon Aronson "Repeat" Surprise Climax overhand stacking, repeat in which a Royal Flush is received instead, Gardner-Marlo re-deal
Simon Aronson Lateral Palm Double Change top and bottom cards shown, they then change to two previous selections, also as Ace production in comment (2)
Simon Aronson Two Minds and a Mate card chosen, another removed and a third one thought-of, all found
Inspired byRelated toVariations 50
Simon Aronson, Brother John Hamman Signed Card Switch Variation
Simon Aronson Mix and Match two decks riffle shuffled together and divided into two halves, one chosen from one half, performer shouts stop when the other one is dealt, the cards match
Related to 59
Simon Aronson Time Out twelve cards, selection vanishes
Inspired byVariations 63
Simon Aronson Upjog Upset Unlimited Count
Inspired by 65
Simon Aronson Below the Belt two cards from two decks exchanged below table, they match, ends clean
Related to 70
Simon Aronson Oh Pity Me Location clocking with half deck of cyclical stack
  • The Half Deck Principle
  • The Basic Procedure
  • Handling Tips
  • Combinations
Simon Aronson Bait and Switch spectator names number and selects card, performer apparently brings the card to that number one-handed behind his back
Inspired by 85
Bruce Cervon Flip Over Force one-handed riffle slip force
Simon Aronson Color Feeling behind back, deck switch
Simon Aronson Any Card, Then Any Number with repeat, two methods
Simon Aronson Four Part Harmony center cut location expanded to four selections
Inspired byVariations 101
Simon Aronson Memorized Math on memorized deck in combination with mathematical principles
  • Stay Stacks
  • Counting
  • Interlocking Chains (also with one-way backs)
  • Duck and Deal (with formulas)
Related to 113
Simon Aronson Simon-Eyes two cards thought of with counting procedure, both cards divined with "No No's Fishing"
  • Reality
  • The Problem
  • No No's Fishing
  • The Simon-Eyes Arrangement
  • The Selection Procedure
  • Fishing in the Simon-Eyes Pack
  • Fishing for the Values
  • Fishing for the Suits
  • The Faro Restacking Simon-Eyes Pack
Related toVariations 123
Simon Aronson No No's Fishing fishing concept when fishing for two cards simultaneously
Simon Aronson Postscript
Also published here 172
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