Written by Andrew Wimhurst

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20 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Andrew Wimhurst Introduction 1
Andrew Wimhurst, David Williamson Australian Cooler 51 to pocket climax, updated 2
Andrew Wimhurst The Acme Pocket Switcher cardboard divider for in-pocket-switches 2
Andrew Wimhurst How To Cheat At (the) 21 (card trick) 4
Steve Ehlers Three Card Location stack 4
Andrew Wimhurst Spread 'Em! kings are produced, then aces are found in spread, updated 5
Dai Vernon Ribbon Spread Location brief 5
Andrew Wimhurst, Harry Lorayne The Awesome Foursome producing three mates of two selected cards 6
Andrew Wimhurst The Expert at The Bridge Table almost impromptu bridge deal 7
S. W. Erdnase, Jack Merlin Four Card Stock Shuffle with presentational idea by Merlin 7
Andrew Wimhurst Ultimate Topsy-Turvy Aces 8
Ken Beale, Darwin Ortiz Double Cut Handling hands and table 8
Andrew Wimhurst Flex Pass, Fan Pass tips on classic pass and riffle pass 10
Andrew Wimhurst Through the Looking Glass deck vanish climax 11
Andrew Wimhurst, Jackie McClements Shock Treatment Variation as climax to Ladies' Looking GlassInspired by 12
Andrew Wimhurst Paul Fox Variation impromptu, no fishing 12
Andrew Wimhurst Dirty Harry location of mates in pocket which turn out to be selectionsAlso published here 13
Andrew Wimhurst The Natural cards are dealt, shuffled, dealt, same cards 14
Gene Finnell Free Cut Principle 14
Andrew Wimhurst Mister Blister dealing two full houses from shuffled deck, punch deal 14
Darwin Ortiz Rum Punch punch deal, dealing royal flushRelated to 15
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #2 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal 16
Andrew Wimhurst Rum Punch #3 chosen cards are dealt in poker hand, fair handling due to punch deal and tactile one-way deck 16
Andrew Wimhurst The Full Monte (Yellow Kid's Monte) card to wallet climax, using fake index card 17