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202 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
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Harry Lorayne Foreword
Double Cut top to bottom and bottom to top
Simple card control transfer cut
Harry Lorayne What Are The Odds? (A Tantalizer Treatise) with full deck or half deck, Aces or Royal Flush on dealt packets as kicker, faro
Inspired by 4
Slough-Off Faro
Harry Lorayne (Odd Back) And Forth with two selections, one named, pocket climax
Inspired by 13
Harry Lorayne Choices! suit and value of top cards after dealing match selection, mates of those two cards produced as well
Related to 16
Harry Lorayne 6-Card Reverse Faro Ending, Plus extensions of Reverse Faro Ending (usually five cards) for six cards or more, cards turned over with anti-faro until one card is left face-down and it is selection
Harry Lorayne About Face Kings twisting phase with extra card and selected card is fished out of deck with Kings as finale
Related to 26
Harry Lorayne About Face - And Collect! twisted collectors, two methods
Harry Lorayne To Catch A Royal four Aces produced, they change into Royal Flush
Inspired byRelated to 34
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal
Harry Lorayne Collect Again
Inspired by
  • George Hills routine (Linking Ring)
Harry Lorayne Two Between selection found in sandwich, changes into second selection and first one back between sandwich cards in deck
Push-Down Sandwich Change
Harry Lorayne T(w)o Be Spelled two cards openly turned face up and shuffled into deck, then spelled to, shuffle tracking presentation
Harry Lorayne Even Better Red/Black Shuffles
  • Faro Based Method (center pulled out)
  • Hindu-Shuffle Based Method (also as running cut)
Harry Lorayne Bottom Block Slip Cut
Harry Lorayne Red-Black Location divided deck, riffle glimpse
Also published here 52
Harry Lorayne Lucky Thirteen Three-spot as for multiple outs in thirteen-card packet
Inspired byAlso published here 53
Harry Lorayne Instant Double Decker sandwiched card in deck turns out to be later selection, follow up in which the sandwich card instantly find the card again and it vanishes again between them
Related to 56
Harry Lorayne The Hopless Hop top card shown and side-jogged, cut into center, secret slip cut, incorporating side-jog idea by Jack Carpenter, two methods
Inspired by 61
Harry Lorayne Tilted "In Depth"
  • Bottom Out (to second from bottom)
  • Sidewinder (insertion started from the side as left hand turns)
Harry Lorayne Tilt Ambitous Card Phase
Harry Lorayne Two-Color Memory Test
Center Double Lift
Harry Lorayne "Simply" Effective card forced, packets shown, when spectator says he sees his card the performer instantly shouts its name, shocking
Harry Lorayne Behind-The-Back Classic Force
Related to 76
Harry Lorayne Monte Monte Plus routine for "Monte Plus" and "Monte Plus Plus" moves
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus
Also published here 78
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus
Also published here 80
Harry Lorayne Monte Plus with Four-Card Spread
Inspired by 82
Harry Lorayne Fair And Square 4x4 square layout, spectator choses row or column, values added, selection at that position in the rest, magic square force
Harry Lorayne Spel-Loc-Ace-Tion
Harry Lorayne The Spread Control three cards dropped on table spread and spread gathered
Harry Lorayne Sandwich Plus Two three selections sandwiched one by one
Inspired by
  • routine in Peter's Mindblaster by Jerry Brown
Also published here
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force card under fan, see also p. 73
Harry Lorayne 3-4-1 three piles, spectator moves his selected card from pile to pile, performer divines piles and names card
Also published here 95
Harry Lorayne Nine To Twelve a few cards including selection taken and a series of tricks performed
  • Reverse Faro Ending
  • Spel(l)egant
  • No-Force Lorayne Force
  • Telekinesis
Related to 98
Harry Lorayne No-Force Lorayne Force card hidden behind fan, spectator thinks of card and its position in twelve-card packet, card vanishes and reappears reversed in packet
Harry Lorayne Telekinesis face-up/face-down packet, selection travels from face-up to face-down packet
Inspired by
  • "Where Has It Gone" (Hideo Kato, Genii, Sept. 1969)
Harry Lorayne Down-Under Location with nine-card packet
Harry Lorayne Side To Side simplified side-steal, clip steal to bottom or second from bottom
Related toAlso published here 107
Harry Lorayne Clip Reversal
Related to 110
Harry Lorayne Find Four mates come together from different parts and sandwich the four Aces, with variations
Inspired by 111
Harry Lorayne Three First sandwich effect with three cards, they are Aces, fourth Ace also found
Harry Lorayne SCAM "Spectator Cuts Aces Method"
with repeat explanation of "To Catch an Ace #6"
Related toAlso published here 118
Harry Lorayne TCAA #5 Handling four cards removed, they change into the Aces
Inspired by 122
Harry Lorayne SOTM "Spur Of The Moment"
five four-card packets on table, one chosen by spectator, they are the Aces
Related to 124
Harry Lorayne About Counts four-as-four counts in End Grip
  • The Center Switch Count
  • The Double Double Count
  • The Lorayne Count
Related to 126
Harry Lorayne A Much Better Chance Power Poker type, no bottom deals, spectator always gets Royal Flush
Also published here 133
Harry Lorayne AACAAN "Almost Any Card At Any Number"
Inspired by 137
Harry Lorayne 12/21 number of cards removed, card at that number in rest remembered, later spelled to
Harry Lorayne Magic Jacks Jacks find three selections and Aces
Inspired by 141
Harry Lorayne Counted Out selection appears in middle of four-card packet, with five-as-four count
Also published here 144
Harry Lorayne Triple Take card at thought-of position remembered, faro, poker deal, card at thought-of position in one of the hands, Royal Flush kicker
Also published here 147
Harry Lorayne An Open Prediction open prediction, five cards chosen, then one of those by down-under-deal
Related to 149
Harry Lorayne Push-In Strip-Out Switch outjogged cards pivoted out and put on top
Related to 150
Harry Lorayne Your Favorite Card quick throw-away transposition
Also published here 153
Angle Ribbon Spread step spread
Harry Lorayne Double Angle deck spread face down, two cards named and drawn out, two steps in spread
Harry Lorayne Royalt(ra)y five cards chosen, they change into Royal Flush with Tray Display for the royal flush
Harry Lorayne RTP - Reverse To Position Braue Reversal variation, see also p. 165
Harry Lorayne Sweet Five-Card Change
Inspired by 160
Harry Lorayne Universal Triumph
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal cutting sequence
Harry Lorayne Instantly Wired half the deck secretly turned over during cutting sequence
Harry Lorayne Don't Blink quick three-card revelation, also for four cards
Harry Lorayne Royal Impossibility Royal Flush cards lost and found again, losing by cutting them into the deck with crimp and cuts
Related toAlso published here 171
Harry Lorayne A Royal Force spectator place four high spade cards together face-up in deck, fifth Royal Flush card appears between them, Lorayne Force load
Harry Lorayne Sandwich Ramblings sandwich cards appear face-up around selection in deck, eight methods
Harry Lorayne Psychic Spell placing the selection with preliminary bluff spell and turnover of whole packet
Harry Lorayne All For(ce) One Loryane Force application, spectators point to position in deck and divide the deck into four sections that way, Aces on faces
John Bahu Devilish Switch half the deck with outjogged card is turned over and tabled, partial packet switch, used to switch reversed card in half
Double Lift Reverse top to second from top
Harry Lorayne Lead On! five red and five black cards
Related to 189
Harry Lorayne Switch! outjogged card switched as deck is turned above and below it
Harry Lorayne Switch! Transposition one card in pocket
Harry Lorayne The HaLo Cut
Harry Lorayne Last Word
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