Written by George Schindler

Work of Meir Yedid

47 pages (Paperback), published by Meir Yedid Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Fred Kraus.
Language: English

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Meir Yedid Foreword 7
George Schindler Introduction 9
Meir Yedid Hallucination three coins appear and then vanish in a hole of disc, then hole vanishes and disc becomes solid 11
Meir Yedid Production of a Coin with Flash Paper 12
Meir Yedid The French Drop 16
T. Nelson Downs The Kick Move under purse 17
Meir Yedid Meir Yedid's Almost Perfect Vanish screened lappingAlso published here 18
John Cornelius, Meir Yedid Flash Cigarette Papers 21
Meir Yedid Ribit-Rabbit sponge ball routine, with transformation to sponge rabbit climax 23
Meir Yedid Half-Fist Sponge Steal 24
Meir Yedid Tabled One-Hand Vanish 25
Meir Yedid Disengaged Digit vanish of first finger
- Finger Back Palm
Meir Yedid Card Flakes small box of corn flakes turns into deck of cards, inside box are the corn flakes and cards appear from mouth 30
Edward Marlo, Meir Yedid Rise, Rise, Rise to change small box of corn flakes into deck of playing cards 31
Unknown Injog Control angled card, cut on top 33
Gene Maze Box Top selection transposes with random card in case, box and cards are riffle shuffled togehter 35
Gene Maze "Stop" Sandwich card sandwiched between two stopped at cards 38
Joe Safuto Porous Potholder cards through potholder, then rubber hand holding Royal Flush is producedRelated to 41
Unknown Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vanish 46