Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

170 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ed Harris.
Language: English

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Karrell Fox Dedication to Billy McComb 4
Karrell Fox Thank Yous... 8
Harry Blackstone Foreword 10
Karrell Fox Introduction 12
Karrell Fox Gulliver's Nickel nickel becomes giant nickel under handkerchief and back to normal 17
Karrell Fox The "Slaphappy" Coin normal coin slapped, it grows to giant coin, sleeve load 18
Karrell Fox Floating Foam plastic foam cup floats, thumb stuck into it 19
Karrell Fox The Write Word pen vanishes, pull 21
Karrell Fox Confuscious Say routine in which name of selection appears on miniature spirit slates 23
Karrell Fox Changing the Change two nickels and two pennies transpose under jumbo nickel and penny 25
Unknown Bobo Switch brief 26
Karrell Fox A Mouse in the House mouse from handkerchief becomes cotton stuffed mouse 27
Karrell Fox E.Z. Bridge all cards of one suit produced in random order, shuffled deck 31
Karrell Fox A False Swinger swing cut followed by straight cut 32
Karrell Fox The Injog Palm injogged card copped from center when deck is removed 33
Karrell Fox P.U.P. "Pop-Up-Palm", starts in Curry Turnover position 35
Karrell Fox Around the Block 37
Karrell Fox It's in the Bag deck in paper bag, selection is not found, paper bag torn open, in it is an image of the selection 39
Karrell Fox The Vanishing Fifty-One deck put in handkerchief bag, jumbo card of selection taken out, rest vanishes 41
Karrell Fox Riddle Droodle spectators select cards and doodle some lines on cardboard, performer completes doodles to names of cards 43
Karrell Fox "Pip-Squeak" chosen card squeaks and is then oiled 45
Karrell Fox Flip-Over Aces four cards chosen and put in matchbook easel, they are riffled over and are AcesInspired by 47
Karrell Fox A "Tear-able" Card Trick packet torn into quarters, pieces mixed in paper bag, performer locates the four pieces of selectionRelated to 49
Karrell Fox Refreshment Time apparently full paper cups tossed into audience, confetti and milk pitcher 53
Karrell Fox Great Shot toy gun, child shoots rope into two parts 55
Karrell Fox Silkenbac silk vanishes from paper cone, reappears on child's back 58
Karrell Fox Here Doggy rubber sausage appears from top hat, sight gag 62
Karrell Fox The Vanishing Kid kid covered with large silks, apparently isn't found by performer 63
Karrell Fox A Couple of Card Miracles - The Perfect Miracle (performer deals blindfolded through deck, stops at selection)
- Pulse-Stop (performer holds spectator's wrist while going over spread to find selection)
Also published here 67
Karrell Fox That's My Girl girl names written on paper slips, but in paper bag, spectator takes one which is divined, force 69
Karrell Fox Tella-Vision tv show chosen in tv guide by saying stop while the performer's finger moves around on page, predicted 72
Karrell Fox Producing Predictions using headling prediction to predict winners, stock market, ... 74
Karrell Fox Lots'a Lock add-a-number pad to open padlock 76
Karrell Fox The "Imposiword" Book Test "one word will stand out to you", large word on pull 77
Karrell Fox A "Live" Catalogue flower bouquet from rolled up catalogue 81
Karrell Fox Funny-Filter paper streamer from cigarette 83
Karrell Fox Sonuva Switch jumbo card prediction is shown but changes, simplified "The McCombical Deck" prediction 84
Karrell Fox Cig-Flowers cigarette to bouquet of flowers 87
Karrell Fox Flat-Pop bottle from paper bag, load from trouser 88
Karrell Fox The "Loop" Lift extra loop under rubber band in sleeve 90
Karrell Fox The Winnah bill in thumb tipRelated to 91
Karrell Fox Visilk Transposition two openly held silks visibly transpose 94
Karrell Fox Simply Thurston 96
Karrell Fox A Lively Picture black drawing board/tray, dove drawn, becomes live dove, "gloves to dove" adaption 98
Karrell Fox One Beer - To Go bottle travels from paper bag to paper bag, rubber beer bottle (Norm Nielson) 100
Karrell Fox Paper-Money newspaper slips to bills, easy money 102
Karrell Fox Ready-Aim-Fire with single shot rifle, plate breaks in front of face 104
Karrell Fox Cigareasy 108
Karrell Fox Smooth as Silk deck vanishes from case, card silk in it instead 109
Karrell Fox The "Egg-splosion" egg hit into audience with ping-pong paddle, it explodes into confetti shower 111
Karrell Fox Three New Canes - Number One - Cane to Rope
- Number Two - Cane to Wand
- Number Three - Cane to Confetti
Karrell Fox Inflation flat paper bunny in dove pan, air pumped into pan, live rabbit 115
Karrell Fox A Soft Rabbit ball of cotton wool transforms into rabbit in cloth bag 117
Karrell Fox The "Foxy" Snake Basket whole chapter on Snake Basket, several bits and gags
- The E.Z. Way (thread animation)
- Do It Yourself Turban (out of towel)
- Pull 'Em Up
- Monkey Business
- Smokey Snake (card in cigarette combination, snake comes out smoking)
- Snake Collection
- Memories
Related to 121
Karrell Fox Tricks of the Trades chapter intro to trade show bits 135
Karrell Fox A "Spot" Announcement multi-pip card with company logo instead of card pips, trade show 135
Karrell Fox For a Change company logo or slogan appears on silk, trade show 136
Karrell Fox In the News trade show presentation for torn and restored newspaper 138
Karrell Fox Making it Big growing card fan with trade show patter 139
Karrell Fox Knowing the Ropes trade show patter for Tom Osborne's "Three-to-One Rope" trick 140
Karrell Fox A Big Finish trade show presentation for Gen Grant's Temple Screen production 142
Karrell Fox Stretch-a-Tie growing necktie 145
Karrell Fox Give-Away Tie Clip making tie clip out of plastic stirrer 146
Karrell Fox "Foxy" Thimble Holders 149
Karrell Fox The "Magic Marker" splotch of ink on shirt, gag 151
Karrell Fox, Mickey Ostaski Mickey's Table 154
Karrell Fox Sid Sez intro 159
Sid Lorraine Comed Magicians I Have Known on Larry Gray, Judson Cole, Frank van Hoven, ... 159
Karrell Fox Be Origginal 164
Karrell Fox "Triple Talk" three lists, generating random buzz words, bullshit generator 166
Karrell Fox A Final thought... 169