Written by Lance Pierce
Work of John Cornelius
181 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
60 entries
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Lance Pierce Foreword
John Cornelius Baby Boom baby bottle nipple as coin clip
John Cornelius Prints Valiant blank paper printed into business cards, long-short, lettering as impromptu rough-smooth
John Cornelius Roughly Mental stack of blank business cards, spectator names number, at that position is the only printed card and the number is written on it, lettering as impromptu rough-smooth
John Cornelius MoonShine Locations watch band as shiner
Related to 9
John Cornelius Passages passage from outside jacket pocket to topit with applications
John Cornelius On the Tip of my Tongue card to mouth when performer turns around, topit tunnel
John Cornelius A Toast full glass appears in hand when the performer turns around, bar effect
John Cornelius Instant Travelers one palm, topit
John Cornelius KnotSoTuff with two ropes
Also published here 17
John Cornelius The Fan Steal
John Cornelius Flicker as card is flicked to table
Also published here 27
John Cornelius Fold-A-Card in quarters, while spreading through deck with faces towards performer
Also published here 29
John Cornelius Peeping Tom glimpsing key card during faro cascade
Related to 31
John Cornelius The Master Cut
  • The Charlier Cut
  • The Circle and Roll Cut
John Cornelius The Apprentice Cut
John Cornelius The Oh, Calcutta! Shuffle false Hindu shuffle
Also published here 39
John Cornelius Spring Set
Also published here 41
John Cornelius The Winter Change
Also published here 43
John Cornelius Go For Go Switch for poker hand while looking at the cards
John Cornelius Armed & Ready elbow catch
Also published here 51
John Cornelius D'Artagnan's Release cocktail plastic sword through straw
Also published here 53
John Cornelius Dial-A-Trick medium secretly listens the whole time
John Cornelius Lines of Flux powerful magnet below table makes fork magnetic above table
Also published here 57
John Cornelius Impromptu Ghost Trap rubber tubing as glorpy alternative
John Cornelius Arisen! animation by thumb instead of fourth finger
John Cornelius An Assemblage of Silver
John Cornelius Bluff Poker
Inspired by 71
John Cornelius Marked for Life color changing back kicker
Inspired by 75
John Cornelius The John Cornelius Card System
Also published here 81
John Cornelius Threefold three spectators cut the deck, remember the bottom card of the pile and put the cards in their pockets, three thought of cards are divined
Also published here 81
John Cornelius Hanky apparently showing trouser pocket empty by turning it inside out
John Cornelius Deck in the Round (Pocket Rocket Aces)
Aces to pocket one by one, as climax deck to pocket with secret switch
John Cornelius SmokeFree cigarette on pull
John Cornelius Trying to Quit rubber tubing cigarettes, with applications
  • Ephemeral
  • Chain Smoker
  • Lip Service
John Cornelius Flashes flash paper ideas
John Cornelius A Smoke for Old Scratch flash paper to cigarette
Also published here 99
John Cornelius My Card, Sir flash paper to business card, back palm
John Cornelius Hot Silver flash paper to coin
John Cornelius Fanning the Flames flash paper to automatic card fan
John Cornelius The Pendulum Principle ball vanish under handkerchief and die vanish
John Cornelius Super (Ball) Card Rise rubber ball, deck in glass
John Cornelius Meta-Fusion silver coin placed in hand, two copper coins come out, ends clean
Also published here 111
John Cornelius MoneyTalk denomination and serial number of bill read that is given behind back
Also published here 113
John Cornelius Shrinkage
John Cornelius Slow Motion Fadeaway
Also published here 119
John Cornelius The Jawbreakers three balls vanish one by one, reappear
Inspired by 123
John Cornelius False Transfer with lapping afterwards
John Cornelius The IncrediBill Routine borrowed large denomination bill is folded and ignited, it vanishes in a flash, paper rolled up and ignited, it changes into rolled-up $1 bill in a flash, that changes into borrowed bill
Also published here 129
Roger Klause The $100 Bill Change
John Cornelius Change of Mind one of five, kicker
John Cornelius My Lady's Ring borrowed rings appear to transpose or be at several places at once
Also published here 139
John Cornelius The Fickle Nickel invented 1972, with credit information
John Cornelius The Ball, The Bowl, and the Big, Big Cake very involved cake production as final load
Related to 147
False Transfer
John Cornelius The F.I.S.M. Act or Every Card Trick in the World in Ten Minutes among other things: shrinking card case, multiple selection, four-of-a-kind production, shrinking deck, card to credit card, jumbo card in wallet as prediction for named card after some byplay
John Cornelius The Card Clip to fix a deck behind a case or table edge
John Cornelius The Card Indexes in wallet
John Benzais Spin Cut Revelation
John Cornelius One-Handed Deck Switch at table edge with servante and holder
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