Written by Phil Willmarth

Work of Jim Ryan

16 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Phil Willmarth.
Language: English

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Phil Willmarth Introduction
Jim Ryan The Static Matches match jumps in the air when touched by second match 1
Jim Ryan Off with its Head! invisible hair, head of match pops off 2
Jim Ryan The Broken and Restored Match three pieces, one is thrown away and returns to hand, eventually match is restored 2
Jim Ryan Ash Wednesday ashes on palm of spectator's hand 3
Jim Ryan Thimble Fun! thimbles are produced and placed in hat, then thimbles vanish from hat, snapping the hat 4
Jim Ryan The Sexiness Tester two toothpicks, one slowly jumps up and down 5
Jim Ryan Oops, Broke the Band! 7
Jim Ryan Good Night, George! rubber band is slowly moving down into fist 8
Jim Ryan Cathy's Screwy Finger Bit first fingers slowly draw together 8
Jim Ryan The Bill Tear bill is folded and torn upAlso published here 9
Jim Ryan Jim's Quick Spell Also published here 11
Al Leech, Jim Ryan Al Leech's "Red Hot Mama" 12
Jim Ryan Almost Impromptu Solid Ghjost Zombie without ball, impromptu 13
Jim Ryan Jim's Thumb Tie 14
Jim Ryan Fatima was a Dancer hand puppet from handkerchief, ballet dancerRelated to 16