Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

184 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ed Harris.
Language: English

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Karrell Fox Dedication 4
Karrell Fox Many Thanks to ... 5
Philip T. Goldstein Foreword 7
Charles Reynolds Foreword 7
Billy McComb Foreword 8
Karrell Fox Introduction 9
Karrell Fox "Imprompchop" ungaffed, rolled-up bill in any cup 15
Karrell Fox A "Better-Wetter" two methods to secretly get the fingers wet/moist for sleights 18
Karrell Fox The "Popper" Thimble Vanish popping sound 21
Karrell Fox The "Invisible Gun" popping sound with thumb-tipRelated to 22
Karrell Fox Triple Thimble Vanish routine 23
Karrell Fox "Manipucoin" ring attached to coin to stick it on thumb or finger for productions or vanishesRelated to 27
Karrell Fox "Yes-Sational-Coin Climax" half dollar becomes Chinese coin and grows several times with handkerchief to five inch coinInspired by
  • "The Fred Kaps Chinese Coin Trick"
Karrell Fox Nest O' Purses ring to nest of purses 32
Karrell Fox The "Let's cut out all of the Phoney Baloney and do something normal and natural for a Change.. Prediction" thoughts about framing a prediction 37
Karrell Fox "Mind-Dropper" six jumbo cards, one selected, another spectator drops all cards one by one except selection 38
Karrell Fox "Can't Miss" Book Test forcing a double page, rubber-cemented pages 40
Karrell Fox "C.B.S." Question Answering "couldn't be simpler", method to steal some of the billets away 42
Karrell Fox "Getting Away with Murder" Also published here 44
Karrell Fox How to Do - The "Let's cut out all of the Phoney Baloney and do something normal and natural for a Change" Prediction sending letter ahead for headline prediction, slip of paper switched when dumped out of envelope 47
Karrell Fox "Slo-Moshun" Color Change slow top change 51
Karrell Fox "Baffling Balance" balancing card on back of hand 52
Karrell Fox "Karrell's Klever Kard Kase" joker in case transposes with selection 54
Karrell Fox "The Foxy Flip" top half tossed up and revolves, selection flies out onto other handRelated to 55
Karrell Fox The Pretend Prediction imaginary or clear dice rolled, total predictedInspired by 57
Karrell Fox "Around-a-Bout" Card Production 58
Karrell Fox "Squeeze-Play" Card Production slow motion 60
Karrell Fox "Simply-Difficult" Aces Aces shuffled back and found by performer 63
Karrell Fox "Cassettecard" card appears on cassette with funny line 64
Karrell Fox The Meat-Slicer Cut 65
Karrell Fox "Jacks in the Box" spectator removes four unknown card and they are placed in case, they turn out to be the four Jacks, apparently putting cards in case, switchVariationsAlso published here 67
Karrell Fox Cut N' Shake Rope quickie 71
Karrell Fox "Rope Trick No. 221" (Two to One) two ropes melt together 73
Karrell Fox Comedy "Ball N' Rope" ping pong ball balanced on short rope, then it is seen that it is stuck to it, gag 77
Karrell Fox "Rope Trick No. 421" four ropes change to one 78
Karrell Fox Elmer's Rope Trick using glue package to get extra loop into play 80
Harold Sterling A "Sterling" Tip lin of baby clothes production from kid 85
Karrell Fox "Geni-Weenie" rubber sausage appears on lamp, gag 86
Karrell Fox "Tie N' Bow" tie is pivoted up as a giant bow tie 87
Karrell Fox Firecracker/Snakes firecracker tube explodes and spring snakes jump out, snake can 88
Karrell Fox "Dry Paint" sight-gag, paint can dumped into audience, red ribbon 90
Karrell Fox "Sumper Simple Silk-2-Egg" 95
Karrell Fox "Korn-ation Kream" spring flower bouquet produced from carnation cream can 97
Karrell Fox "Grow-Tania" feather flower bouquets appear in four flower pots from under silk, "garden of flowers" 98
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Silk Production Tip tip on producing items from under silk 98
Karrell Fox "Perpetual Stogies" endless repeat cigarette production 100
Karrell Fox Magic "Gone to Pot" spring flower production from flower pot, comedy presentation 102
Karrell Fox "Watch-It" broken and restored wristwatchRelated to 104
Karrell Fox The "Foxy" Paper Tear black and white paper torn, restores into paper hat from which paper rabbit is produced, optional live rabbit finaleVariations 106
Karrell Fox "Karrell's Chinese Tear" chinese signs on paper strips, funny messages, apparently bundle drops, sucker 108
Karrell Fox "IBM Rose" red and green paper crumpled up, changes into real rose 110
Karrell Fox The "Egg-ceptional Egg Bag" ungaffed bag, hook on egg 113
Karrell Fox The Really "Vanishing Cane" rolled up in newspaper, breast pocket unload 115
Karrell Fox "Simplicibill in Cigarette" white tubing as cigarette 117
Karrell Fox The "Foxy" Nest O' Bags finger ring in nest of bags, glass with rolled up silk in final bag 119
Karrell Fox The "Girl in the Fishbowl" & Re-Runs tiny apparently live girl in fishbowl in shelf construction, side-show, many different uses for it 125
Karrell Fox, Mickey Ostaski A "Hare-Raising" Illusion male picture card chosen, when it is eventually found, it has grown a beard 135
Karrell Fox "The Rabbit Asrah" asrah levitation and vanish with rabbit 135
Karrell Fox The "Utili-Base" Illusion Concept using one base for multiple illusions that are put on top
- Number 1: Temple of Benares
- Number 2: The Doll House
- Number 3: The Haunted House
- Number 4: Production from four stacked boxes
- Number 5: The "Mismade Girl"
- Number 6: "Carnival" Sword Box
- Number 7: "Cutting a Girl in Sixths"
- Number 8: "Toyland"
- Number 9: "Costume Crate"
- Number 10: "Jill in the Box"
- Number 11: "Send in the Clowns"
- Number 12: "The Hindu Basket"
- Number 13: "The Magic Top Hat"
Karrell Fox "Tricks of the Trades" trade shows, chapter intro 155
Karrell Fox "Hand it to 'Em" company name appears on cards at fingertips of fake handRelated to 155
Karrell Fox "Company Spirit" company name appears on spirit slates 156
Karrell Fox "The Card Commercial" company name appears on back of Royal Flush 156
Karrell Fox "A Commercial Fame-Up" company name appears in frame 157
Karrell Fox "It's in the Book" selection appears in sales catalog of company, trade show 163
Karrell Fox "How to Make a Pile of Money" spring bills appear on tray, trade show 164
Karrell Fox How It's Done Give Away give-away card 169
Karrell Fox "Woofle" Bottle squeaking plastic bottle 170
Karrell Fox "Ring-Around" shower cap to transport linking rings 171
Karrell Fox "Cups and Balls Apron" 172
Karrell Fox "Biz-Card's Concept" cards to pocket routine with borrowed business cards 173
Karrell Fox Final Edition - Paper Tear ends clean 177