Written by Harry Lorayne
Work of Harry Lorayne
644 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Shaun Robison
Language: English
177 entries
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Harry Lorayne Foreword "Their collective attitude is that this is a 'book for the ages'! Some remarked that it has to be the most valuable book on card magic to appear within at least the last sixty years."
Harry Lorayne Up Front
The Center Hindu Shuffle stock control
The Overhand Jog Shuffle
Harry Lorayne To The Point four Aces on table, one pointed to, three cards on top, others lost in deck, assembly
Inspired byAlso published here 3
Frederick Braue Braue Secret Addition and switch
Harry Lorayne It's Not Easy To Lie card selected from nine-card packet with down/under deal, card from remaining eight cards thought-of, lie detector, original selection used to count down to find it
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 9
Harry Lorayne Double Down Under Location location of two cards with down-under deal
Harry Lorayne That's The Truth! small packet
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Harry Lorayne Those Cutting Edges two in-the-hands false cut, starting with center swivel cut, variations with table
Harry Lorayne Many Cuts multiple to-the-table false cut, also as a cut control
Harry Lorayne Swivel, Kick, Push-Up triple-cut revelation of selection, left thumb drags out selection
Harry Lorayne Up-The-Ladder "Spread" Cut
Harry Lorayne Cut Control To Palm action palm during to-table-cut sequence
Harry Lorayne Dig This "I have as many cards as you, plus...", Royal Flush kicker
Harry Lorayne An Impossible Location
Harry Lorayne New Red/Black Shuffle with in-the-hands variation in Afterthoughts
Inspired by 49
Harry Lorayne Royal HaLo four Ace cutting, count-down with indicator with final Ace, Royal Flush kicker
Inspired by 57
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut
Slip Shuffle
Harry Lorayne The Spread/Gather Reverse top card turned over during ribbon-spread turnover on table
Related toAlso published here 61
Harry Lorayne Doublocation locating two selection with randomly selected indicator cards, impro
Inspired byVariations 67
Harry Lorayne Color (Not So) Quickie
Inspired byAlso published here 71
All Alike Display hindu
Harry Lorayne Angle Ribbon Spread step, credit claim in Afterthoughts
Related to 75
Harry Lorayne "Slip"pery Sandwich detective finds two selection on either side, reverse sandwich
Harry Lorayne Slip Shuffle 3-Card Control
Harry Lorayne "Slip"pery Four-of-a-Kind named card locates its three mates
Harry Lorayne Pretty Strong spectator removes three cards and remembers one of them, all shuffled back, card located, one of three
Related toVariationsAlso published here 85
Alignment Move
Harry Lorayne Bonus "Slip"pery Handlings
  • "Extra-Run" Slip Shuffle (controlling four cards)
  • "Double Slip"
  • Overhand Stacking application
Harry Lorayne Four-Ace Lead-In selection ends up in middle of the four Aces, not reversed
Harry Lorayne Stop Me, Please performer does continuous cuts, spectator stops him, selection is there, also as four-Ace revelation
Two-Card Toss
Harry Lorayne Double Toss Change two-card catch action as two-card switch, Jinx dynamics
  • Double Ambition application
  • two Aces change color two times (Tens Routine)
Harry Lorayne Snappier Flush quick Royal Flush production, two Two-Card Tosses
Inspired byRelated to 105
Harry Lorayne Transposition Position no duplicate, does not start with a double lift, with John Scarne's glass staging
Inspired byAlso published here 111
Harry Lorayne The Gambling Magician Ace of Spades riffle stacked one card down at a time, then rises back to top
Stevens Control Variation
Harry Lorayne The Magical Gambler
Inspired by
  • Paul Gordon effect
Edward Marlo Simple Shift
Harry Lorayne Mental Vibrations spectator thinks of one of five cards, majority fishing (one no), with lead-in effect
Inspired byVariations 129
Harry Lorayne Greatest Card Handler Of All Aces lost in sixteen-card packet, then spelled out, two selections found as well
Related to 133
Faro Slough-Off
Harry Lorayne Easier Aces Aces lost in sixteen-card packet, then spelled out
Harry Lorayne Simple(?) Ace Revelation
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift
Thumb Push-Up Revelation dragging out card with thumb from center
Harry Lorayne Goin' Fishin' pop-out production using HaLo Cut
Harry Lorayne Surprisingly Good four Ace revelation, HaLo Cut application, Somersault Revelation
Also published here 151
Harry Lorayne Royal Re-Crossing Royal Flush revelation
Inspired by 157
Harry Lorayne A Simple Thing spelling to any named card, impromptu
Harry Lorayne Can It be? four-card repeat, selection and Royal Flush finale
Harry Lorayne The Unique Peek Marlo's Incomplete-Faro Control, controlling to twenty-seventh position, spelling application
Harry Lorayne Unique Peek #2 faro sandwich after incomplete faro control
Harry Lorayne Unique Peek #3 locator card ends up between two selections via incomplete faro control
Harry Lorayne Unique Peek #4 card found with Reverse Faro Ending
Harry Lorayne Unique Peek #5 naming card selected from incomplete faro peek, or finding it or its mate
Harry Lorayne Unique Peek "Killer" making an incomplete faro peek a challenge location
Harry Lorayne "Killer" Bonus card found with Reverse Faro Ending
Harry Lorayne Magnetic Pull selection travels next to out-jogged reversed card, optional sandwich follow-up
Also published here 185
Harry Lorayne An Ear Full of Cider cider quote presentation, selection spins out of deck
Harry Lorayne Lorayne Spin card spins out of deck
Harry Lorayne My Second Keeper, Cont'd keeping card at second position during shuffles
  • card changes into selection
  • Reverse Faro Ending
  • counting down to selection
Inspired by 199
Harry Lorayne A Much Better Chance Power Poker type, no bottom deals, spectator always gets Royal Flush
Related toAlso published here 205
Harry Lorayne Two Over Easy 4&4
Inspired by
  • Gabi Pareras idea
Also published here
Harry Lorayne Another Snappy Flush quick Royal Flush production
Inspired byRelated to 215
Harry Lorayne Ultra Double Ambition using ultra move
Harry Lorayne Two Ambitious more a transposition theme
Also published here 223
Harry Lorayne Foursome Fourall impromptu all-of-a-kind
Inspired byRelated to 227
Harry Lorayne Harreverse
Also published here 227
Harry Lorayne Two By Two two reversed cards in deck change into selection
Harry Lorayne, Doug Edwards Quick And Easy selection lost, spectator cuts deck in five heaps, top cards taken, Reverse Faro Ending to locate it
Also published here 239
Harry Lorayne Dried-Out Sloppy Card Trick selection appears on named number up to ten, without saliva
Inspired by 243
Harry Lorayne Dealer Wins Extension Daley's Last type transpo, Royal Flush kicker
Inspired by 247
“Underground” Double Turnover bottom two cards of three-card packet
Harry Lorayne Take Five five cards touched and outjogged, down-under-deal, remaining card matches prediction
Related toAlso published here 253
Harry Lorayne Push-In Strip-Out Switch outjogged cards pivoted out and put on top, see also p. 266 for tabled variation
Harry Lorayne Mate Finger Via Take Five five cards removed from spread, two reversed, they are mates
Inspired by 259
Harry Lorayne Catch A Royal spectator touches five cards in spread, they're pivoted out and shown to be Royal Flush
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 263
Harry Lorayne Direct Collect three unknown cards between Aces turn out to be later selections
Inspired byAlso published here 269
Harry Lorayne One From Five Marlo subtlety beginning
Harry Lorayne Good-Sequence Sandwich
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Secret Addition Braue Addition Variation
Harry Lorayne Still Your Choice
Inspired byVariations 283
Harry Lorayne I Love Challenges cleaner ending
Inspired by 289
Harry Lorayne Triple Take card at thought-of position remembered, faro, poker deal, card at thought-of position in one of the hands, Royal Flush kicker
Inspired byAlso published here 297
Harry Lorayne New Sandwich
Also published here 301
Harry Lorayne Old Sandwich
Inspired by 305
Harry Lorayne, Jed B. Smith Discrepancy Sandwich
Inspired byAlso published here 311
David Michael Evans, Jed B. Smith Frisco Flash discrepant switch, flushtration count, here credited to Jed Smith
Related to 313
Harry Lorayne Counted Out selection appears in middle of four-card packet, with five-as-four count
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 315
Harry Lorayne Incredibly Sweet Four-Card Change four indifferent cards change into four Aces, multiple switch handlings
Inspired by 321
Harry Lorayne Overhand-Run Control reversing the top few cards in overhand shuffle sequence
Related to 329
Harry Lorayne The Family Unit all court cards, marriage effect with the packet
Inspired byAlso published here 333
Charlier Charlier Shuffle brief
Harry Lorayne The Broken Count two spectators remember cards at their thought-of numbers, controlled to fifth from top and bottom, impro from there
Inspired byAlso published here 339
Harry Lorayne Magician's Choice one out of five
Harry Lorayne To An Extreme magician's choice for one out of ten
Harry Lorayne Pleasing Combination two card location with Reverse Faro Ending and down-under deal
Also published here 349
Harry Lorayne Center-"Feel'd" Catch also with double card for two-card revelation routine
Related to 355
Gambler's Cop
Harry Lorayne Spelling Instructions spelling a long sentence through deck, selection is actually in pocket
Inspired by 361
Harry Lorayne Absolutely Impossible Location
Harry Lorayne Tally-Ho Extended four Aces as kicker, Royal Flush variation
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 369
Harry Lorayne The Amazing Court-Card Trick one of twelve chosen cards chosen, it matches named (by magician) picture card selection, other eleven cards are other court cards
Inspired by
  • "Famous Jack of Spades Trick" (Aldo Colombini)
The Hop off the Bottom bold switch, Jinx type
Harry Lorayne Six Ways And Means
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Harry Lorayne Jacks Are Better four Jacks are found instead of selection, then selection
Variations 383
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force under-the-fan force
Harry Lorayne My Favorite Card two spectators have half the deck each, cut off cards and count, digits added, remember a card at that position, located, faro
Harry Lorayne A Spell of Whether spectator cuts deck in four piles, counts one and remembers card at that position after adding digits, later spelled to, faro
Harry Lorayne Double Whammy spectator cuts off half the deck, counts the cards, adds digits and remembers cards at position, repeat phase
Harry Lorayne The Real Work two-card location, do as I do style
Inspired byAlso published here 403
Harry Lorayne (R)Evolutionary card in spread chosen, shown with right hand, transferred to left hand and thumped to table, Transfer Second Deal, then lapped
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 411
Harry Lorayne Platinum Discrepancy two halves, spectator and performer select a card from each which goes reversed in other half, mates
Related toVariationsAlso published here 417
Harry Lorayne Delayed Braue Reverse card pushed into deck half-way through
Harry Lorayne Better Overhand-Shuffle Stack
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 421
Harry Lorayne Down And Dirty convincing control into cop (called "Rear Palm" here), to pocket application, two handlings
Harry Lorayne Kingly Loc-Ace-Tion Aces are lost and spelled to, then Kings are found as well, faro
Inspired by 433
Harry Lorayne Killer Sandwich chosen card sandwiched and placed in center, Ace of Spades lost, Ace now sandwiched and selection in pocket
Inspired byAlso published here 437
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut Cop
Harry Lorayne Epitome Location, Junior packet with value zero removed, spectator pockets one card, deck combined, performer looks through and removes three-of-a-kind that matches, handling variations
Harry Lorayne Mated Updated spectator finds two mates by putting cards next to them in deck
Also published here 451
Harry Lorayne Quick Mate cut production, showing that card is not on top or bottom before
  • HaLo Thumb Drag
Also published here 455
Harry Lorayne One Extra Little Maneuver slop shuffle Triumph
Harry Lorayne Optically Controlled illogical cut control, showing that card is not on top and bottom, with Convincing Control addition and pocket finale
Inspired byAlso published here 463
Harry Lorayne Billustrious bills are put next to Aces during deal onto table, Royal Flush kicker, Gemini Twins
Inspired byAlso published here 467
Harry Lorayne That's Impossible automatic placement procedure, then brought to any named number
VariationsAlso published here 471
Harry Lorayne So Is This! faro
Harry Lorayne Alternative Blackjack Jacks placed on top of Aces and squeezed, instantly dealt off in pairs
Inspired byVariations 479
Harry Lorayne Darn! I Couldn't... four Tens on table, three cards on each, CATO ("leave or reverse"), Aces are only cards reversed cards in the end
Related toVariationsAlso published here 485
Harry Lorayne A Couple of Pages sixteen cards mixed face up and down by spectator, number of reversed cards and their total predicted
Inspired by 489
Harry Lorayne Symbiotic sixteen cards shuffled face-up/face-down, Aces are only cards reversed at the end, faro
Harry Lorayne Spur of the Moment two selections are only reversed cards in packet after CATO procedure
Inspired by 495
Harry Lorayne Another Moment CATO procedure with twelve-card packet, reversed cards at end are known, or total predicted, or...
Harry Lorayne Poker From Blackjack blackjack/Royal Flush themed packet trick
Inspired by 503
Harry Lorayne Six-as-Five Display
Harry Lorayne Flabbergast Ten of Spades and Ace of Spades lost face-up in deck, they sandwich three cards, Royal Flush, faro
Harry Lorayne Your Favorite Card quick throw-away transposition
Also published here 513
Harry Lorayne Numero Uno number up to twenty names, that many cards cut off by performer, selection at that position
Also published here 515
Harry Lorayne My Cup of Tea
Inspired by 519
Harry Lorayne Slip-Cut Alternate cover pass false cut as slip cut replacement
Harry Lorayne A Cutting Spectator pick-up from wrong packets
Inspired by 527
Harry Lorayne Think Only one of nine, OOSOOM
Bottom Card Glimpse all-around square up
Harry Lorayne Think Again OOSOOM, no-shuffle distribution of possibilities
Harry Lorayne Block HaLo Cut block bottom slip cut
Harry Lorayne Poker Power pick-a-card poker with face-up cards, Aces or Royal Flush kicker, faro
Harry Lorayne More Poker Power Cull Down Variation to back instead of bottom, jog and strip out
Inspired byVariations 547
Harry Lorayne Pied Piper two selections and "pied piper card" turn over, deck momentarily under table
Also published here 551
Harry Lorayne Covered Deck Turnover deck turned over one-handed under cover card, under the table
Harry Lorayne Really Quick
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal cutting sequence
Also published here 558
Harry Lorayne Miraculous Coincidence five cards chosen, one of those reversed, matches previously removed prediction, miscall
Inspired by
  • Randy Wakeman effect
Harry Lorayne Braue Reversal Variation
Harry Lorayne A Far Cry one of five cards thought of, others change to Aces
Inspired by 567
Harry Lorayne Hokus Pokus four Ace production
Inspired byAlso published here 571
Harry Lorayne Hokus Pokus Royal Royal Flush production
Inspired byAlso published here 577
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift Variation switching one of two cards
Harry Lorayne The Great Divide named quartet removed, it is used to separate deck into colors, updated handling
Inspired by 579
Harry Lorayne The Bridge Divide spades deal, faro, Great Divide
Harry Lorayne Location Divide one suit every fourth card, one card moved and located
Harry Lorayne Divide For A Spell using deal jog to set up for spelling
Related to 591
Harry Lorayne Red-Black (Divide) Location divided deck riffle glimpse
Inspired by 595
Harry Lorayne Point And Divide number from twenty to twenty-five names, that many cards counted off, two piles made, specator moves a cards from pile to pile, found, pointer and non-pointer cards
Harry Lorayne Divide And Conquer three cards chosen and located
Harry Lorayne Special Bonus Rising Crime assembly with Jacks, then Aces show up and deck is separated in reds and blacks
Variations 609
Rising Crime Display
Harry Lorayne Rising Crime Display Variation
Harry Lorayne Bonus Royale Royal Flush production
Inspired byAlso published here 615
Harry Lorayne Beyond Belief several anti-faros with about half the deck, Royal Flush and Twos produced
Inspired byVariations 621
Harry Lorayne Beyond Belief Relief several anti-faros with about half the deck, Royal Flush and Twos produced, faro
Inspired by 627
Harry Lorayne What A M-E-S! "Memory Estimation Sleight-of-hand"
shuffled deck, card removed (force), divined after dealing deck into four piles, one of each value in each pile, memory demonstrations, all four-of-a-kinds together, faro
Inspired byRelated toVariations 631
Harry Lorayne Last Word
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