Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Daryl Martinez

115 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

(34 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Stephen Minch Introduction: The Puerto Rican Gambler Unmasked on Daryl and his magic 5
Daryl Martinez The Boomeranging Card of Mystery card is thrown between two selectionsRelated to 13
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Cull single card 14
Unknown Dribbling the Cards 17
Paul LePaul Peek Finesse fingertip convincer 18
Dai Vernon, Daryl Martinez Double Peek Control Inspired by 19
Unknown Boomerang Flourish brief 24
Daryl Martinez The Chicago Conspiracy Variation One of "Bommeranging Card", non-throwing method 29
Unknown Chinese Deal 30
Daryl Martinez Quick Silver Variation Two of "Boomeranging Card", half dollar is thrown between two selections 31
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control for two selections 31
Daryl Martinez Tabled Two Card Control two methods, from injogs 35
Daryl Martinez Holding On between your palms with four-of-a-kind kickerVariations 38
Unknown Above-the-Spread Cull 40
Daryl Martinez Bluff Pass Handling 42
Daryl Martinez Tabled Transfer Cut to Bottom single card from top to bottom 46
Daryl Martinez Daley Strike Double Lift Finesse 48
Daryl Martinez Elmsely Count Finesse 51
Daryl Martinez The Puerto Rican Triumph Related to 54
Daryl Martinez, Harry Lorayne Delayed Spread-Pass 55
Dai Vernon, Daryl Martinez Interrupted Triumph Shuffle 58
Daryl Martinez Puerto Rican Cutting Display Variations 61
Daryl Martinez The Mysterious Cross of India based on routine by Tagaki, four coins in each handRelated to 70
Daryl Martinez In the Pinch catching selection with 2 quarters while spectator dribbles other halfRelated toVariations 80
Daryl Martinez Double Lift Handling to retain break after turnoverRelated to 82
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 84
Ross Bertram, Edward Marlo, Daryl Martinez Pivot Change Handling at table, with clean up 89
Daryl Martinez, Harvey Rosenthal Pop-Up Move with credit information on page 91 92
Daryl Martinez Conditional Assembly 94
Derek Dingle, Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction Variation 95
Daryl Martinez False Index Display ace of hearts as ace of diamond 98
Daryl Martinez Twisted Aces Redivivus last ace vanishes and reappears reversed in deckInspired byRelated toVariations 105
Brother John Hamman, Daryl Martinez Two-as-Four Count / DM Count only two backs used to count four cards 109
Daryl Martinez False Pip Display Ace of Hearts poses for ace of diamonds 114