Written by Baltazar Fuentes

Work of Baltazar Fuentes

48 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Baltazar Fuentes.
Language: English

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Baltazar Fuentes Introduction
Baltazar Fuentes Center Block Steal as top half is replaced 1
Baltazar Fuentes Peeked Card to Full Palm Inspired by 3
Baltazar Fuentes Top Card Reverse top card reversed to bottom, dragged around with left fingers 5
Baltazar Fuentes Kick Kut Kop swing cut palm, into kind of perpendicular cop positionInspired by 8
Baltazar Fuentes No Slip Cut Single Zarrow Shuffle NSCSZS
running-cut set-up
Inspired by 10
Unknown Up the Ladder Cut 13
Baltazar Fuentes Out with Roth Okito Box with inside rimInspired by 14
Baltazar Fuentes Mime Display coin moves from edge grip to Ramsay Subtlety 16
Unknown Edge Grip Display 18
Baltazar Fuentes Two Intuitions card spectator cuts to is predicted with three mates, another previously tabled card turns out to be later signed selectionInspired by 23
Baltazar Fuentes The El Paso Subtlety giving a choice when riffle forcing and having a duplicate face in play 25
Unknown 203rd Force Variant under the table 25
Baltazar Fuentes Styrofoam Switch card on table is apparently picked up with another card and switched, it is actually on a string with styrofoam cube at the end and pulled into lap quickly 27
Baltazar Fuentes Poker Choice jonah card changes in middle of routineInspired by
  • Harry Riser's routine from his book
Baltazar Fuentes The Impossible Open Prediction card touched in face-down spread matches open or unknown prediction 32
Baltazar Fuentes The Slydini Switch card on table edge, card shelf 33
Baltazar Fuentes Fast Five Hand Poker Stack one shuffle, with pre-setting 35
Baltazar Fuentes Fuentes Step Insertion Aces apparently put on bottom, but inserted into two breaks near bottom 35
Baltazar Fuentes Spectator Cuts Double II Aces and TensInspired by 37
Baltazar Fuentes Fuentes Gravity Change as transfer 38
Baltazar Fuentes Subway Pivot Transfer from right-hand Lateral Palm to left-hand packet 39
Baltazar Fuentes Spectator Cuts to the Aces three methods 41
Unknown Front Index Break left first finger holds break 43
Baltazar Fuentes Finnel Finessed four Aces lost and found 45